Winter Skin Care – Deal with Dryness

As the weather changes the skin need extra care. During winter the skin become dry because of colder, windier and drier weather.  By taking care the skin can look fresh and soft.  Refer the following to get the tips for winter skin care.

Dry skin is very common problem felt in winter. It is irrelevant to age, sex and health condition. Healthy skin has protective layer which contains moisture (water) and Natural oil at outer most surface. It gives flexibility and protection against bacteria and other infections to enter our body. Particularly in winter weather becomes dry and windy. Protective layer destructs by cold winds, soap and some chemicals. Another reason works with this condition is, in cold weather blood supply to sweat and oil producing glands restricted. These glands don’t get proper supply of water and nutrition in such condition.As our protective layer of skin loss the oil and moisture it shrinks and becomes tight. It gives you fine white lines and flaky surface. If you are already suffering from any skin disease, then it will get worse. As Protective layer of skin destructs, new infections and bacteria can enter in body. Dry skin becomes more sensitive, it gives you itchiness and itching will leads to skin break down. Frequent washing of skin can also leads to dry skin in winter. Dry skin makes you to look older as wrinkles and fine lines are appeared.

Tips to Deal with Skin dryness in winter:

  • If you think your skin needs water only, then you are wrong. Water, especially hot water can wash away remaining moisture and oil from your skin. So don’t try to treat dry skin with water. You must not take longer bath (more than 10 min) and not more than single time in a day. Bathing water should be warm not hot.
  • While bathing try the brushing technique or use body scrub as this will open up pores and remove the dead skin cells as well as other impurities.  Blood circulation will also improved by brushing.
  • Soap water dissolves oil from the skin and breaks the protective layer of skin. Try to use it minimum. Person with dry skin should use moisturizing soap that protects moisture and cleans skin also. Perfumed, deodorant and antibacterial soap are very harmful to skin. You can also use paste of ground green gram powder in place of soap.
  • Soon after bath, apply moisturizer cream as it will trap the water in your skin. Don’t apply oil or cream before bath, it won’t allow water to absorb in skin. Don’t rub skin to make it dry.
  • Drink minimum 8 to 10 glass or water in a day. Eat balanced diet with vegetables, fruits and dairy food. Omega -3 is very effective nutrition that helps to maintain skin condition. Add more flaxseed, walnut, salmon and soya to your diet. Avoid citrus fruits, tomatoes, cola-based soda drinks, chocolate and certain spices.
  • Consuming Alcohol and coffee makes your skin drier. It you are already having dry skin then avoid red meat and spicy food. You can drink hot cocoa in place of hot coffee.
  • Do your daily fitness routine (exercise) as it will improve blood circulation to the skin gland and support it to work properly.
  • Choose only oil based moisturizer. Try to check for glycerine, sorbito and alpha-hydroxy acids in your moisturizer cream before you purchase. Petroleum Jelly is good ointment moisturizer but it gives greasy feel. You can use mineral oil, vegetable oil and bath oil directly to the skin. Apply moisturizer 30 minutes before leaving the home.
  • Before going outside in winter always apply a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 or more to protect your skin from the elements.
  • Hands, feets and face are most common places in body that get dry skin. Cover it with protections and apply more moisturizer cream on it.
  • For lips, apply good natural lip balm or petroleum jelly on lips regularly and leave it overnight.
  • Before going to bed massage your skin with oil. You can make a mixture of olive, mustard oil and sesame oil in equal proportion to massage your skin.
  • Avoid dry winds outside of your home. Stay at home in extreme weather. Weather inside home can be made safe using humidifier. Furnace in your house produce dry heat, you should user humidifier with it to maintain humidity in your house.
  • If you already got the skin dry, then don’t itch. Itching will torn away skin layer and damage it. It will lead to more infections and more itching.
  • If you are patient with diabetic, eczema, psoriasis and Hypothyroidism, Extra care of your skin is requires with your medicines.

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    frnds, dryness is more prevalent in winter,,so i suggest u to protect ur skin from dryness, keep it well moisturized and well hydrated—-))

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