Natural Cure of Infant Cough

Cough is among the most prevalent problem in infants particularly in the 1st year after birth. Cough affects infant’s comfort, food intake and energy levels, keeping everybody awake at night. Due to cough, infant becomes bad-tempered to some level. Many parents like to use natural cures to relieve their infant’s cough instead of medicines as medicines contain chemicals and have side effects so they should be avoided (except in severe cases). FDA has also warned that cough medicines should not be given to the children below 2 years. Natural home remedies are safe and better options to calm your infants’ cough as they do not have any chemicals and side effects. Here are provided some of the natural home remedies to cure infant’s cough.

Natural Cure of Infant Cough

Infant coughing can be caused by many reasons like itchy throat, virus infections, runny nose, common cold, ear infection, acid reflux or allergic reaction. Generally, in the first two years infant experience 8-10 colds that means 4-5 times a year. Cough will get away within 7-10 days on its own but you should contact a doctor if your infant experience fever and difficulty in breathing along with cough or the cough lasts above 10 days. As per recent studies, cough syrups are quite worthless to improve the condition as well as they contain too much sugar.

Natural Home Remedies to Treat Infant’s Cough:


Honey is good medicine to cure cough but it should not be given to the kids below 1 year. Honey can cause a condition called infant botulism in the kids’ age less than a year. You should give only ½ tsp honey to the kids aged between 2 to 5 years, 1 tsp to kids aged between 6 to 11 years and 2 tsps to kids above 12 years age. You can also give the mixture of lemon juice (1 part), honey (2 parts) and warm water (small amount) or 1 tsp paste made up of basil leaves and honey. For the kids suffering from wet cough, you can give the mixture of heated honey (½ tsp) and turmeric (a pinch) after cooling.


For infants that are under the age of a year, make a ball of Ajwain by tying it in the cloth and put this ball on hot iron. Then when the ball becomes slight warm, put it on infant’s chest and back. For the kids above 1 year, make the mixture of ajwain leaf and water by boiling for 20 minutes. After that, strain the mixture and give to the kid.

Nutmeg (Jayfal)

For infants below 1 year, take the inside seed of 7 to 8 pieces of nutmeg and make fine powder of them. Then, mix fine powder with few drops of water and apply it on chest, back & head of the infant at night.


Take 5-6 de-skinned garlic cloves and make a necklace with the help of a normal thread and needle. Put this necklace around the neck of the infant while he/she is sleeping. This remedy is for infants under 1 year of age. You can give garlic soup to the kids above 1 year. Garlic soup can be made by boiling garlic (2 cloves) in water (1/2 cup).

Olive Oil and Essential Oils

Make a mixture of olive oil & essential oils and apply it to the chest as well as back of the infant. If the infant is below 1 year, then wrap him/her in a soft blanket or cover chest & back with a thick, tight fitting shirt. By doing this, body heat will increase which let the oils to vaporize.

Breast Milk

Compared to any other drink, breast milk soothes and cures the cough better. So nursing mother should continue to nurse as well as increase infant’s feedings. Breast milk is loaded with antioxidants as well as builds immunity of the kid. Older kids should not be given dairy products for some days as dairy products can thick the mucus.

Hot Water Bath

Give the baby hot water bath but be sure that water is not too warm. Add some drops of thyme, eucalyptus or sage oil in the water. Essential oils’ vapor will open the airways of the baby which let hem/her to breathe easier.


Put some drops of eucalyptus oil into the humidifier and run the humidifier in the bedroom of the baby. This will heal the cold and congestion of the baby.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas like Ginger, peppermint and chamomile tea also cures infant coughing. Give your kid herbal tea with cinnamon as it loose congestion. While giving tea to kid, make sure that it should not be too warm or too strong.


Gentle massage with coconut oil over the infant’s chest and back for 5 minutes helps to loose the Phlegm.


Try to give more fluids to the kid throughout the day to thin mucus secretions and keep the kid hydrated. Fluids also flush out the toxins from the body as well as cure congestion.

Holy basil

The juice of basil is also great remedy to cure infant coughing. To make juice, crush the sprig of fresh holy basil and extract the juice. Give basil juice to your kid at regular intervals throughout day.

Honey, Ginger, and Lemon Syrup

Give your kid 1 tsp of the mixture of lemon juice (2 Tbsp), honey (2 Tbsp) and powdered ginger (1/8 tsp).

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