Golden Brown Hair Color Pictures – How it looks like?

Brown color for hair is the most in demand all over the world and golden brown hair color is one of the top selling shades in brown. Though many shades of brown color are available, golden brown hair color makes a girl look gorgeous and it also suits a guy.

In today’s generation, colored hair is craze as it enhances beauty and can completely change her/his look. Generally, people do coloring of the hair to highlight its look further.  A type of lighter shades of brown hair color, golden brown hair color is found in three shades like medium brown, light golden brown and light golden reddish brown. Golden brown colored hair looks so amazing and be adorned with various interesting hair coloring ideas.

Light golden brown hair color can be used who have cool skin tones but proper care is necessary. It also suits very nicely on those individuals who fall in the warm skin tone category. Choosing a hair color depends upon two main factors: facial complexion and eye color. People having warm skin tones are those who have freckled complexion, brown skin tone with pink or golden undertones, ruddy complexion and pale complexion with peach or golden undertones. Also, the eye color can be golden brown, green, greenish blue or hazel with brown or golden colored flecks. A beautiful shade of light golden brown hair color is suitable for such people.

Everyone who loves golden brown hair color should apply it as it is easy and low to maintain. The color looks amazing on all skin tones and appears to be a different shade when applied on different individuals. Big celebrities like Mandy More, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Demi More, Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Moore, and Lindsay Lohan have been using this color for almost a decade. Also, they are addicted to it.

Hair Highlights for Golden Brown Hair:

Warm skin tone category people bears medium to light golden brown hair color. This category includes natural golden blonde, dark brown with gold and/or red tones, strawberry blonde, red blonde and medium golden brown hair colors. The natural skin color of such people is pale with gold, peach or cream undertones and brown with pink, golden, reddish, ruddy or rosy undertone and eye color is either golden brown, green, turquoise, greenish blue or hazel. You belong to the warm skin tone category if you bear some of these characteristics. Selection of hair color on the basis of skin tone proves really advantageous when it comes to flaunting golden brown hair with highlights.

Light Golden Brown Hair Color:

Light golden brown hair color suits very much on people who have warm skin tone. If you want to dye your hair completely with light golden brown hair color, purchase a hair coloring kit and follow the instructions mentioned on the kit to color your hair. To get light golden brown hair dye, you can also visit a stylist. You can also look for hair color ideas that has around 8-12 streaks of golden brown to get a more subtle colored hair look. Use some highlights starting from the hair behind your ears, so that when you bind these hairs back, the highlights are exposed. It is better to visit a stylist to get the best results in place of doing highlights at home.

Caring of Colored Hair:

Following hair care tips can help you to protect your hair coloring from fading and to maintain it longer.

  • Wear protective head coverings like scarves, hats, caps, etc to avoid exposure of your hair to sun. As too much exposure to sun will make your hair color fade faster.
  • To protect hair against color fade, you can also use hair color products which contain sunscreens.
  • Use only a mild shampoo which has been specially made for colored hair.
  • Wash your hair with spring water when swimming in a chlorinated pool as it will dilute the effect of the harsh chemicals on your color treated hair.
  • Select a product properly, to avoid color fade.

Do’s and Don’ts for Golden Brown Hair with Highlights:

Golden strawberry blond hair color is best for few highlights in hair. Also, it suits with the golden brown hair color shade. Highlights with golden strawberry blonde hair color look really attractive. You can also select light golden blonde, light auburn and golden brown highlights for golden brown hair shades. Red highlights on golden brown hair look pretty attractive but ensure that you decide on well placed highlights and streaks.

Few brown hair color ideas look great with dark but other brown hair color shades don’t look well at all. So, you have to aware about all. Avoid blue, violet, white, and jet black hair highlights. You should also avoid beige, ash, platinum blonde and all such cool color tones as they create your skin to look washed out. It is better to consult your hairstylist if you are not sure about your skin tone as well as suitable highlight shades for long brown hair with golden undertones.

Thing to remember when applying Golden Brown Hair Color:

  • Caramel highlights will insert depth to the hair and make your looking gorgeous. Before doing this, ask your hair-stylist.
  • Full brown hair without highlights looks amazing. Also, it gets easier to maintain and when it fades off. It will get a nice highlighted effect.
  • The highlights in the region of the face make your look brighter and improve your skin tone.
  • Coloring will make your hair fatter. So, you should get a proper hair cut before the color. Too much of fat hair will make your head look colossal. The concreteness of the hair requires to be shed.

Home Hair Coloring Tips:

Here are some vital hair coloring tips that you require to follow:

  • Shampooing the hair should be done 24 hours before hair coloring.
  • Before you start hair coloring, wipe some petroleum jelly on the skin of those areas where a stain is likely to appear like the neck and hairline to prevent the stains.
  • Apply lemon juice and stringent if the skin gets stained which removes the stains from the skin.
  • Use lukewarm water while washing your colored hair for the first time.
  • To keep the color and luster intact, ensure that you selected the right shampoo.
  • Do not try to re-color for the next two weeks even if the hair color does not give the effect as predictable.

Nowadays, top hair colors available in the market are L’Oreal Feria Haircolor, Garnier Nutrisse Nutricolor Masque, Salon Selectives, Clairol Hydrience, and Clairol Natural Instincts.

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