Corn Huskers Lotion Ingredients & Uses

The moisture of the skin is reduced by dry air and very cold winds. Dry skin always causes itchiness which can be treated by the lotions that tend to cure and stop dryness. Corn Huskers Lotion is used since last century.

Corn Huskers Lotion Ingredients & Uses
Corn Huskers Lotion
is a thick oil-free dry skin reliever manufactured by Warner-Lambert Company. Originally Corn Huskers Lotion was developed as a moisturizer for dry hands however it can be used everywhere on the body. The makers of the Corn Huskers Lotion initially wanted to assist Iowa corn huskers ease their dry hands because of their work. Corn Huskers Lotion is similar to a gel than a oil based lotion and give good results in little time.

Corn Huskers Lotion is available at local retail store, pharmacy or online. This non-greasy formula is a versatile remedy and fantastic solution to dry hands, feet and skin. This lotion contains 11 ingredients in addition to water and fragrance but the second main ingredient is glycerin, which helps to protect moisture in skin. It soaks up into the skin rapidly when applied on the skin. Corn Huskers Lotion is conservational and cruelty free. The price of Corn Huskers Lotion is just $3.49.

Ingredients of Corn Huskers Lotion:

  • Fumaric acid and triethanolamine:
    • Fumaric acid and triethanolamine are the ingredients which added in Corn Huskers Lotion to balance and adjust pH. They maintain the alkalinity or acidity of the lotion. As per Cosmetics Cop, psoriasis can be treated by Fumaric acid.
  • Boric Acid:
    • Boric acid has antimicrobial properties which is helpful to kill or hinder the growth of microorganisms for example fungi and bacteria.
  • Viscosity Changers:
    • Guar gum, sodium calcium alginate, calcium chloride and calcium sulfate all are viscosity enhancers. Calcium sulfate works as a bulking agent.
  • Humectants:
    • Humectants retain the moisture into the skin. Glycerin and SD alcohol 40 are the humectants in Corn Huskers Lotion.
  • Methylparaben:
    • It is a preservative that keeps the lotion away from spoiling. It prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi and causes less irritation to the skin.
  • Oleoyl Sarcosine:
    • Oleoyl Sarcosine, a customized fatty acid which is found in many personal care products, is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an indirect food additive. It works on skin by making water mix better with dirt and oil to rinse it away.

Uses of Corn Huskers Lotion:


Corn Huskers lotion lessens the symptoms of eczema when it applied regularly on the affected area.


Corn Huskers lotion gives relief from psoriasis which can cause the skin to turn into very dry, itchy and even cracked. Applying the lotion every day provides moisture and sooth the skin.

Chapped Hands:

Dry hands can turn into severely painful and if proper care is not taken then it can develop sores and cracks in the skin. Corn Huskers lotion provide oil-free moisture which heals and soothe irritated hands.

After Shave Balm:

Corn Huskers lotion can be used as an after shave balm because it has a delicate smell that can be cloaked by fragrance and moisturizes as well as soothes the skin. It can also be used as pre-shave by massaging it into the skin to soften the hair.

Foot Moisturizer:

Corn Huskers lotion is used to also treat dry cracked feet by applying it after home pedicure. It makes the feet silky smooth by disappearing into the skin.

Sunburn Remedy:

Corn Huskers lotion soothes and heals the sunburned skin without blistering. It acts as an excellent moisturizer because glycerin is contained in it.

Frizz Tamer:

Methylparaben and triethanolamine ingredients are contained in the Corn Huskers Lotion which is also found in hair products. So corn huskers’ lotion tames the dry and wild hair by applying little to the palm and smoothing it through damp hair.

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    there is lot of corn huskers lotion uses tht i hv nt seen before bt i must say i used dis corn huskers lotion for feet! it z cheap, oil-free and does not leave hands with a greasy feel. very effective.

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