Chili’s Restaurant Menu Prices & Nutritions Facts

Chili’s is a restaurant chain founded by Larry Lavine, which has more than 1400 Casual dining Restaurants. All of these restaurants are mostly located in the United States and Canada. Presently, Chili’s is owned by Brinker International that also owns Maggiano’s Little Italy. In this article, you can find information about Chili’s restaurant menu prices & nutritions facts.

Chili’s is the perfect place to come and break out of the ordinary as it offers many favorite indulgences in menu with great taste and quality food of a well balanced diet. Chili’s serves American food influenced by Tex-Mex cuisine and also offers a veggie burger (non vegan), supplied by the Kellogg Company. They also offer a variety of health conscious side items, including seasonal veggies, corn on the cob and black beans. With Chili’s Pepper Pals kids menu, finding healthier meals for the kids on family night out is very easy as it offers younger diners grilled entree selections with veggies and milk or juice to accompany their meal. With exciting and flavorful menu items, Chili’s always serves up a good time including endless way to spice things up to congregate your dietary lifestyle needs.

Chili’s Restaurant Menu Prices & Nutritions Facts:

  • Boneless Buffalo Wings w/ Bleu Cheese:
    • Serving Size: As served Cal: 1060 Fat (g): 81 Sat Fat (g): 14 Carbs (g): 44 Prot (g): 38 Fiber (g): 2 Sod (mg): 3330
    • Price: $5.99
  • Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip w/ Chips:
    • Serving Size: As served Cal: 1130 Fat (g): 90 Sat Fat (g): 39 Carbs (g): 41 Prot (g): 31 Fiber (g): 3 Sod (mg): 2460
  • Skillet Queso w/ Chips:
    • Serving Size: As served Cal: 920 Fat (g): 73 Sat Fat (g): 30 Carbs (g): 46 Prot (g): 30 Fiber (g): 9 Sod (mg): 4040
  • Carribean Salad w/ Grilled Shrimp:
    • Serving Size: As served Cal: 620 Fat (g): 31 Sat Fat (g): 6 Carbs (g): 66 Prot (g): 20 Fiber (g): 7 Sod (mg): 1000
    • Price: $6.79
  • Chicken Caesar Salad:
    • Serving Size: As served Cal: 710 Fat (g): 42 Sat Fat (g): 8 Carbs (g): 25 Prot (g): 58 Fiber (g): 6 Sod (mg): 1010
    • Price: $7.49
  • GG Santa Fe Chicken Wrap w/ Veggies:
    • Serving Size: As served Cal: 610 Fat (g): 22 Sat Fat (g): 4 Carbs (g): 75 Prot (g): 34 Fiber (g): 9 Sod (mg): 1740
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich:
    • Serving Size: As served Cal: 1240 Fat (g): 62 Sat Fat (g): 14 Carbs (g): 11 Prot (g): 45 Fiber (g): 69 Sod (mg): 2510
    • Price: $6.79
  • Flour Tortillas:
    • Serving Size: 3 Each Cal: 380 Fat (g): 10 Sat Fat (g): 3 Carbs (g): 62 Prot (g): 10 Fiber (g): 3 Sod (mg): 1000
  • Beef Fajitas – w/o Tortillas and Condiments:
    • Serving Size: As served Cal: 430 Fat (g): 17 Sat Fat (g): 6 Carbs (g): 29 Prot (g): 40 Fiber (g): 8 Sod (mg): 2260
    • Price: Half Pound $10.99
  • Pepper Pals® Cheese Quesadilla:
    • Serving Size: As served Cal: 460 Fat (g): 24 Sat Fat (g): 12 Carbs (g): 42 Prot (g): 20 Fiber (g): 2 Sod (mg): 1000
    • Price: $6.79
  • Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers® w/ Ranch:
    • Serving Size: As served Cal: 1650 Fat (g): 77 Sat Fat (g): 14 Carbs (g): 190 Prot (g): 53 Fiber (g): 12 Sod (mg): 4060
  • Margarita Grilled Chicken:
    • Serving Size: As served Cal: 600 Fat (g): 13 Sat Fat (g): 3 Carbs (g): 72 Prot (g): 49 Fiber (g): 10 Sod (mg): 1400
    • Price: $8.49

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