Lemon’s Health benefits for Healthy skin

Lemon is a type of citrus fruit, rich source of vitamin C in addition to vitamins B and minerals like magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. It has many health benefits for skin and body due to its natural properties. It provides brightness as well as freshness to our skin. You can either apply lemon juice on your skin or drink lemon water. Lemon water is one of the healthiest drinks. It is also useful for hair, nail, detoxification, teeth, breath treatment, etc. besides skin care.

Lemon's Health benefits for Healthy skin

Lemon contains one of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids, citric acid which benefits skin by removing dead skin, enhancing skin elasticity and promoting the growth of new skin cells. It cleanses skin by removing dust, dirt and oil from pores. Lemon water improves skin features by detoxifying liver and increasing absorption of essential minerals and vitamins. Here below listed are the advantages of lemon for skin care; try these and gain glorious skin!

Benefits of Lemon for Healthy skin:

Exfoliates dead skin layer

Lemon removes dead skin cells which make the face to look rough and dull. For getting soft skin, simply rub juice of lemon mixed with a tablespoon of sugar on a face for few minutes and then wash off face gently. Repeat this method every night to get rid of accumulated dead skin cells and to revive your skin.

Brightens skin

To bright your face, knees as well as elbows skin, rub fresh lemon juice or lemon peels on them. This will give you shiny and smooth skin. Vitamin C present in the lemon plays major role in brightening up of skin. Cut lemon into two parts and then rub half portion on your face for 5 to 10 minutes everyday for better glow.

Lessens facial wrinkles

Lemon juice lightens freckles and diminishes wrinkles of face. Boil half cup of milk and mix it with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice or few drops of almond oil. Apply this combination while warm on the face as well as neck portion and let it for around 20 minutes. Then clean this smear with cold water. Repeat this process in each single day before going to sleep for much better results.

Removes Blackheads

If you are fed up from your Blackheads then try lemon juice. Just massage lemon juice over the face region having blackheads before bedtime and then rinse it in the next morning with running water. Keep continue this rubbing of lemon sap until disappearance of blackheads.

Moistens skin

Lemon is very effective for dry skin as it moisturizes skin. You can apply lemon juice directly on face with the help of cotton ball to humidify facial skin or use moisturizing mask. To prepare moisturizing mask, mix up equal quantities of lemon, honey and olive oil. Apply this blend on the dry skin and leave it to dry for few minutes. After the smear is dried, wash it with warm water. You will feel your skin refreshing after washing.

Acts as a natural skin toner

Fresh squeezed lemon juice exhibits the property of toner for oily skin. For toner, mix 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 2 tablespoons vodka, 1 teaspoon witch hazel and 1 tablespoon distilled water, apply this combination on face with the help of cotton balls. After sometimes, wash off your face with cool water. This combination can be stored in refrigerator for around a week. Lemon juice as a toner reduces skin oil as well as prevents formation of acne.

Prevents pimples:

Lemon juice can also prevent pimples when taken internally in addition to applying topically.

  • The adding up of half cup of lemon juice in bath water and soaking your body for about 20 minutes in it will give you overall skin treatment.
  • Regular drinking of lemon water keeps your body healthy. You can make lemon water by diluting fresh lemon juice with cold or hot water, you can also add little amount of honey in it.

Care to be taken:

However, if your skin turns sensitive to the citric acid in lemon then dilute it with water rather than using alone. Moreover, lemon juice makes the skin more sensitive to the sunlight so; try to avoid applying lemon juice before sunlight exposure.

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