Eye Care Tips for Computer Users to stay away from Refractive error

Eye is one of the most important parts of our body and a natural gift! Nothing in the world can replace the enthralling delight a person gets from the act of viewing. Have you ever thought concerning a blind person who has no vision at all? Majority of people nowadays works on computers daily and spends long hours in front of the monitors, which is not at all safe and healthy for eyes since it leads to eye strain. Also many people have a refractive error, a very common eye disorder. It happens when the eye cannot clearly spotlight the images from the outside world. The outcome of refractive errors is blurred vision, which is occasionally very stern that it causes visual impairment. Refractive errors cannot be prevented; however, they can be diagnosed by an eye test and treated with curative glasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery. Check out some best eye care tips in order to stay away from refractive error or refraction error.

Eye Care Tips for Computer Users to stay away from Refractive error

Eyes are the mirror of our soul, and they are invaluable. Good eyesight is a significant part of happiness and a major factor in maintaining independence and quality of life as we get older. People with confident eye diseases are not able to get pleasure from watching TV, natural beauty, seeing kids, etc. Being aware of the importance of protecting your vision can assist you to avoid problems in the future. You should take care of eyes similar to the skin which you do to sluggish the aging process by using specific safety measures that take less time to implement and can make a world of variation later in life.

Working on computers is a visually intensive task and regrettably, our work pressure and lifestyles do not provide us the opportunity to be kind to our eyes. Also, people often neglect the value of eye care and do not pay proper attention towards eye care. Thus, Computer users must follow these easy steps for maintaining healthy eyes and even share these tips among their friends and relatives who they really care for.

Essential Eye Care Tips for Computer users to stay away from Refractive error:

Wear Computer Glasses

If you work numerous hours a day, then you should wear computer eyeglasses or anti-reflection coated glasses. It will provide some rest to your eye while working on PC. To correct a few cylindrical refractive errors and prevent eye fatigue glasses are best option. If possible, remove contact lens as they tend to dry your eyes and use glasses while using computers. Fix an anti glare screen on to your monitor or utilize anti glare glass. Anti glare glasses are used to spotlight on anything. As well, place the monitor and lights in such a way that glare from the screen is minimum.

Try the 20-20-20 rule

This exercise is very much helpful to get relief from the pressure that the eyes experience while long time use of computers. Every 20 minutes, turn your head to another direction and try to look at an object situated at least 20 feet away. Your eye’s facial length will alter which will assist the tired eyes to relief some pressure. It is essential to keep your eyes moisturized so blink them for 20 times after each 20 minutes of constant computer use. If possible, you must walk 20 steps after each 20 minutes of sitting on your chair in one definite posture. It will help efficient blood circulation over your whole body.

Eye exercise

Exercise your eyes at recurrent intervals. Eye exercise is very simple and easy to follow. All you require to do is only blink many times, after that close your eyes and role them in clockwise and anti clockwise way. During this process, inhale and exhale gradually and open your eyes slowly after doing it. Do this exercise for around 1 minute and repeat it for 2 – 3 times previous to going at work. People tend to lessen blink rate while working on pc, which lead to dry eyes. So, blink your eyes often because it re-wets your eyes to prevent dryness and frustration. The more you blink the healthier it is for your eyes.

Lubricate your Eyes

Use lubricating eye drops in both the eyes prior to each session on the computer. However, before you administer any eye drops, consult your eye surgeon regarding it. There are also different ways to prepare eye drops at home.

  • Add some drops of Vitamin E oil in a small bowl of chilled water. Dip cotton pads for five minutes in it and put on the eyes while relaxing for 20 minutes daily.
  • Combine 1 part of rose water and 1 part of emerald juice. Place it in a bottle and utilize it as an eye drop. This is very functional home remedy for eye care.
  • In rose water, add 2-3 drops of Castor oil and dip a pad of yarn wool. Put these soaked pads on the eyelids for about 15-20 minutes. Eye burns and other problems will be decreased.

Keep proper distance

Try to maintain a good distance from the computer screen by sitting about 22 – 28 inches away from it. Put the monitor in such a manner that the top of the monitor is at a level somewhat below the horizontal eye level. If you sit very close or so far, then it might raise the strain on eyes and cause eye fatigue.

See distant objects

You should take short breaks in between. A leisurely walk outside in the fresh air for some minutes provides eyes the much desired relief. According to eye specialists, if you are spending long hours and can’t take a break, then look at distant objects (at least 20 feet away) for around 20 seconds in your place of work or outside. This way of seeing at distant object and returning to usual near vision assists the eyes to focus well. Try to do this every 1 hour for around 5 min.

Follow the palming method

Every 30 minutes, rub your hands against each other till you get them warm. Then cover your eyes with your warm palms (for around a minute) making sure to block all light. This exercise will present your eyes the much required break from the brightness of the PC and your vision will be much clearer. There are two benefits of this method – your eyes get relaxed and elbows get exercised.

Water magic

During breaks, sprinkle cold tap water at least 3 times in a day on eyes. This has a largely relaxing effect on the eyes. It helps in cooling your eyes as well as you feel refreshed and relaxed. In addition, drink more water as it helps in decreasing puffiness of your eyes.

Flexible Chairs

Use flexible chairs so that you can retain good posture by adjusting it as per your need. Your legs must always be rested on ground.

Right Posture

It is recommended to always check your posture from time to time to lessen the pain of Neck, Shoulder and Wrist. Keep your wrists in a straight line and not supported on any sharp edges.

Other helpful tips:

  • In between the breaks, taking a walk will refresh your body and mind. It is even good for your eyes as walking raises blood supply to your eyes.
  • After consulting an ophthalmologist, use quality creams or moisturizers to prevent the loss of moisture at the delicate area around eyes. It even lessens the intensity of black circles around eyes.
  • If you are working in an air-conditioned office, it can lead to dry eyes so sitting facing the air-conditioner ought to be avoided.
  • Adjust the brightness to have a fine contrast amid letters and background. Change the monitor if you observe any flickering.
  • Background wall or formation behind monitor must not be extremely loud or shiny because it will divert you and cause more strain trying to spotlight on the screen.
  • Don’t rub your eyes when any dust particle enters your eyes instead blink your eyes so that the tears which are formed clear off the dust material.
  • Keep monitor screen clean from finger prints and dust.
  • Alternate computer activities with other tasks.
  • Eating spinach will aid in prevent diverse eye problems as it contains carotenoid.
  • Intake of sufficient amounts of vitamin A is necessary for healthy vision.
  • Daily intakes of walnut for some days decrease the weakness of the eyes.
  • Eat fruits mainly citrus, tomatoes, green vegetables and dairy products which include vitamins such as A, C and E.
  • Strengthening your eye muscles with a range of eye exercises will go a long way to prevent eye strain.
  • Close your eyes for some minutes when your work needs prolonged data input into the computer.
  • Every year have a regular comprehensive eye exam with your certified ophthalmologist, even in the absence of an eye problem.
  • Choose an LCD over a CRT monitor since LCD screens are easier on the eyes and generally have an anti-reflective surface.

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