Games that Improve Kids Memory

Memory is a muscle which develops with the use. There are many ways to improve the memory of kids but games are the best way to enhance the memory. Along with memory, games also improve concentration skills of the kids as well as build strong knowledge base. Games are full of fun so the kids will enjoy them. Kids can play memory games at home or on computer. There are many types of memory games which can be played in groups or alone. Read on the article to know games that improve memory of the kids.

Games that Improve Kids Memory

Indoor Memory Games for Kids

Card Game

There are many card games which help the kids to improve memory. You can try the easiest of all. To play this game get a deck of 52 playing cards and keep all of them face down on a table. Then flip 1 card up and after that another. If they are same remove them from table and if they are different flip them again. The challenge for kids is to remember the location of cards and try to get the pairs as fast as possible.

Memory Test Game

Find 5 to 15 common things such as pencil, pen, key, button, spoon, coin, etc. and place them on a tray. Cover the tray with the help of cloth before you take it in the room. Allow the kids to see all the things for 1 to 2 minutes and after that cover the tray again. Ask the kids to write the list of those things. The kid who will write the longest list is winner of the game. If you are playing alone, you can change the game by taking away 1 thing and ask the kid to make out which thing is taken away.

Blind Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are also among the best games that help to improve memory. To play blind jigsaw, kid must study the original picture for a few seconds or until it is memorized. Then try to put it together without seeing the picture again.

Chinese whispers

This is a group game. The kids are asked to sit in a circle or a line so that they can whisper to their neighbor. In this game a short phrase is given to the 1st player by an adult and that player whispers the phrase to her/his neighbour as quietly as possible. After that the neighbour whispers the message to other player and the game continues till the message is stated by the last player. The message that you will get from the last player will be different from the original. There is no objective and no winner of this game but this game will offer a good exercise to judge the memory.


Trivia games are fun way to improve kids’ memory. Parents can select different topics such as film stars, geography, cars, books and many other things or that child enjoys. To play games every player has to answer a query regarding a particular topic or theme. If kids likes to play the same trivia game again and again they will learn and memorize the answers to queries that they have been asked before. Trivia pushes the mind to remember all types of information from days gone by.

Word Association

To play this game the kids are asked to sit in a circle. The 1st kid begin the game by telling any sentence in the story and the next child replicates the sentence as well as includes some information to that sentence. Like this the kids carry on to memorize the earlier sentences and make a story with their additions. Along with memory this game will also give confidence the kid to be innovative in story-telling.


The kids can play this game indoors or outdoors. This game will test the communicating and listening skills of the kids. Give a plastic container which is filled with same blocks to every kid. Ask them to sit back to back in which one will be ‘caller’ and other will be ‘listener’. The caller has to tell the listener that which pieces they are placing together and how. The listener can ask query to make sure that they have understood. After all the pieces are used the kids can evaluate structures to see how good their communication has been.


To play this 2 teams are needed. 1 team will be out of the room and other team changes the things in that room and make mismatches. The 2nd team will be allowed to enter the room after 3 minutes. The 2nd team will get 1 minute to mark the mismatches and the points are given on the basis of recognition of mismatches. The team who will have the highest score wins.

Story Telling

To play this game, make a list of words, objects or numbers and give one item from the list to every kid that they should remember. Then all the kids will work together to create a story. The kid who begins will say a1 or 2 sentences the story and he should include his object in the story. The next kid will continues the story with another sentence or two and he should also use his object in his section of the story. The ended story will give a way for everybody in the group to memorize the objects list.

Online Memory Games for Kids

Clown Card Memory Game

In clown card memory game there are 12 animated clown cards which are face down. Kids have to just click on the card and find out the same animated clown cards such as clapping, smiling, turning, say hello, etc.

Bricks Puzzle

To play bricks puzzle game, click on play button. Then click on the bricks to find and remove the same bricks. In this game there are five levels. The kid has to remove all the bricks before they piles to the top.


To play Sudoku game, the kid has to fill in the unfilled fields with the numbers (1 to 9). To check the Sudoku inputs press the “check Sudoku” button. After that press “new Sudoku” button and choose difficulty to play a new game.

Puzzle Shuffle

To play puzzle shuffle, click on the start button. To solve the puzzle click on the moving puzzle piece to stop. If you want to start the stopped piece again then click that piece to make it start. Place all the pieces properly to solve the puzzle.

I Lost My Puppy

In “I Lost My Puppy “game the kid has to find the lost dog in time through picture and their sleuthing abilities. To play, click on play now button and then continue button.


To play Blobuloids you have to feed blobs when they are hungry. The player will get the points by feeding them and as fast as they feed them the more points they will get. Orange blobs like Burgers, Red blobs like cakes, yellow blobs like beer.

Dressup Memory Game

To play Dressup memory game click on the “Lets Play” button and memorize the outfit of the girl and then dress-up the girl with similar outfit.

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