Home remedies to cure Pain of Hangnail Infection

Infected hangnail looks horrible and can be really painful. To cure pain of Hangnail Infection, check out different home remedies that are easy to follow, plus less expensive.

A hangnail is a small piece of silver opening of the skin that has been tattered on the rim of a fingernail or toe-nail. Mostly you may have seen that you develop more hangnails in the winter season as your skin dries out really fast. There are several causes of hangnails like nail biting, harsh chemicals or frequent immersion in water, and more. If you have chronic, consistent hangnails, then it can lead to infection. An infection in the skin around your Hangnail can be red, swollen and painful, and it could also emit pus. Cure as soon as possible to reduce swelling and pain. Now that you know how hangnails occur, you’re perhaps wondering about how to cure pain of Hangnail infection. Home remedies are fast and easy ways for treating hangnails that vary from moisturizing regularly to pampering your hands with cuticle soaks and manicures.

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Home Remedies for Infected Hangnail:

Stop biting your hangnails

Nail biting contributes to hangnails, as well as increases your risk of developing an infection or warts. Additionally, you can transfer viruses and bacteria that are on your fingers directly into your mouth, which can lead to illnesses like colds or flu, or other nasty problems. Biting hangnails can cause deep cuts, which are more painful compared to the original hangnail. The best natural cure that you can do is to keep away your habit of biting the nails, as it can cause tension and tearing to your skin, making the problem worse.

Moisturize regularly

Keeping your hands and nails properly moisturized is a simple natural cure that can help to treat the hangnails as well as keep any future happenings at bay. If you are prone to hangnails, try applying a lotion or hand cream to your nail beds 2-3 times daily. This easy step can have a huge impact on your overall nail health.

A simple soak

Soak your affected nail in warm water for 10-15 minutes, as it will help drain the pus and it will also make the pain subside. Once you soak the infected nail in the warm water, it will be much easier and less painful to clip the hangnail. It is good to clip a hangnail after it becomes soft rather than it is hard, as clipping a hard hangnail can cause bleeding and burning pain.

Use hydrogen peroxide

To cure hangnail infection, wash it with soap and water or hydrogen peroxide (better). Take water in a big bowl so that you can soak your fingers comfortably, put 2 tsp. hydrogen peroxide in to it and soak your fingers for 20 minutes. By this way, you can clean your fingers. Afterwards, take warm olive oil or coconut oil and massage it carefully on your nails, cuticles and fingers.

Salty water is good solution

Dissolve salt into warm water and soak the infected hangnail in the solution for around 20 minutes. The salinity of the blend can act as an antibacterial agent, because microbes cannot bear the osmotic pressure produced by the salt. One such other remedy is to make a solution of vinegar and water, soak your fingers in it for two times a day for some weeks. As well, you can soak your finger in a solution of bleaching powder and water.

Make use of almond mask or garlic mask

Take a few almonds and make a fine paste by grinding them. You can also include some almond oil to the paste in order to dilute the almonds. Further, add egg yolk in it and blend properly to get a fine and smooth paste. Apply this paste on infected hangnail.

Make use of garlic as it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps treat infection, swelling and provide relief. You can crush some cloves of garlic, and put them over and around the infected nail. Tie a clean cotton cloth for more security. Open and clean it after an hour.

Other natural cures for hangnail infection:

  • Apply ice wrapped in a plastic bag/napkin on the affected area, as it will help to decrease the swelling and pain effectively.
  • Hangnails can be caused by exposure to soap and water, chemicals or cleansers, for extended periods, so ensure you wear gloves to protect the skin on your hands.
  • Different oils like tea tree oil, lavender oil, wheat germ oil, sesame oil or olive oil could help cure the Hangnail infection effectively and maintain your fingernail health. Massage with any of these oils on the affected area twice a day for 15 minutes. Continue this for few weeks.
  • Apply turmeric on the affected area and cover it with cotton, as it has antiseptic properties which will help to fight the pain.
  • Apply a paste of honey and cinnamon powder on the affected area and wash off after an hour. End by massaging the nail with any of the oils listed above.
  • If you think you are not able to get rid of hangnails on your own, try getting regular manicures as it will help to keep your fingertips soft and grasp hangnails before they become painful.

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