Skin & Hair Care Tips for Spring

Spring season has been started and with the change in the season you should also change your skin and hair care regime. In spring season, the earth blossom with fresh leaves and flowers as well as the weather starts to get warmer. The appropriate hair and skin care should be stared once winter is over. Spring is the ideal time to take good care of skin and hair so make yourself beautiful by using the skin and hair tips provided in this article.

The circulation and perspiration of the skin is decreased by winter weather. The natural moisturizer of hair and skin is removed by dry and harsh wind of winter. In winter, the skin becomes dry and hair becomes brittle as well as dry along with split ends. By proper hair treatment in spring the hair follicles become revitalized again. The spring is the ideal time to hydrate and revitalize the skin.

Skin Care Tips for Spring


Exfoliation is very necessary for skin care as it gently and softly removes the layers of old dead skin which have accumulated during winter. Exfoliation stimulates the production of new skin cells and the circulation in the skin as well as revitalizes the dull complexion. Always use mild exfoliators that contain natural abrasives like fine oatmeal, tea tree bark, ground rice and pumice. You can do exfoliation every second or third day.


After exfoliating toning should be done as it assists to calm down the skin and reinstate the acid mantle to the skin. For toning you should use alcohol-based toners but you can use botanicals such as aloe vera or rosemary extracts witchhazel and apple cider vinegar. Botanicals have tonifying effects and they don’t dry the skin.


Always apply moisturizer in spring season to replace the natural protective oily surface layer to the skin. Use it after cleansing and toning as well as after exposure to the sun, bathing or showering. Use light moisturizer as the weather is warm you sweat more and heavy moisturizers tend to clog the pores. So there is no need of heavy moisturizers that you required in the winter. You can use heavy moisturizers by mixing with plain or rose water. Premature skin ageing and other types of skin damage are prevented by the use of moisturizers.


In spring season always apply sunscreen when you go outside to protect the skin. During daytime harmful UV rays are effective and may cause skin problems as well as other problems such as dark spots, premature aging and wrinkles. Daily, use sunscreen with minimum of SPF 15 before makeup. Sunscreen helps to moisturize the skin and refill the natural oils by making the skin healthy.

Drinking lots of water:

Drink lots of water as hydration is the key to get a beautiful skin. In spring season there are chances of dehydration as the skin begin to sweat. To remain hydrated the body needs more water in spring season so always consume 8 to 10 glasses of water. To restore fluids in the body and get a glowing skin water is the most excellent way.

Other ways:

  • Exfoliate and moisturize the whole body.
  • Always wear gloves whenever you are going outside.
  • Always wash your face with mild soap after coming from outside.
  • Soak hands and feet around 15 minutes in solution prepared from milk (2 parts) and honey (1 part).
  • Stay away from tanning salons which strip the skin essential moisture and damage it.
  • In sensitive areas such as inside elbows and behind knees use powder.

Hair Care Tips for Spring

Hydration and Moisture:

After winter the hair becomes brittle, dry and frizzy so condition your hair with conditioner that improves the moisture level of the hair cuticles. Do conditioning once a week and dry your hair naturally. Avoid rubbing your hair with towel as it cause further breakage and damages.


Sudden changes in weather break the protective cuticles of the hair which result in split ends and breakages. So always cover your head with a silk scarf or hat to avoid direct sunlight whenever you go outside. You can apply sun guard lotion to the hair to protect it from the UV rays of the sun. To protect hair from stormy wind of spring use rubber band or clip.


In spring weather rough winds can do serious damages to the hair. During windy days tie your hair with scarf, headbands or hair clips. You can also use hair care products which are designed particularly for frizzy hair.


Wash the hair daily as increase in the humidity make you sweat excessively. So don’t allow the sweat to gather inside the hair as it may make the hair root loose which may result is hair loss. Avoid Hair dryer and allow it to dry naturally.

Hot oil massage:

Take hot oil massage as after winter the hair becomes brittle, dry and frizzy. To take hot oil massage place a container with oil over hot water and massage that warm oil all over the hair. Then after massaging cover the hair with towel and wash it hair with light shampoo.

Other tips:

  • Drink sufficient water and eat healthy diet.
  • Shampoo the hair at least 3 to 4 times a week.
  • Avoid the use of hair drier as it damage the hair.
  • Don’t comb your hair while it is wet as it may create split end.
  • Use mild shampoo if you have dry hair.

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