Arjuna Herb – Benefits & Side Effects

Arjuna herb is also recognized as Terminalia Arjuna. In Ayurvedic herbalism it has been used from centuries. Arjuna is a medicinal plant used widely in Ayurvedic medicine. The bark of the tree is used form several centuries for treating cardiovascular ailments. There are many health benefits as well as side effects of Arjuna Herb.

Terminalia Arjuna is a deciduous tree found all through India. Although Arjuna tree is also found in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, it is native to India. This huge tree can grow up to a height of 27 meters. The bark of the Arjuna tree contains nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and aluminum. Arjunine, arjunetin and lactone are the important plant chemicals found in the bark of the Arjuna tree. This herb contains rich amounts of Co-enzyme Q-10, which is believed to enhance the health of the cardiovascular system. Terminalia Arjuna is an herb believed to be a Dietary Supplement and obtainable over the counter without a prescription.

Arjuna Herb - Benefits & Side Effects

Benefits of Arjuna Herb


Arjuna herb can help to cure the symptoms of asthma. To cure asthma, Ayurvedic medicine practitioners suggest taking Arjuna bark powder with milk or make infusion in hot water from 1 teaspoon of Arjuna bark powder and drink as tea.

Skin care:

Arjuna is also good for the skin. To treat acne, apply a paste made from Arjuna bark on the acne or an ointment made by mixing the bark and honey applied over the affected area can treat acne successfully. The astringent property of Arjuna could even help to prevent acne.

DNA protection:

Arjuna has compounds that protect against DNA damage from toxins. Study has found that pretreatment of lymphocytes with bark extract of Terminalia Arjuna before administration of adriamycin results in significant decrease in formation of micronuclei. So, it protects DNA against adriamicin-induced damage.

Kidney stone remedy:

Arjuna is recommended to flash out small stones formed inside the kidneys. When the bark is boiled, filtered and consumed, the stones break into pieces and removed completely.

Heart disease:

The extract of Arjuna bark exert inotropic and hypotensive effect by raising the coronary artery flow and protecting cardiac tissue against ischemic damage, as per the experimental studies. Arjuna herb also have mild diuretic, blood thinning, prostaglandin E(2) enhancing and blood lipid lowering activity. Arjuna dilates blood vessels, even in cigarette smokers.

Healing power:

The bark of Arjuna tree is a cardiac stimulant and has a cooling and tonic effect. It is useful in arresting secretion or bleeding. It helps to relieve fever.


In Arjuna herb, several substances have very strong antioxidant benefits. Their stem barks have glycosides, large quantities of flavonoids, tannins and minerals. Flavonoids have been noticed to exert antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and lipid lowering effects while glycosides are cardiotonic, therefore making Terminalia Arjuna unique among currently used medicinal plants.


Compounds in Arjuna may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Arjuna strengthens the muscles of the heart by stimulating the pumping function of the heart. The phytochemicals present in the bark of this tree also helps to decrease the LDL or bad cholesterol in the blood.


Ancient Indian doctors used the powdered tree bark of Terminalia Arjuna for treating angina and other cardiovascular conditions.

Prevent bleeding:

By taking Arjuna bark powder, bleeding could be halted. It accelerates blood clotting, rapidly healing wounds.

Diarrhea and dysentery:

A decoction of the bark taken in doses of 15 to 30 grams may relieve patients of diarrhea or dysentery.

Promote appetite:

Arjuna is also good for the appetite. It encourages digestion by facilitating bile flow.

Breast cancer:

A substance in Arjuna, casuarinin, inhibits breast cancer cell growth.

Other benefits:

  • Reduce the effects of stress and nervousness on the heart.
  • It has prostaglandin enhancing and coronary risk modulating properties.
  • It has also diuretic and general tonic effect in cases of liver cirrhosis.
  • It lowers beta-lipoprotein lipids and the recovery of HDL components in hyperlipidemia.
  • Promotes effective cardiac functioning by regulating blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Relieves high blood pressure (hypertension) and reverse hardening of the arteries.

Side effects:

Very high dosages of Arjuna can cause liver harm or reduce thyroid gland activity. Commercially Arjuna is accessible in the form of capsules. Ayurvedic medications containing Terminalia Arjuna are prepared by mixing about more than 30 herbs that are also known to be effective for the health of the cardiovascular system. It is important to note that Arjuna has a very potent effect on the muscles of the heart, so it should be taken to treat angina or congestive heart failure only after checking with a qualified medical practitioner.

Dosage: 1-2 Capsules two times a day after meal or as directed by health practitioner.

  1. Apichart Says:

    oops!! me n my husband hv used arjuna for d few months ago n we both believe it has lowered our blood pressure. i recommended it my friends..pls try it at least once!!

  2. Marvin Says:

    it is especially good for d aged, it seems that there is no big arjuna herb side effects!! gd 2 use!

  3. Julja Says:

    arjuna herbal extracts products r also effective n useful….u just try it n c!!

  4. Jay Says:

    Hi. I’ve read where you should take arjuna on an empty stomach adn others say after meals. Which way is best? With food or without?


  5. Arvinder Says:

    Arjuna should be taken on a full empty stomach.

  6. Idiot Arvinder Says:

    What is Full Empty Stomach. Idiot!

  7. mohanakrishnan Says:

    please give suggestion i am by pass surgery patient and using English medicines three times a day if i am using this arjuna powder any side effect will come pl give reply to my e mail address thanking you sir

  8. Dr.Jutlay Says:

    I would suggest you to consult to your physician before starting these pills if you had bye pass or CHF,stroke etc.well it works in most of the cases when patients have hypertension, anxiety,insomnia or other medical conditions.

  9. Becky Says:

    I am taking Arjuna powder and Punarnava for high blood pressure. It has worked great. My question is can I take these indefinitely or do I need to take breaks from it?

  10. Kate Says:

    Have haD quad bypass 15 yhears AGO. all fine eventually had pacemaker then defibrillator inserted works well.
    Persuaded to have Ablation done which took 6 hours but seems fine no more Arythmias.
    Have decided to support my heart in any way I can and came across Arjuna this herb recommended by a doc.Where is the best place to buy this herb.I would like to try to help my heart get stronger. Look forward to hearing from anyone who can help/ KA MvGuinness

  11. Vivek sawant Says:

    I hav problem anxiety chest should I take Arjuna tea thrice in a week

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