Famous Brands Beauty Products of Korea

Famous Brands Beauty Products of Korea

Famous Brands Beauty Products of Korea – Beauty products or cosmetics have become a basic necessity that must be had for all women throughout the world. Women almost certainly use beauty products to apply makeup when they want. Many people say that beauty is from the inside not from appearance, but for women appearance is also one of the beauty assessments that must be shown first so that the use of cosmetics is certain for women.

Famous Brands Beauty Products of Korea

Cosmetics in Indonesia are very many, ranging from locally made products to foreign countries have been sold in Indonesia because the purchasing power in Indonesia is quite large for the world of commerce. But most women will certainly do a lot of research in advance for the beauty products they use.

What is beyond doubt is that Korean beauty products are already well-known. Most women trust Korean products more because they already know that Korean products sold in Indonesia are products that are already popular in Korea. Korean cosmetic products that have been sold in Indonesia include:


The women certainly know this one Korean brand product. In the past few years etude has become so well known that many women still buy this product from online or use a surrogate service. But because the interest from Indonesia is quite large, etude entered the world of Indonesian trade by providing stores in large malls.


TonyMoly is also one of the existing Korean brand products from 2006. TonyMoly has a variety of beauty products and has expanded to several Asian countries, including in Indonesia. TonyMoly’s beauty products are not only lipsticks but there are whitening skin care, Primer, Mascara, Perfume, Hair care and men’s care.

The Face Shop

For this one product, you already know because now in a big mall, there must be many stores from this one brand. The Face Shop is a beauty product made from natural ingredients and was launched not long ago in 2003. It did not take long, the following year The Face Shop has spread in various countries as Korea’s most popular beauty products.

Nature Republic

This product is not as long as before. It has been marketed since 2009 in Korea, and in Indonesia this product has only become famous in recent years. The most famous is the aloe veranya which is quite a lot of enthusiasts.

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