Take care of Skin Wrinkles & Aging on Face

Face wrinkles are unwanted change that occurs due to aging. But now-a-days even young people are also having wrinkles. Wrinkles on the face affect the confidence and personality of individuals as they make them to look older. Wrinkles are often seen around mouth, eyes and nose areas on face. Wrinkles are caused by excessive exposure to the sun & pollution, stress, lack of sleep, lack of moisture and unhealthy practices. Every people want to get rid of wrinkles so it is very important to take care of skin. Refer the article to know how to remove face wrinkles.

Take care of Skin Wrinkles & Aging on Face
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Wrinkles are divided in to two groups such as fine wrinkles and deep wrinkles. Wrinkles start appearing when the collagen and elastin proteins of the skin become weak or vanish. Some essential functions of skin such as hydration, oxygenation, nutrition, protection and regeneration are decelerated and can’t perform their process. The skin is on overdrive throughout the day while it restores lost moisture and repairs the damage at night. This process of the skin is decelerated as we age and the skin becomes dry as well as expression of fine lines and skin wrinkles starts to show. Wrinkles are also found in other parts of the body such as hands, neck, etc.

Tips To Get Rid Of Face Wrinkles

Avoid too much sun exposure:

Avoid too much sun exposure as facial wrinkles are also caused by sun. Skin cells are damaged by the ultraviolet rays of the sun and make the skin less elastic. So stay away from going out in noon as well as plan outdoor activities early in the morning or late afternoon. The sun rays are strong and harmful from 10am to 4pm. The heat of the sun also speeds up process of aging and can cause premature aging. Along with wrinkles heat of the sun also cause discoloration, burning and sagging of the skin.

Use Sunscreen:

Too much sun exposure without protection damages the skin beyond repair. So whenever you are going out, apply UVA/ UVB protection sunscreen and reduce the skin exposure to the sun. Along with wrinkles, sunscreen helps to prevent skin cancer. Apply sunscreen to all the areas that are exposed to the sun as well as apply the sunscreen again after you have been in the water or while you have been perspiring. Also wear protective clothes, sunglasses and hats to protect from sun.

Getting sufficient sleep:

Getting sufficient sleep as while you sleep, the body produces High Growth Hormones. So always sleep at least 8 hours daily to get rid of wrinkles. As well as don’t sleep on one side as it also leads to wrinkles. While you sleep on one side the weight of the head pushes the skin in cheeks hence make little folds and wrinkles on the face. If you sleep one side of the face, the wrinkles become more permanent.

Drink Lots of Water:

Water plays vital role for achieving better skin. Always drink 10-12 glasses of water daily. Water helps the skin to hydrate and maintain elasticity. Water also flush out toxins from the body and bring charming glow to the skin.

Take care of skin:

Take regular care of the skin to get rid of wrinkles. Wash your face with a mild cleanser to keep it clean and to remove excess oil, dirt and toxins. Don’t rub the face with towel as it damages the skin. Apply moisturizing cream if your skin is dry. Blot the foundation rather than rubbing as rubbing stretch and damage the skin and leads to wrinkles.

Facial Exercises:

Performing light facial exercises help to get rid of wrinkles. Daily perform facial exercises for 15 minutes. Facial exercises can be performed anytime. Facial exercises make the muscles relax and tone them. This helps to decrease wrinkles, rigidity as well as dullness from the face. Exercises also help to increase the elasticity of the skin.


Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables daily as they help the body to fight against free radicals. They contain antioxidant compounds which help the body to look younger. Include nuts in your diet as they are good for skin. Also add fish to diet as it contains protein and fatty acids in high amounts, which assist to keep the skin wrinkle free. Be sure to stay away from junk and unhealthy foods.

Avoid Smoking:

Stay away from smoking as many wrinkles are caused by it. The oxygen supply to the face skin is reduced due to smoking which results in wrinkles. The collagen in the skin is also collapsed due to smoking which makes you to look older and have more wrinkles.


Massage the areas of the face that have wrinkles with the coconut oil daily at night. You can use virgin coconut oil and few drops of Vitamin E oil for massaging.

Treatments for wrinkles


Two types of medications such as topical retinoids and nonprescription wrinkle creams are available for wrinkles. Topical retinoids are obtained from vitamin A and examples of Topical retinoids are Tretinoin (Renova, Retin-A) and tazarotene (Avage, Tazorac). Retinoids can make the skin burn easily so it should be used with a skin care program. Nonprescription wrinkle creams efficiency depends upon the part of active ingredient or ingredients. Compared to prescription creams, nonprescription wrinkle creams have less concentration of active ingredients so the results are limited and short-lived.

Surgeries and other techniques:

There are many surgeries, skin-resurfacing techniques, injectables & fillers such as Laser, light source and radiofrequency treatments; dermabrasion, chemical peel, microdermabrasion, soft tissue fillers, botulinum toxin type a (botox) and face-lift are accessible to even out wrinkles. Each of them has their own set of possible results and side effects. Each of them also works in their own way. Dermabrasion includes planing of skin surface layer with a fast rotating brush. The skin surface is removed by planing and in its place a new layer of skin grows. Microdermabrasion technique also includes removing of skin surface like dermabrasion but in this technique less surface skin is removed. In laser treatment, a laser beam is used to destroy the skin’s outer layer and it heats the underlying skin which enhances new collagen fibers growth. Nonablative fractional resurfacing is the latest developments in laser technology where the laser separates the light up into several smaller pulses which have reduced the healing time.

In chemical peel, an acid is applied to the affected areas by the doctor. The acid burns the outer layer of the skin and in its place new skin forms. Botulinum toxin type A (Botox) is injected in little doses into particular muscles which cause them to contract. The skin flattens and looks smoother and less wrinkled when the muscles can not constrict. In soft tissue fillers fat, collagen and hyaluronic acid are injected into deeper wrinkles on the face. Fat, collagen and hyaluronic acid plumps and smooth out the wrinkles. In face-lift, excess skin and fat in lower face and neck are removed as well as underlying muscle and connective tissues are tightened.

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