Drinking Coffee and its effects on your pregnancy

Save your developing child from the Fatal Shooooot of Coffee!!! Pregnancy period requires so much concern as you must have a knowledge about what can harm your baby and body, what to eat, drink and how to live lives. Pregnant women need to sacrifice many of their habits to have a healthy child because everything that related to mother directly affects her little one too. All those bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and mostly food or beverages that contain caffeine can greatly damage your little one. Some potential study says that Caffeine has been associated with a number of prenatal risks even linked with increased rates of miscarriage. Unfortunately, this fact would be covered under the Crazy Caffeine trend of people.

Drinking Coffee and its effects on your pregnancy

Here, we try a little to expose some of the reality for caffeine effects on the pregnancy. So, be with us and uncover your cup of home brewed drip coffee, an espresso cup or a cup of instant at your favorite coffee bar? Moreover, know the dangers of energetic tea, delicious chocolate and sip of refreshing drink!!!!

It would be always better to start from the root, so first of all know the reason behind people’s craziness for caffeine:

Majority of people consume caffeine on their daily basis as caffeine is mostly associated with coffee and tea. It is also found in many soft drinks, as well as a larger amount in energy drinks and to a smaller degree in cocoa or chocolate.

Caffeine is a common stimulant (psychoactive drug) that induces temporary improvements in mental or physical function or both. It also increases the effectiveness of pain killers so it is included in some medications, especially for migraine and headache medications. Owing to this, Caffeine becomes the world’s most widely used drink for the removal of symptoms like headaches and nausea. Besides, it also works great in terms of Liver protection, Cardio protective, Anti diabetic, Antioxidant, Cancer prevention, etc.

All aspects mentioned above are one side of the coin; when it comes to the other hidden side of the coin, reality is there!!! Caffeine is actually a drug similar to nicotine and alcohols also known as a sort of addictive so as many people have remarkable crave for their coffee and cola! Study proves that Caffeine acts as a stimulant on our central nervous system and is absorbed into our bloodstream just within 15 minutes after its intake. If caffeine absorbed in large quantities, it is surely responsible for number of adverse physical reactions.

Coffee contains caffeine in higher quantity so as more harmful for the pregnancy. Caffeine use is responsible for low birth weight baby as well as weakens fertility of mother and causes severe birth defects. Therefore, drinking coffee in pregnancy period becomes the major issue for discussion in these days. For pregnant women, it is very important to ensure that both she and her baby stay strong and healthy. That’s reason why gonna be Mom is so much curious to know that is caffeine affects her pregnancy even for the little ounce or when it consumed in high doses only????

Caffeine constricts the blood vessels of mother’s body, owing to this less blood passes through the placenta of the developing baby. Also, molecules are small enough to cross the placenta and reach your baby’s blood circulation. Baby’s organs and developing system are not full-fledged and too sensitive to tackle with caffeine than of the adults. They are not capable of fully metabolizing caffeine and excreting it, in a way, Caffeine may directly affect your baby’s developing cells. Meanwhile, caffeine is also responsible for higher heart beats and breathing rate even affect sleep pattern for an extended duration.

Frequent maternal consumption for coffee may build up high levels of caffeine in the baby’s body. Also, there are some studies which still do not support just one zip coffee daily. All searches have been done with a view to find out the safe standard for coffee intake during pregnancy period.

Studies signify that women who drank more than eight daily cups of coffee during pregnancy have higher their risk of miscarriage or stillbirth by 300%. Most medical experts support the average caffeine consumption of 1 to 2 cups of coffee a day for pregnant women. On the other hand, majority of the research says even one cup of coffee a day is addictive, so try to stop completely.

Generally, try and eliminate caffeine use entirely during pregnancy or while trying to conceive but if you are not able to go on a course of caffeine abstinence, not necessary to be a quit cold turkey. Suddenly caffeine cut may lead to headaches and other negative feelings. You should cut down it slowly by reducing your intake of caffeine to a cup of coffee a day, this might keep your headache away which caused for being non-caffeinate abruptly.

Another good option is also recommended for those women who really need that shot of caffeine, they can replace few cups of coffee a day with decaffeinated coffee during pregnancy. As we have seen that caffeine is the major culprit in the ill effects of drinking coffee during pregnancy, decaf coffee is the way to go. Don’t avoid the fact that there is far less research into decaffeinated coffee and pregnancy still there is no suggestion that decaf has any ill effects on pregnancy at all. So, you can go on,,,,,

Caffeine is associated with tea, soft or energy drinks, chocolates, and in medications. But, Coffee includes caffeine in major amount so that attention is particularly placed on the coffee only. It may be shocking news for pregnant women or may put them in confusion that morning cup of Joe harm their baby and body. Giving up may be difficult for many of them so they feel hesitant for sacrificing their morning cup of coffee. May above details help them in understanding the fact that as they are gonna be Mom, try to be a best MOM by saving their little one from that FATAL shot of COFFEE!!!!! If not have a dare to do that then just think for a while that; can you put caffeine in a baby bottle, so why would you put it in a placenta???

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