Easy Skin Cleaning Tips for Winter

Can anyone experience both the opposite feelings love and hate for one single thing??? Yup…that’s true in the case of Winter. We love winter for its snowy, breezy and cold weather, but the other side we also hate it due to skin cracks, dullness, abrasions and wrinkles associated with this wintry season. Do you want to enjoy the winter months totally, without any skin difficulties? Then, be prepared!! It’s the time to think in a different way for the caring of your skin. You can easily defeat the doldrums of wintry weather by just taking proper skin-care. Modify some aspects of your skin-care routine to adapt this chilled and frosty weather, and…feel the difference.

Easy Skin Cleaning Tips for Winter

Check out some easy and quick tips given in this article and also try them to maintain clearer and flawless skin in this winter.

Begin with disposal of your old cosmetics

The cosmetics are susceptible for bacterial growth, so disposal of old cosmetics is necessary. The cosmetics with bacterial growth are harmful for the skin, particularly around the eyes. Firstly, check your make-up bag and choose the stuffs which have been expired and need to be thrown out. If the mascara of your make-up kit is older than 3 month, then throw it!! Likewise, the shelf life of foundation is around 1 year, depending on its constituents. And lastly….. Don’t forget to make your applicators and brushes dirt free with water and mild soap, and put them aside for air drying.

Blow off flaky skin

Facial exfoliation is the vital step in a routine of skin care to blow off dead surface cells and to keep skin stimulated. Choose the exfoliate having gentle microbeads to remove dry & dead skin. Exfoliation will provide fresh new skin and will also help to endorse the skin health. After that, apply a nonirritating moisturizer on your skin to moisturize it. Moisturizer provides the required protective layer on the skin to keep it dewy and to protect it from moisture loss. However, skip the more aggressive anti-aging creams throughout the wintry season as acids can produce more flaking and dryness, as suggested by skin-care specialists. In its place, try a non-oil-based moisturizer and gentle cleaner.

Protect lips

As everyone knows, lips become very sensitive in winter and problem of chapped lips is very common in the winter. The lips’ skin is sensitive and fragile which dehydrates very easily, and makes the lips worse! So, exfoliate and moisturize your lips frequently. Exfoliate the lips with a mild exfoliator in order to blow off the dead cells. Subsequently, use a lip balm having moisturizers and SPF protection of minimum 15. And always keep a handy balm in your bag or purse.

Take care of your hands

It is also essential to protect your hands during winter. Properly moisturize your hands in this season, particularly when you go outside. Select a hand cream which contains nourishing ingredients. Use the cream minimum two times a day to keep your hands well-moisturized and soft.

Hit the gym

Many people tend to exercise less as the wintry weather makes them feel lethargic. Eventually, the gym-induced endorphins can help you to experience a lot better. So ensure that you will hit the gym minimum 3 times per week to maintain your body looking great. And you may also try something innovative this season, like Pilates, hot yoga, or kickboxing class.

Get enough beauty sleep

If you skip the sleep, then your skin and hair can become dull and dry, nails can become brittle. So, don’t skip it and get minimum 8 hours a night throughout this season of year. So give up work early, and memorize to boost your capability to fall asleep by calming your mind minimum an hour before you retire. This includes switching off of electronics an hour before the bedtime and skipping of evening caffeine.

Raise your face up with arched brows and tinted lashes

Don’t forget to maintain your impressive face just because of this busy season. Professionally arched brows are the most up-to-date facial accessory for every season. Brows outline your top features, give your desired mid-winter lift, and bring symmetry to your face. It has other benefits also; it pulls hairs from the root at once, removes follicles, dead skin cells, & hair, and makes the brows more defined & the skin smoother. Hairs afterward grow back via identical hair cycle, so you get beautiful brows for long time. Tinted eyelashes provide you that graceful “I wake up looking this good” effect. Never use hair dye, always use vegetable dye and use the lash line of blue-black color tint for striking eyeliner effect.

Make your smile brighter

White teeth look best against raspberry and ruby-red winter glosses, and they freshen up gums and crevices between the teeth. Many teeth whitening kits are there in market nowadays, which are very effectual for teeth whitening at home.

Skip powdered make-ups

Stop the use of powdered make ups throughout the winter. Powered foundations will give prominence to roughness and flaking. A better alternative is to try tinted moisturizers, cream-based blush, and liquid foundations.

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