Honey Baked Ham Menu with Price & Nutritional Info

Harry J. Hoenselaar created in Honey Baked Ham Company store in Michigan. He’d choose the optimum quality bone-in ham. He also found a way to slice the ham into entirely even slices. Honey Baked Ham Menu includes Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Pastas, Box lunches, platters & buffets, a la carte etc. read out the article to get more information about Honey Baked Ham Price and Nutritional.

Different place contains different menu. Therefore to get different state’s menus you have to visit www.honeybaked.com. The site is opened with seven menus. Click on your product option and select the state for which you want to find. This option is presented in the right side of the webpage. E.g. if you select Alabama, you will get different menu of it like Ham Dinners, Turkey Breast, Whole Turkey etc. click on them separately and show the product category of its.

Price list of Honey Baked Ham:

The New Originals:

  • BBQ Smoke Stacker:$ 6.49
  • Ham and Turkey Bella: $ 6.49
  • Kickin’ Chicken Caesar: $ 6.49
  • Pepper Mill Chicken: $ 6.49
  • Roast Beef Bravo: $ 6.49
  • Southwestern Turkey Ole: $ 6.49

Delicious Melts:

  • Betta Ham ‘n Chedda: $ 5.99
  • Smothered Clucker: $ 5.99
  • Swiss: $ 5.99
  • Tavern Club: $ 6.49
  • Turkey Bacon Blitz: $ 6.49

HoneyBaked Favorites:

  • Chicken Salad: $ 5.99
  • Ham Salad: $ 5.99
  • HoneyBaked Ham: $ 5.99
  • HoneyBaked Signature Ham Sandwich: $ 5.99
  • HoneyBaked Turkey: $ 5.99
  • Mediterranean Veggie: $ 5.49
  • Prime Roast Beef: $ 5.99
  • Turkey Bacon Ranch: $ 6.49


  • Chef Select Salad: $ 6.49
  • Fresh Garden Salad: $ 6.49
  • Rilled Chicken Caesar Salad: $ 6.49
  • HoneyBaked Cobb Salad: $ 6.49
  • Savory Grilled Chicken Salad: $ 6.49

Visit the website www.statecollege.com for more information about price list of Honey Baked Ham. Www.allmenus.com website also provides price list of various product of Honey Baked Ham menu.

Honey Baked Ham nutritional Info

With the reference of www.livestrong.com, you can get the nutritional Information. Search ‘Healthy alternative with’ option at here. In this window, you have to select your category like protein, fat, vitamin A, sugars etc. if you choose ‘fat’ alternative, product that contains fat is opened such as,

  • HoneyBaked Smoked Turkey(5g less fat)
  • Sliced And Glazed Ham (4g less fat)
  • Potato Salad (3g less fat)

You can also find nutritional Information through www.myfitnesspal.com. Some of them are described below.

  • Sprial Sliced Ham (Honey Baked Ham)
    Serving Size: 3 ounces, 150, 7g, 4g, 16g
  • Ham Slice (Honey Baked)
    Serving Size: 3 oz, 170, 9g, 9g, 14g
  • Ham Classic Sandwhich (Honey Baked Ham)
    Serving Size: 1 sandwhich, 660, 33g, 60g, 29g
  • 7lb Honey Baked Spiral Ham (Honey Baked Ham – James)
    Serving Size: 3 oz, 125, 5g, 2g, 18g
  • Turkey Sandwich (Honey Baked Ham)
    Serving Size: 1 sandwich, 540, 20g, 58g, 33g

How to Cook a Honey-Baked Ham video from youtube:

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