Early Morning Beauty Tips to glow your skin

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art”. Beauty is the most precious gift of God, and we can preserve this valuable gift of God by putting some efforts to look beautiful forever. Who don’t want a charming face? Every woman desire to look beautiful and for that they spend a lot of their savings in purchasing very expensive cosmetics. The quality of branded products is mostly good, but it might not be affordable for everyone. Here your effort of looking beautiful starts from the moment when you step out of your bed, and even before it. Following are the early morning tips for the beautiful and gorgeous appearance.

Early Morning Beauty Tips to glow your skin


After whole night, oil gets deposited on your face so it is necessary to remove this layer of oil from the face. First of all wash your face gently with water, and after that you can use face cleaner smoothly with your fingers only. Clean your face with towel without rubbing it. Face cleaner should be according to your skin type.


Another way is to do exercise regularly. It is not only good for mind and body, but also for skin. For those who don’t have much time should try to walk whenever they get chance. However, few yoga postures can prove beneficial for your skin as well as for your mind.

Apply toner and moisturizer

If your skin is still dull; apply toner, moisturizer to skin twice a day, once in the morning before doing make-up and another before going to bed. You should use the toner of branded company; otherwise you can go for homemade toner. Also note that toner is used to cleanse and shrink the form of pores, which help to maintain the pH level of the skin. Tulsi water can be used as a natural toner. Those with very limited time can use the product which combines sunscreen and moisturizer.

Concealer, face powder and foundation can create magic

For women who have time can apply concealer, face powder and foundation separately. Foundation and Concealer are available in many shades from the deepest to the lightest and those who are in hurry can apply a 3-in-1 solution. Apply it properly on the neck and face using fingertips.

Natural glow

Blush add an amazing glow to your face, but make sure that you choose it keeping in mind your natural color. You should apply right amount to get natural glow, otherwise it won’t give you natural glow and remember one thing – excess of everything is bad.

Perfect talking eyes

“The eyes are the window to the soul”. So it is necessary to have the perfect eye make-up, but the technique of applying should be right. Apply Kajal to your eye always from the outer corner working inwards.

Attractive lips

Your makeup will be incomplete without your lip makeup. Those who don’t like very loud lip color can simply apply transparent lip gloss. A wide variety of lipstick shades from dark colors to light colors are available in the market, and it should be chosen keeping in mind your skin color. But before applying any lip product, apply lip balm for long lasting effects.

No doubt after getting marriage women are busy with their work but should not ignore themselves under the responsibilities of household work. You should at least spare time for you in order to keep yourself attracted. Try to avoid coffee as it ages the skin, and if possible make more use of natural remedies. Every woman should follow these above mentioned tips to remain beautiful and young forever.

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