Halal and Safe Korean Cosmetics

Halal and Safe Korean Cosmetics

Halal and Safe Korean Cosmetics – Who doesn’t know about cosmetics or beauty
products from Korea. Almost all the world knows about Korean beauty products
that are very guarantee and popular among women. White, supple, glowing and
healthy skin has become the best shadow for Korean beauty product users, so it is not surprising that many women believe in beauty in Korean products.

Halal and Safe Korean Cosmetics

Cosmetics certainly use a variety of ingredients or ingredients. Women have been
warned to choose cosmetics appropriately. Many cosmetics use dangerous
ingredients and do not have halal certificates.

For those of you who are looking for Korean cosmetics that have been halal-
certified you can buy the following brands:


Puresh is a Korean product issued by Daeduck Lab. co. Ltd. This product is safe
for Muslim women because it is halal certified. Puresh has skincare products that
contain organic ingredients, making it safe for pregnant and breastfeeding
women. Not only skincare for skin care alone, Puresh also provides beauty
cosmetics for the needs of women.


Jacskin is one of the Korean products produced by Talent Cosmetics co. Ltd.
which already has a halal certificate from 2014. Jacskin products are halal
skincare that uses safe ingredients so they are widely used by Korean artists.


The Innisfree brand is worldwide as Korea’s best skincare product. This product
uses organic ingredients so it is safe for the skin. This Korean flagship product is
quite affordable.


Cosmax is a Korean product that gets halal certificate from MUI. MUI guarantees
that cosmax cosmetic products are safe for use by Muslim women. Not only
cosmetics, cosmax products also issue skincare products.


Whamisa may be a brand that is not yet well known, but this product actually
comes from Korea. This Korean product is made from organic which is safe for
the skin. Whamisa skincare products are guaranteed and quality for Asian
women’s skin.

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