Natural Treatment of Worms in Children

Many children are infected by worms worldwide because they are more prone to suffer from this disease. Worms consume all the nutrients given to the child and so it is fairly a serious problem for parents. Actually, worms are parasites and require a host or hosts to survive for the completion of their reproductive life history. They mostly live in the gastrointestinal tract and get nourished with the nutritious bowel contents and blood of the affected individual. When children get infected with worms in their intestine, they pass worms in their stool.

The worms become healthy as the infection gets more serious and the child remains malnourished. If the intestinal flora is not appropriate to the worms or if they grow excessively in the intestine, then they travel to other possible destinations in the body. Warms are of so many types and about 5 percent of these varieties can be tested positively with only 20 percent accuracy. Some worms are big in size that can be easily viewed by naked eyes. Some other worms are microscopic in size. They are not present only in the gastrointestinal tract but they can also live in the muscle tissue, bloodstream, brain and the heart and other organs.

In children, the types of intestinal worms include hook worm, round worm, pin worm, etc. The excretion of the worm occurs with the stool in the form of hatched eggs or adult worms. Pin worms, thread worms and hook worms are very small in size and so are hard to be visible with eye in children’s stool. When your child do activities like scratching of anus, picking nose and complaining about the abdominal discomfort, he/she may get infected with the worm. In such cases, children require medical attention as early as possible.

Symptoms of worms in children:

Commonly, children get infected with worm have itchy bottom which is usually observed at the time of night or early morning. During this time, worms move downwards and come out of the anus. The child constantly scratches the anal region. The child doing such activities can be easily caught.

Even if your child is supplied with good amount of food, he or she does not get proper nourished if infected with the worm. This condition takes place due to the consumption of the all nourishment foods by the worms. If the infection persists for the long time, then weight loss occurs in the child drastically and he/she becomes lean. The activity of the immune system is also decreased in the child. Parents of infected child also heard complain about abdominal pain and irritation.

How it spreads in children?

Spreading of the worm occurs in many ways. They produce a large number of tiny eggs which can be moved in house dust or on clothing, bed sheet, towels, etc. These tiny worms can easily come in contact with fingers and other parts of the body. In children, they move through mouth or any openings of the body. Intestine is the major target organ for the worm to develop. In the intestine, they are fixed with their hook like structures. From the child’s intestine, they fed up by sucking blood and other nutrients.

The major transporters for the worms in the children are food, water and sand/soil. So, consume only fresh and covered food.


No laboratory test or diagnosis is required to confirm worms. It can be easily diagnosed by the examination of stool as it may contain eggs or live worms. Ultra sonography is a technique used by doctor to situate and envisage the worms in the abdomen.

Natural Treatment of Worms in Children:


Before normal breakfast, give one cup of grated carrot to your child early in the morning. This treatment works well for removal of worms. Continue with this treatment for 4 to 5 days.

Wormwood Oil Treatment:

Mix 2 milliliters of wormwood oil with 4 oz of water. Take a small child-sized bulb syringe and fill it with this solution and rinse out the rectal area. The solution will kill the worms.

Fruit Fast:

It is very difficult to change the diets of children completely for an extended period of time. Provide large amount of the fruits to your child for a period of 3 to 4 days. Pineapples, cranberries and papayas are known to kill tapeworms in the body.

Papaya Juice:

Mix well one teaspoon of papaya juice and one teaspoon of honey. Provide this mixture to the child for drinking purpose. You can also give mixture of papaya juice and honey with a glass of the following. Combine 8-oz glass of warm milk and 1 teaspoon of Castor oil. Make sure that your child has consumed whole glass. This treatment is extremely effective to get rid of worms.

Pumpkin Seed:

Before giving the pumpkin seed treatment, provide prune juice to your child to cleanse his body as it expel any matter from the child’s intestine. Properly crush 1 tablespoon of skinned pumpkin seeds and mix it in 1 cup of boiling water. Cool this mixture and give it to child for drinking. Provide 3 to 4 cupfuls of this mixture to the child in a day.

Other treatments:

  • In cotton gauze, wrap a clove and garlic and insert it into the anus of child.
  • Mix well senna and cayenne powder with 2 tablespoon of plain yogurt and give this mixture to your child. To improve the taste, you can add cinnamon in small quantities.
  • To repopulate the intestine with healthy protective bacteria, provide your child an acidophilus tablet every day for a month.
  • Crush the lemon seeds and mix them well with honey and have your child consume the mixture. Give this mixture every day to your child for five days.


  • Properly wash bed sheets, towels and clothes with disinfectants.
  • Not let your child to play in sands and soils.
  • Rinse the anal region very thoroughly so that no particle of stool should remain there.

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