Natural & Organic Control of Stink Bugs

A number of options can be used for control of stink bugs but there is no one “best option” to deal with these insect pests. Maybe according to you, Natural & Organic Control for stink bugs is unnecessary, but you just may change your thinking if you knew there were nearly 90 different species of the stink critters. One important thought is that many stink bugs are resistant to common pesticides, so who consider chemical control should be sure to recognize the stink bugs in question to use the appropriate chemical controls. Use the services of a company that specializes in such infestations, since stink bugs can be quite pernicious, it can help.

Stink Bugs:

Stink bugs are slow moving insects and basically look like flat beetles. Some look brown, green and rusty reddish. All stink bugs have two things in common: they eat everything and they stink, no matter what color they are or where they live.

They emit a gas as a means of defending themselves from predators. They are bitter, foul smelling and have the tendency to linger after it’s been released. When they move into your home to escape the cold temperatures, these moderately harmless bugs in the winter months become even bigger pests.

Some ways to control stink bugs in your garden:

Use spray or pesticide that is earth friendly. Treat only infected area, because most will kill beneficial insects too. Overuse of pesticides makes them resistant and stronger.

Use safe soap and detergent for cleaning, it can give allergy to your skin.

After using natural stink bug remedies, keep kids and pets away from that area. They might touch and eat it.

Organic Pest Control for Stink Bugs Inside:

The best way to carefully and organically control stink bugs in your home is to make sure every crack and crevice is sealed. If there is a crack, then they will find it. They are not scurriers like the much loathed cockroach, they’re slow movers and easy to catch.

Use the caulk gun to seal your house up for the winter. Be warned as the matter is, if once you catch them they will spray. Stink bugs are comparatively harmless in the home because they don’t bite and not carry diseases or parasites.

Close the curtains at night and have as few outdoor lights on as possible as Stink Bugs are attracted to light.

Organic Control for Stinkbugs Outside:

The common plants for stinkbugs are:

  • Tomatoes
  • Okra
  • Beans
  • Rasberry

The sap from the plants is sucked by the stinkbugs and causes the buds or fruit to be malformed. Growths look like warts may appear on okra or bean pods. An important part of controlling this pest is controlling weeds. To stop infestations, use an organic, botanical insecticide.

Note: An important way to safeguard your vegetables and fruits is Organic pest control for stinkbugs. A pest control product is organic does not mean that it is non-toxic. Read labels always carefully and keep products out of reach children.

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