Think Before Spray – Dangers of Deodorants

Deodorant is one of the important personal care products that most people use everyday. Deodorants help to decrease body odor and keep the person fresh throughout the day. Like other beauty products, deodorants also contain side effects. Deodorants contain chemicals such as triclosan and aluminum which can cause many health problems. If aluminum based deodorants are used for long time, they can cause many ill effects on body. So you must think before using deodorants as they contain many dangers. Refer the article to know dangers of deodorants.

Think Before Spray – Dangers of Deodorants

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The body odor comes when perspiration combines with bacteria which live on the skin. Deodorants contain antiseptic agents which make the skin more acidic while applied on the skin so they prevent the growth of bacteria in the parts that sweat extremely. Deodorants control odor not perspiration. Deodorants that contain antiperspirants can help to eliminate excessive sweating. Deodorants contain triclosan and aluminum in small amount but they can affect the health if they are used for long period.

Triclosan is used in deodorants to achieve antibacterial properties. Triclosan kill the bacteria (good and bad bacteria) in the body. Triclosan produces dioxin and chloroform which are well-known carcinogens or cancer-causing properties. Aluminum Chlorhydrate used in the form of salts and complexes in deodorant. Aluminum Chlorhydrate can cause Alzheimer’s and brain disorders as well as breast cancer. Deodorants are often sprayed below armpits that are very close to the breasts so aluminium gets inside the skin and imitate estrogen.

Estrogen develops the causes of breast cancer and it is also unsafe for mental disorders such as Alzheimer. In Alzheimer affected brain, aluminium also leads to plaques and tangles. Neurological and respiratory problems can also be caused by high levels of Aluminum. These deadly chemicals are inhaled with the inhalation of the fragrance. Death can be caused due to extreme inhalation.

Dangers of Deodorants

Skin allergic reactions:

Deodorants can cause rash as they contain many chemicals and fragrances which can cause an allergic reaction in sensitive people. These chemicals make the skin tight, dry and itchy. The skin also reduces its elasticity. People may experience skin irritation after using deodorants if their skin is sensitive to chemical ingredients. Skin allergic reactions include rash, swelling, redness and intense itching. These allergic reactions can be alleviated by prescription medications.

Skin Infections:

Deodorants can cause bacterial or fungal infections which results in underarm lumps or cysts. Underarm fungus is a ringworm infection that causes burning, itching and darkening of the skin in underarm. Don’t apply deodorant if the skin is broken or already infected. Over-application of deodorants should be avoided as it can cause skin irritations or infections.


The chemicals such as aluminum, parabens, triclosan and propelyn glycol used in deodorants may cause breast cancer. In the body, these chemicals lead to estrogen like behavior. Estrogen hormone develops the causes of breast cancer.

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