Papple: A hybrid fruit of Apple And Pear

A hybrid fruit is nothing but a cross breeding among 2 different species or among 2 varieties of the same genus. The Hybridization offers more nutrient-dense and more flavorful varieties than the natural form. There are many hybrid fruits already in the market, such as Grapple, Lemato, Aprium, Pomato, Boysenberry, Oroblanco, Jostaberry, Orangelo, Pineberry, and many more. Here is a one more hybrid fruit, which is going to join the list. This latest hybrid fruit is being dubbed as ‘Papple’ and it is described as ‘a pear disguised as an apple’.

Papple: A hybrid fruit of Apple And Pear

A major British retailer, Marks and Spencer (M&S) is going to launch this highly alleged hybrid fruit this week in the UK. According to M&S, ‘Papple’ is a species of pear family which seems a bit like an apple. The skin and texture of this fruit resembles a pear but its taste and appearance resembles an apple. The official name for this latest hybrid is yet to be decided, and till that it will be referred as the T109. Do not think that T109 is a cross between pear and apple, because it is not. Papple has been developed in New Zealand and it is a cross between Asian and European pear varieties, which ended in a fruit similar to an apple.

The fruit resembles closely to the apple with its weirdly skin and its almost fluorescent pinkish-red appearance, so eating T109 will be a strange experience. As its appearance resembles the apple, you will bite quite harder. But there is no necessary to bite harder, because the flesh of Papple is lesser tart than an apple. As well as, the sweetness of the fruit is almost overpowering and it is also far juicier. So, all in all, T109 can be described as a tasty & refreshing fruit.

This type of Innovations may seem strange, but it is worth mentioning that at present lot of fruits which people enjoy are either natural or intentional hybrids. The genetic study of the lemon illustrates that it is a primeval hybrid of the citron and the sour orange. The grapefruit is a cross of oranges and pomelos, which was developed by a Barbardos farmer in the 18th century. Boysenberries, loganberries and tayberries are hybrids of blackberries and raspberries. Several grape varieties are hybrids, too.

However, bringing the new hybrids in a market is very tricky because there is one in thousand attempts are likely to be successful. As well, the fruit trees take a long time to grow, it can almost take 10 or 15 years for official launching of crop for the commercial availability.

Marks and Spencer hopes to cultivate the Papple in the UK from 2015. Until then, the New Zealand version Papple will be available in M&S stores from this week at a hefty price of £1 each.

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