Living Minimalist Lifestyle Tips

In today’s society, living a minimalist lifestyle is becoming more popular following a decade of excess and consuming, feeling an urge to get back to basics. It can be a very liberating and worry-free way to live. A minimalist lifestyle might be for those who like the look of uncluttered spaces and the idea of keeping only what they really need. Actually, the term minimalism comes from the arts, where it puts simplicity first in art, music and architecture. Minimalist lifestyle decreases stress and concern, and makes your daily life much simpler. Here are some simple tips that may help you to live a minimalist life.

Nowadays, minimalism has snatched the interest of many people who feel stressed and perplexed by the consumerism that has prevailed over the past numerous decades. The minimalist lifestyle helps to keep things simple and reduces stress by opposing the mainstream in an era of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and a wish to have the latest and greatest device on the market. Shortly, the minimalist lifestyle is a sign of living with what you need without collecting too much “stuff.” Before getting the minimalist lifestyle tips, it is necessary to understand what is minimalism.


As a minimalist style is a part of the “less is more” philosophy, it means that you can do more in your life by obtaining less. Frequently, it is mentioned as “simple living,” where you keep only what you need to function or what holds sentimental value. An individual, who hug this design philosophy, feel that clutter is a form of visual diversion, and removing unnecessary property can help the household feel more tranquil and focused. Only the necessary pieces of furniture are visualized in minimalist rooms with a few important design elements so that it isn’t completely uncovered. Also, storage is generally concealed behind closed doors and built-in cabinets have a famous place in minimalist design. This philosophy is very helpful at the home and into a minimalist lifestyle, where the daily rushing and multitasking of modern life is reserved to a minimum.

Tips for Living a Minimalist Lifestyle:

In a real way, a minimalist lifestyle extends to all areas of life from the living room, to the office and to the number of classes and sports that adopt the family free time. Here are some ideas by which you can start to live a minimalist lifestyle.

Dispose of what you don’t require

In America, most people have closets or a garage full of stuff. It is still perfectly good, if you are actually using all of it. Pick one room in your house and de-clutter one day a week. Dispose of things that you haven’t used in more than a year. Involve whole family, so everyone takes ownership in your new, simpler lifestyle.

You can store sentimental items in one box or container, so you can take a trip down memory lane without taking up the whole attic. If you have difficulty to let go of things, then envisage someone finding whatever item you don’t utilize at your garage sale, and be really happy with it.

Don’t need it? Don’t buy it

Careful marketing campaigns drive buying habits of people. At the supermarket, there are those end-cap displays; in stores and there is always sales for limited time only. Don’t fall for it. Before going to the store, you make a list and only purchase what’s on it. Previous to purchasing anything ask yourself: do I really require this? If the answer is no, then don’t purchase.

Use what you have

To match magazine picture that you saw, you’re redecorating your living room. You prepare a list of all the stuff you will require. Stop. Make believe for a moment that you couldn’t buy anything – what could you use that you already have to attain your goal? You can rearrange furniture, paint worn things and get creative by using what’s available in your house.

Apply this minimalist tactic to just about any purchase, from kitchen appliances to groceries. By doing this, you will save money, and get a great sense of achievement from using your creativity rather than your wallet to solve a problem.

Prioritize your time

Try this if you feel like there’s never enough time in the day: for a week, log how you squander your time every day, whether it’s at work or during your off hours. Do you spend a lot of time surfing the web? Limit your computer time, and be tough with yourself about it. Are you running lots of errands all week? Attempt saving them up, so you go to the stores only once a week. Budget your money and budget your time.

If you have an overflowing social calendar, then it is essential to say no. Limit extracurricular activities of kids to those things they truly enjoy so you will save money, and your kids will be less stressed. Visualize your time as a commodity, like money, and take a more minimalist approach to how you squander it.

Uncover Luxuries

When you had a long day at the office, pick up dinner for the family, as you’re too tired to cook. It is necessary to know that the average family of four spends more than $4,000 a year on eating out. Dinner out is used to be a luxury. Minimalist living is all about cutting back to the essentials, including rediscovering luxuries like this. In place of paying for theater tickets and overpriced popcorn, have a family movie night at home. For free magazines, books, movies and often even videogame rentals, rediscover your local library.

Take a look at your monthly spending, and list those things that are needs (like shelter, food, electricity), and those that are desires (like eating out and that premium cable package). Reduce on spending in the “wants” category, so you can delight in those luxuries in place of receiving dulled by the frequency.

Other tips:

  • Look for clean lines and solid colors. It can keep the room feeling airy, if you ensure that your furniture is on legs rather than having an overstuffed couch that sits right on the floor. Keep basic pieces neutral and go for a pop of color and pattern in accessories, for example pictures and pillows.
  • If you are moving, then utilize it as a chance. Ensure that anything that comes into your new house is required and meaningful. Anything that is not used should be contributed or sold. Not only will you inhale easier, but it will make moving easier too.
  • Ensure your activities are meaningful. Many people stay in motion just for the sake of moving. The minimalist philosophy doesn’t squander anything, including time and energy. Ensure you are doing things that give you pleasure rather than doing them as you feel compelled.
  • Try to minimize your amount of choices. It looks like counterintuitive, but having a large amount of choices is more stressful than only having one or two. There is more chance for dissatisfaction and second-guessing about your choice. Rather than selecting from every restaurant in town, narrow your choices to three.
  • Find out to be content with what you have. Do you really require that upgraded iPod, or will the one you buy last year do for now? Don’t purchase new things that you don’t require.
  • In your house, there should be a proper place for every object you own and, once you are through using it, ensure it finds its way back there. If everything is always where it belongs, then you will automatically remove a large amount of clutter and mess.
  • Fully engage in the moment if possible. One of the goals of minimalists is to remove distractions so that they can fully realize what is going on around them. They try to shift in the world feeling balanced and tranquil.

The Bottom Line:

Living a minimalist lifestyle is all about cutting the clutter in your life. Budget to this principle, you will save money and time and also feel more satisfied.

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  1. Loverr Says:

    i hv been trying to be a minimalist for years. It z honestly very hard to do…anyway gr8888 tips….think i should hv 2 follow these one!!

  2. Chicca Says:

    minimalist living is simply abt ceasing 2 identify with objects. it z abt ceasing 2 define yourself by wht u own!!

  3. Angel Says:

    interested!!!! dis is really low budget lifestyle,,,,,, i feel more satisfied bcoz i can save money & time with living a minimalist lifestyle.

  4. HaganYay! Says:

    I agree. I stepped into the minimalist lifestyle after my teen years of spending on tons of clothes and shoes. I felt so guilty about spending so much of my parents’ money on shoes and clothes. Now, I am looking to spend less and even teach my family on how to reduce spending on things that are unnecessary.

    The first thing is, I totally agree that one should limit choices. Once you limit your choices, you are forced to have less. For example, I have been on a diet and trying to change my lifestyle, and I minimized the amounts of foods I give myself. Rather than having four different cereals, I eat one kind and if I get bored of it, I finish it first and switch to another. Rather than have so many kinds of bagels, stick with one. By sticking with a smaller amount of choices of anything, it always makes your life easier and not having to worry or wasting.. such as spoiled food.

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