How to cure dry winter skin naturally?

Don’t want to hate this winter? Want to enjoy it fully? Want to overcome from the winter blessed dry, fizzy, and dull skin? Don’t worry….you can make all above questions positive by getting rid from the winter related skin problems naturally. Dry skin, frizzy hair, and chapped lips are the most common problems of winter. Dry skin looks life less and exhibits a dull complexion due to lack of moisture. Dry skin or winter itch is referred as Xeroderma in the medical term. Excess drying of skin causes dry eczema and gives an aged appearance. Well hydrated skin gives a glowing and healthy look. You can effortlessly change your dry skin into a soft, supple, velvety, and glowing skin naturally by use of some effective home remedies. Enhance smoothness and complexion of your skin by applying these natural beauty cures that you can make yourself.

How to cure dry winter skin naturally?

During the wintry season, dry skin takes place more often because the hot air inside and the chilly temperatures outside generates a relative low humidity. To cure this common winter woe, most of people reach at the grocery or medical store for that bottle of lotion. However, most brand-name lotions contain the ingredients list which reads like a science experiment. Remember that past time; what our ancestors were doing for getting rid of dry and itchy skin. With an all-natural fix, you will quench your skin without those harsh chemical additives.

Ayurveda Tips for dry skin

  • In dry cold climates, keep yourself warm.
  • Avoid sitting near fire place.
  • Always eat fresh warm food containing little fat like olive oil or ghee.
  • Sweet juicy fruits are best to consume.
  • Drink 7-9 glasses of warm water daily. (Avoid drinking cold water as it raises vata)
  • Avoid consumption of stale, over fried, and dry food.
  • Include salty and sour food in diet.
  • Massage your whole body by using body massage oil which is pervaded with vata balancing herbs, twice in a week.

Natural Remedies

  • A face mask of egg, honey, rose water and olive oil works very well for dry skin.
  • Generously apply gentle herbal moisturizer all over your entire body.
  • Regular consumption of herbal tea containing vata balancing herbs is also helpful.
  • Apply natural herbal gel containing aloevera and essential oils in rich amount to increase the moisture level of skin.
  • Combine rose water, lime juice, olive oil, egg yolk, and orange juice (1 tea spoon each) thoroughly and prepare a smooth mixture. In the morning, apply this mixture on your face and wash it off approximately after 20 minutes.

Take care of Dry Skin with these Natural Beauty Cures

Basically, there are two kinds of moisturizers – facial moisturizers and body moisturizers. Most facial moisturizers available on the market relate mostly to the cosmetic concerns. Here are provided some recipes to prepare body lotion, hand cream and body scrub at home.

1, Soothing Beeswax Body Lotion

Ingredients You Require:

Grape seed oil or jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, Avocado oil, water, beeswax pellets, and the essential oil of your choice.

How to prepare?

First of all, melt 3 tablespoons (tbs) of cosmetic-grade beeswax pellets; you can find these pellets at a local health food store for less than $5. Place your pellets into a glass bowl for getting best result and then put that bowl over a pot of boiling water. Keep the bowl over the pot until all pellets get melted. After that, add 1 cup of the oil of your choice with gradually stirring.

For sensitive skin or skin prone to breakouts, jojoba oil works great whereas grape seed and avocado oil soothe extra-dry skin. Take off the mixture from heat, add 4 tbs of aloe vera gel and stir well. You can take fresh aloe vera juice out of the aloe leaf, or buy pure aloe vera gel from local natural foods store.

Whip your lotion by using hand blender. Then, gradually add 5 tbs of water and continue to whip. Your mixture will start to thicken and look like store-bought lotion. At last, add some drops of essential oil and stir well for some more time. Let your lotion to set for minimum 20 minutes. Store lotion in a glass mason jar for up to two weeks.

2, Strawberry Banana Face and Body Scrub

Dry chilly outdoor weathers can leave your skin looking more dull and dowdy. Skip those self-tanners and icky bronzers. Instead opt for kitchen ingredients such as fruits; they will give your skin a natural glow.

Ingredients You Require:

Brown sugar, strawberries and bananas

How to prepare?

Mash about 4 cups of strawberries and bananas in a glass bowl. Both fruits provide soothing properties to the skin as well as protect our skin against future damage. Then, stir in 2 tbs of brown sugar. For this, fine-grained sugar works best as the softly exfoliate without being abrasive or harsh.

Gently apply the scrub to your skin in circular motions and then wash it well with warm water. The brown sugar will help to remove dehydrated, dead skin cells while fruit oils provide a radiant glow to your body. If you want to get best result, then use your scrub during the shower time and subsequently apply a homemade lotion. Store the residual scrub in a mason jar for up to one week in the refrigerator.

3, Almond and Cocoa Butter Hand Cream

Many people rinse their hands more frequently in winter as the cold and flu season remains in full swing during this chilly season. Frequent washing of the hands make it more dried out than the rest of the body. Ditch the store-bought creams if you are suffering from painful cracking and chapping on your hands and prepare your all natural hand cream to get the relief you crave.

Ingredients You Require:

Beeswax pellets, coconut oil, cocoa butter, almond oil, and water

How to prepare?

Create a water bath by boiling water in the vessel at a desired temperature. Take another glass vessel; add 6 tbs of beeswax pellets and put it over the water bath until all the pellets melted well.

After removing from heat, add 3 tbs of pure cocoa butter. Then, include 6 tablespoons of coconut oil as well as almond oil; stir it well. Add approximately a tablespoon of water, and stir it well until it becomes smooth. Take a glass mason jar and pour the mixture into it while it is still hot. As it cools, it will firm up. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes previous to using, and store it for up to two weeks.

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