Curling Hair with Flat Iron vs Curling Iron

To look stylish and different, people are always trying to make changes to their hair. The most adored hairstyles by women are straight hairstyles and curly hairstyles. Curling irons and flat irons both are effective hair tools for curling hair. Refer the following article to know curling hair with flat iron vs curling iron.

Curling Hair with Flat Iron vs Curling Iron
A hair iron used to change the appearance of the hair using heat. Thee type of iron, Curling irons are used to make hair curly, straightening irons or flat iron are used to straighten the hair and crimping irons are used to create crimps of the desired size in the hair. Most people think that a curling iron or hot rollers are needed when it comes to curling hair but both flat irons and curling irons can be used to create luscious curls.

A flat iron curl is looking more natural than those created by traditional curling techniques. By turning the hair around the hot plates of the iron a flat iron curl is achieved rather than just gliding it over the hair as when straightening. A curl created by the flat iron does not curl all the way over on it’s self, as a curling iron curl does. The ends of the curl can curve gently or remain straight. At first the flat iron curling method can be somewhat uncomfortable but with practice, it generally is easy to perfect.

Curling Hair with Flat Iron vs Curling Iron

Flat irons:
Curls created by flat irons will only appear defined if the flat iron is held in the right position. Compare to curling irons flat irons are less damaging on the hair as the flat iron does not have to be kept on the hair as long as the curling irons to create the curl. Flat iron curls are not as tight as curling iron curls. The hair can appear without volume if the flat iron is not used properly. Flat irons are versatile styling utensils as they can create straight hairstyles as well as curly hairstyles.

Curling irons:
Curling irons can create a variety of curls, tighter or looser, depending on the width of the barrel. To get different types of curls like spiral or ringlets there are a variety of techniques. The time required to obtain the curl is a bit higher then flat iron so they are more damaging on the hair. Curls obtained using curling irons are better defined and can resist longer than the curls obtained using a flat iron. Curling irons are not versatile as flat irons because they can only be used to curl the hair.

How to Curl Hair Using Flat Iron?

Curling Hair with Flat Iron vs Curling Iron

  • Wash your hair and dry it thoroughly you may use a hair dryer or allow it to dry naturally to avoid exposing the hair to excess heat.
  • Use heat-protecting serum before you start the curling process. Decide what curls you want small, prominent curls or large loose curls. This way the sections of hair you take to curl will be decided.
  • Heat the flat iron to the suitable temperature, higher for frizzy hair and normal for straight hair.
  • Run the straightener over the hair once, to give it an overall sleek look.
  • Divide the hair into three sections, top, middle and bottom.
  • Starting from the bottom section, take a 1″ x 1″ section of hair, for small curls. Run the hair straightener over that section, and stop at the center. Then, wrap the remaining bottom hair of that section around the straightener. While keeping the hair looped, slowly run the straightener down the hair. As long as you hold the hair in a loop around the flat iron, to curl the hair, the stiffer the curls will be. To achieve a wavy look you can relax the process and use larger sections of hair. Maintain this process for all the remaining hair.

Video of Curling hair – Curling Iron vs. Flat Iron from youtube:

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