Best shapewears to hide love handles?

Despite the cute term “love handles”, no one loves them. Actually, love handles or muffin top, whatever you call it, causes frustration and feeling of embarrassment. Love handles are unwelcome and undesirable layers of the fat on sides of your waistlines. They make you look heavier, wider and bloated. They are caused by number of factors like stress, ageing, insufficient sleep, sedentary lifestyle and consuming more calories. The best ways to eliminate them are exercise and proper diet but these two ways require time and dedication. If you can’t wait for the effects of diet and exercise, then shapewear is the best way to hide those love handles and to appear slimmer.

Best shapewears to hide love handles?

Shapewears are very comfortable to wear and they can be worn as easily as a slip under all types of clothing. They are available in various shapes, styles and sizes. You have to first identify your trouble spots and then select the shapewear accordingly. Shapewears can smooth out or conceal those uneven sections around your body and instantaneously make you look & feel better in just about everything you wear. Shapewear can be easily purchased online but it is better to visit a store so that you can try on various brands and styles.

Shapewears are accessible in three different control levels: light, medium and firm. Light control shapewear smoothes out and shapes the figure and it is best for daily wear. Medium control shapewear is more supporting and define your figure without any unwanted jiggle. It is great for wearing with tighter fitting clothes. While firm one is the most powerful among all the shapewears. It lifts shape, smoothes out the figure as well as decreases your measurements and dress size.

Best Shapewears to Hide Love Handles

All Over Body Shaper

The full body shapewears are best to wear under any special occasion dresses. They begin from the bust and end at the knees or go past the knees. They provide a flawless, overall slimming effect. They not only hide the love handles but also shape your bottom, lift your butt and define your waist. They come with or without straps.

Waist Cincher

Waspies or waist cinchers are the best shapewears for love handles. They cover the waist below the bust line to the lower part of the waist. They smooth out lumps and bumps in your torso efficiently, giving you gorgeous hourglass curves. They are ideal for wearing underneath tight-fitting tops and dresses.

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Shapewear Briefs or Panties

Full brief shapewears are similar to normal panties but come with a panel that covers the stomach as well as with some additional support for compressing and lifting the buttocks. Shapewear briefs instantly flatten the tummy and hide your love handles. They even help you to avoid a visible panty line. These are great under skinny jeans or tight skirts.

Thigh slimmer

Thigh slimmer is just like bicycle shorts. It extends up to the bust line or to the waist. It not only shapes the tummy & waist but also smoothes hips and thighs. It also lifts the bottom. Great under trousers dresses and skirts

Control slip

Control slip is perfect for wearing under any kind of dresses. It is designed and shaped in such a way that it doesn’t give you a VPL. There is a reinforced band in it which flattens the tummy and lifts the bottom. It even smoothes the waist.

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    Body Shapewear – Also called all-in-ones, body sewaeahpr includes a built-in bra that smoothes and shapes from your bust down to your tummy and hips.

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