How to quiet a cough in child Naturally?

Are you concerned about the safety of medicines for children? If so, then leave all the over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold medicines and try alternative natural remedies for treating your child’s cough. At least once in a year, child gets affected by the cough and cold, which happens due to the changing season. Parents are advised to avoid the use of over-the-counter cough medicines in children under 6. One of the most common causes of cough is allergy; your child may have allergy to certain things such as pollen, dust, plants, pets, which may cause sniffles and a runny nose. There is no real cure for cough and common colds; rest is the best medicine. However, getting kids comfortable enough while suffering from cough can be a challenge.

How to quiet a cough in child Naturally?

To be honest with you, there are no home remedies or cold medicines that will make a cough go away faster. It usually runs its course (about 6 to 8 days). Some medicines will ease symptoms but home remedies are best as they are free of side effects. Here are some of the most popular home remedies to quiet a cough in child naturally.

Hot Drinks

Drinks play vital role in recovery as they flush out toxins from the body. Some drinks provide extra benefits. Let your child to drink warm liquids such as warm water or broth; it helps to relieve a dry throat and thin mucus. A tea prepared by addition of juice of half a lemon, one tablespoon of honey, and warm water is very helpful to quiet a cough. In place of lemon juice, you can also use apple cider vinegar to prepare this concoction. As well, raw ginger in lukewarm water helps to get rid of sinuses. Allow your child to drink warm beverages or other liquids at least three times in a day.

Steam inhalation

In a vessel, take hot water and place vicks and some drops of eucalyptus oil in it. Now, let your children to inhale it by covering their head with a towel or blanket. Keep in mind that fans/AC are not on during this process and also after sometime i.e. about 10 – 15 minutes.


Coax your kid to have some hot soups. This old-fashioned remedy appears to have some benefits in treating cough. Studies have shown that chicken soup may help to relieve the symptoms of respiratory-tract infections. Chicken soup is widely known to cure this disease but garlic soup also works well. To prepare garlic soup, boil 3 or 4 cloves of garlic in a cup of water. Garlic oil can help to open the blocked respiratory passages. A bowl full of hot chicken soup or garlic soup can be soothing for the child’s throat.

Saline nasal drops or sprays

This natural remedy can help to relieve congestion (blocked nasal passages), which makes it easier for your child to breathe. It also moistens the dry skin in your child’s nose. Be sure to avoid sprays containing medications, which could cause other side effects or worsen symptoms. Let your child to lie on the floor, and insert 2 to 3 drops in your child’s nostrils. After 1 minute, tell your child to blow gently into a tissue or make use of a suction bulb on younger children. Saline drops are available at local pharmacy or drugstore. You can use saline drops throughout the day as often as necessary.

Keep warm mist humidifier

Run a warm mist humidifier in your child’s room, particularly at night as it will help to ease his congestion by increasing the humidity of the room. Coughs get worsened with the dry air. Make sure to clean the humidifier for preventing the build-up of germs.

Other Ways to quiet a Child’s Cough Naturally

Massage your child with warm eucalyptus oil. Providing your child a good rubdown on the chest is a great way to ease the pain in the back and chest that can be caused by coughing. Once you massage oil, wrap your child in a blanket. Kid will be able to breathe easier as the body absorbs the heat and oils.

Let your child to gargle with warm salted water. This age old remedy works from many decades. Mix warm water and salt and have your kid to gargle with this water for a few seconds and after that spit it out into the sink. Let your child to gargle in the morning and before going to bed until the cough has gone.

Honey is very effective medicine to treat cough in children. Mix some part of honey with a little warm water or give it to your child straight. You can also put it into some non-caffeinated herbal tea and let your child to drink it. Be sure to avoid giving honey to a baby younger than 1 year old as babies of this age face a risk of botulism by consumption of it.

Take 5 – 10 teaspoons of mustard oil, heat it and fry ajwain seeds and crushed garlic in it. Allow it to cool; then strain it and store in a bottle. Whenever your child gets cough and cold, heat this little bit and apply it on your child’s neck, forehead, throat, and on the head. It is very helpful to relieve cough in kids especially.

Give a warm bath to your child to loosen up phlegm and/or mucus. The steam of the water has therapeutic effect; it relieves chest and nasal congestion. To get the best result, have your child to breathe the steam deeply.

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