Toothache remedies using baking soda, Salt water & olive oil

A very common problem, toothache can be treated very easily by using simple home remedies using baking soda, salt water & olive oil.

A toothache is a very common problem in which people experiences aching or pain in a tooth. Pain occurs in the nerves connecting the teeth, or there is a swelling on the gums. It can be a sign of tooth decay and chiefly caused due to the inflammation of tooth pulp. When the damage of hard enamel of tooth takes place, it permits infecting organisms to enter the tooth that results in inflammation and pain.

Causes of toothache:

Germs in tooth, cavity in tooth, excess consumption of junk foods, sweets and chocolates are the main causes of tooth decay. Inappropriate brushing, poor quality of toothpaste and toothbrush are also the reason for toothache. Stress and mental tension and anxiety worsen the toothache according to some study.

Symptoms of toothache:

Severe pain in tooth, swelling on the gums, and bad breathe are the common symptoms of toothache.

Home Remedies for Toothache:

Toothache has to be treated carefully, if ignored it may affect other teeth. Ayurvedic treatment/ home remedies are always good than chemical-based medicines.

Salt water:

It is one of the most simple and most effective home remedies for toothache.

Dissolve some salt in a glass of lukewarm to warm water and swish this around the tooth and inside your mouth. This home remedy will give you pain relief in 30 minutes.

The salt helps to hygienic the area around an infected tooth and also it will help to drag out some of the fluids that are responsible for the swelling and pain.

Baking Soda:

Prepare a solution by dissolving one tablespoon of baking soda into 1/2 a cup of cold water. You can also add a pinch of salt in to this.

Take a cotton swab and immerse it in baking soda solution. Then, rub this cotton swab into tooth and gums until pain subsides. You can also swish this mixture in your mouth around the sore tooth or painful area.

Baking soda use may tingle a bit. However, in all cases it will get rid of a lot of bacteria in your mouth.

Note: High level of sodium is present in baking soda. If you are on sodium restricted diet, then rinse your mouth thoroughly after using it.

Olive oil:

You can not actually put this on your tooth. In place of this, you can warm up about 5ml of olive oil. Put this warm oil in to the ear of the side where toothache is on. After sometime, you will notice the toothache subside. Also, you can use olive oil with the mixing of clove oil for pain relief.

Other home remedies:

  • Put a slice of fresh ginger root on gum of bothersome tooth, it relieves the pain and discomfort.
  • Take a sip of Listerine and hold it in the affected region for two minutes.
  • Rinse your mouth with a glass of warm water, with one teaspoon of salt in it.
  • Dissolve an aspirin over the tooth.
  • Put a ice cube on the aching tooth or on the nearest cheek for 15-20 minutes at least 3 or 4 times a day
  • Mix 2 to 3 drops of pure clove oil with 1/4 teaspoon olive oil. Saturate a cotton ball with the mixture and place the cotton ball beside the tooth.
  • If the pain in the mouth is caused by trapped food, then take a mouthful of water and rinse it vigorously. A thorough rinse may dislodge the food particles.
  • For temporarily relief, put clove spice or oil of cloves on the tooth.
  • Use some good Irish whiskey or Scotch to numb the area until you can get to a dentist.
  • Avoid very cold or hot foods because this may make the pain worse.
  • Rinse the tooth with hydrogen peroxide for several minutes.
  • Place a ice pack on the side of your face where the toothache is.
  • Place a moist tea bag between your top and bottom teeth in the area of pain.
  • A clove of garlic with a little of rock salt, placed on the affected tooth will relieve the pain.
  • Place a piece of raw onion on the tooth.
  • Keep your head up. Elevating your head can decrease the pressure in the area and may lessen throbbing pain.
  • Use peppermint extract or stuff some pepper on the infected area.

Toothaches Prevention:

  • Wash / floss your mouth at frequent intervals
  • Practice good brushing habits
  • Use toothpaste that contains fluoride elements
  • Eat foods that have less sugar contents
  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Visit a dentist twice / thrice a year

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  1. Holly Says:

    i tried d salt water with d pepper it seems to be working…. thank y’all.

  2. Steve Weeks, DDS Says:

    Just see your dentist. A good dentist will identify and treat most problems before they occur. Use of home remedies for temporary relief of pain may be acceptable, but if their use delays proper professional attention then there is no benefit; in fact, they are harmful. Tooth pain is not only unpleasant, but if untreated can lead to serious (even life-threatening) infection.

  3. andy Says:

    Clove oil is a time-honored remedy for toothaches with its local anesthetic and antiseptic properties. but It is best to visit your dentist when your tooth starts aching to diagnose whether the pain is directly coming from the tooth or from somewhere else.

  4. Atreya Rivera Says:

    If you cannot find or afford clove oil, just get whole cloves from the grocery store and either chew on them or make them into tea using boiling water and a tiny bit of artificial sweetener. Sometimes CVS pharmacy can order you a tiny 99 cent bottle of real clove oil sold as a food flavoring. The one here in Ohio does. Also Chamomile tea is very good and soothing to hold in your mouth where the hurting tooth/gums are. But it will taste nasty without a little artificial sweetener. The reason why I recommend this is both clove and chamomile taste bad without sweetening a little but any real sugar is stupid to get near a toothache.

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