Exercises for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Are you suffering from neck and shoulder pain? This very painful condition may be invited inadvertently by people if they ignore the facet of right posture. A person, who has a job that needs to round the upper back, may suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain. Under a lot of stress, body is shrieking for everyone to stop. However, many people ignore it for weeks and suddenly found in one morning that their neck and shoulders are stiff. Some medical conditions like arthritis and injuries can also produce discomfort around this area. If the cause of your neck and shoulder pain is known by you, then you can try some simple exercises to relax the muscles of neck and shoulder.

Exercises for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Neck and shoulder pain are extensively prevalent nowadays because of the sedentary lifestyle, tiring work hours at the computer, lack of exercise and poor dietary habits. A herniated disk or the wrong way of sleeping may also be responsible for neck and shoulder pain. Severe pain can be caused by psychological conditions related with stress and pressures that carry out a spasm in the muscles of the shoulder and neck. To avoid this energy draining condition, everyone must first pay attention to their posture and correct themselves whenever they find slouching. If you already suffer from neck and shoulder pain, then it is a right time to go for some stretching exercises which help to reduce and also prevent neck and shoulder pain.

Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

Don’t try any exercises for the first 24 hours if the pain is very severe. If you have moderate pain, then it is good to attempt some gentle neck stretching exercises.

Neck Extension

Take a deep breath and exhale to perform neck extension exercise. Then, gently move your head towards an upward direction till you are in front of the ceiling. Remain in such position for few seconds. Just ensure that your movement is not jerky as you can do more harm rather than pain relief. After that, return to the original position. Perform this step for about five times.

Gentle Neck Stretches

  • While Lying on the bed

Think about broadening the back of your neck and slide the back of your head away from shoulders. So, your head will slant forward to some extent and your chin will tuck to neck. Now, pull your chin in as much as you can. For about 10 seconds, press the back of your neck into the mattress. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Still lying on the bed, turn your head from side to side. Just allow your head move gently from one shoulder to the other. Repeat this as many times as you can to each side. The longer you continue rolling; you’ll find your range slowly rises.

  • While Standing

You can do the “chin tuck” exercise while sitting or standing if the lying stretch is easy. Tuck your chin into neck, looking straight ahead. Stretching the back of neck, push it backward. For making stretch stronger, you can place both hands on chin and push backward. Do these exercises several times a day, whenever you remember.

Neck Flexion

Take in a deep breath and exhale while sitting in an upright posture. Slowly tilt your head in a downward motion and exhale. Attempt to make your chin touch your chest in a gentle and slow motion. Breathe out and gradually press your chin to chest. While trying this chin-to-chest neck exercise, don’t shift your shoulders or lean forward. Remain in such position for a few seconds and lift up your head and return to the normal position. Do this exercise again for about five times.

Neck retraction

Maintaining your nose pointing straight ahead and sliding your chin back horizontally; pull your head back. At the base of your neck, you should feel the retraction movement. Do this 10 times every hour while sitting.

Side bending neck exercises

Move your head towards your shoulder. On the side of your neck, feel the gentle stretch in muscles. Do this type of movement to both sides.

Exercises for Shoulder Pain Relief

These exercises will relax and relieve your muscles of your shoulders. Also, it will help to relieve your pain.

Shoulder blade exercises

Lie on bed on your right side with your arm resting up on two pillows. Then, turn your left shoulder blade back and across your ribs in the direction of the center of your back. Maintain this position for 10 seconds and do five times more. For the right shoulder blade, do lying again on the left side.

Shoulder release

First, lie down on your back on the floor. Move your body from just below your neck to your waist so it runs along your spine. Allow your palms up and arms fall out to the side. During the exercise, feel your shoulder blades falling down every side of the roll and your upper body opening up. If you feel uncomfortable during this situation, then you can place a thin pillow under your head.

Shoulder Swings

Carry your arms to your sides as your palm are in front of your thighs. Lift your arms straight up when they are relaxed and slightly bent. Then, take them as much over your head as you can. Try to touch the floor above your head.

Repeat this exercise quite fast by dangling your arms slackly over your head and back down to thighs. Perform these swings at least about 100 times. While performing this exercise, you should feel that your shoulder blades falling gradually more on either side of the roll.

Tips to prevent neck and shoulder pain:

  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach as it will take your neck to incorrect anatomical position.
  • While sleeping, do not put too many pillows below your neck as it will put your neck forward and take you out of correct anatomical position. Only use one pillow. It is also good to sleep without a pillow.
  • Place one pillow below each knee and ankle to elevate your legs. Place the pillows the long way.
  • Sleep well on your sides with one or both knees brought up with shoulder and head slightly forward.
  • Never crouch and try to maintain a good posture. It is essential to solve half of your troubles.

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