Tulsi Herb: One Remedy for many Treatments

These days, people are more interested in herbal remedies to cure diseases and infections. Herbal remedies do not have any side effects like medicines. Tulsi is the most popular herbs which can treat a variety of conditions. In Hindu religion, it is said that a home which has Tulsi plant in courtyard is always holy and pure. Even a small Tulsi plant has a magical power to cure many serious health problems. Different types of problems can be cured by combining tulsi with other things. Tulsi herb helps you to cure the problem naturally. You can try any of the following beneficial treatments to cure different types of problems.

Tulsi Herb: One Remedy for many Treatments
All the parts of a tulsi/holy basil plant are used to cure different conditions. Many people mistaken holy basil as Thai basil but both are different. Holy basil is somewhat hairy while Thai Basil is smooth and does not have hair. The flavor of holy basil is hot and spicy sometimes like cloves. Tulsi seeds, leaves and stems are consumed by the people in the form of powder, juice and extracted oil. There are some side effects of holy basil. People consuming anti-clotting agents should avoid the consumption of holy basil. This herb decreases the blood sugar levels so diabetic patient should ask their doctor before consuming it.

Health Benefits of Tulsi Herb

Malaria and Dengue

Tea made up of tulsi leaves, ginger, black pepper, cloves, tulsi leaves, cinnamon and cardamom works as medicine for malaria and dengue. To decrease high body temperature, you can also give fresh tulsi extract in 3 to 4 hours regular intervals.

Asthma, Cough and Bronchitis

Boil 15-20 leaves of holy Tulsi in ½ liter water till the water becomes half and after that, drink this water 3 to 4 times in a day. To soothe sore throat, consume the mixture of Tulsi juice and honey. To treat influenza instantly, drink the mixture of Tulsi leaves, cloves and salt.

Heart Diseases

Just chew 5 leaves of holy Tulsi daily in the morning to keep your heart healthy. You can also take mixture of Tulsi leaves powder (1 gm), butter (1 tsp) and honey 2 times a day (in morning and at night). To make your heart strong, consume the mixture of Tulsi leaves (5 to 7), black pepper seeds (3 to 4) and almonds (3 to 4) daily.

Kidney Stone

Consuming the mixture of tulsi leaves juice and honey or 1 tsp holy Tulsi juice daily for 6 months dissolves kidney stone naturally. It helps to remove kidney stone through urinary tract.

Anxiety and Stress

Chew 12 tulsi leaves 2 times a day or consume tea made from tulsi leaves and ginger. This will prevent stress as Tulsi contains anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties.

Mouth Ulcers

Chew 4 to 5 tulsi leaves to get relief from mouth ulcers.

Skin Related Problems

If you have any type of skin related problems, then simply apply the juice of Tulsi leaves on your skin. This will treat the problem naturally. Eat tulsi seeds along with 5 grams of Indian gooseberry to get relief from prickly heat irritation.

Teeth disorder

Tulsi leaves powder with mustard oil can be used to brush your teeth. This will help to prevent bad breath and tooth ache. You can also massage this mixture on gums to prevent gingivitis. To get instant relief from tooth ache, keep 2 leaves of Tulsi along with a pinch of salt and pepper powder below the teeth.


Apply a paste of sandalwood and Tulsi leaves on forehead to get relief from headache. It also provides coolness.

Stomach Disorders

Tulsi can also treat stomach disorders like flatulence constipation, and acidity. Just consume the mixture of tulsi juice (1 tsp), rock salt (a pinch) and roasted cumin.

Night Blindness

Apply the paste of tulsi leaves on the eyes to treat night blindness.

Improve memory and brain powers

Consume 5 Tulsi leaves with water daily in the morning. This will help to improve your memory and to improve brain powers. Consume the mixture of Tulsi leaves (8 to 10), black pepper seeds (4 to 5), almonds (2 to 4) and little honey.


Boil Tulsi juice with saindhav salt and put 2 to 4 drops into the nostrils.

Insect Bites

Take Tulsi leaves and make paste of them by crushing them. Apply this paste on the affected area. This will decrease the swelling and burning sensation.

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