Home Remedies to thin out nail polish

Find out easy to use home remedies including acetone, orange oil, nail remover, paint thinner, etc. to thin out your favorite nail polish shades at home in minutes.

Women love to paint their nails with different colors. Whenever women go for shopping, they will definitely take a look at new range of nail polishes and like to buy some of the shades of nail polish she wanted to have from long time period. We make combination of different shades to make beautiful nail art. But what if you are ready to make brand new nail art and find that some of your nail polish shades are dried out. Don’t worry, here we are sharing some of the interesting ideas with you about how to thin out nail polish at home. Just by using simple methods and basic ingredients, you can reduce thickness of your favorite nail polish shades in the minutes!


Warm up your nail polish: Tighten up the top of your nail polish bottle and shake it well. Now pour hot water on nail polish bottle for few minutes to thin out your favorite nail polish. Or, you can also place nail polish bottle between your palms and rub it vigorously so that warmth will help to reduce thickness of your dried nail polish.

Use drops of nail polish remover: Nail polish remover is one of the handy, quick-pick ideas to thin out your nail polish. Nail polish remover is nothing but the one form of acetone. Here make sure that you use only few drops to reduce thickness of your nail polish. Make use of eye dropper to add nail polish remover in your favorite shade of nail polish. After adding few drops, tighten the cap of bottle and shake it to mix well.

Acetone and orange oil: One another method to thin out the nail polish is use the mixture of acetone and orange oil made with the same amount of each. Add some drops of this mixture into the polish bottle and shake it well. After shaking well, if you find that it still looks thick, then you can add some more drops of the mixture to thin your nail polish.

Paint thinner: If you want to put your favorite nail polish after one or two hours in party and do not know How to thin out nail polish that is too thick, then paint thinner is the right way. Mix 3-4 drops of paint thinner and shake it well to check consistency of it. It will give back the rich and smooth feel of your nail polish back, as it is new!

Alcohol: Some people also use alcohol as nail polish thinner. Add few drops of alcohol and shake it well. It will not only make your nail polish thin, but it also makes nail polish shinier. Do not add ample amount of alcohol, just use it as you use paint thinner to thin your lumpy or dried nail polish.

Acetone nail polish thinner: In any beauty store, you will find acetone containing nail polish thinner. One can use this nail polish thinner to make your nail polish thin in small duration of time.

Storing: Store your all nail polish bottles in one drawer. Make sure that place has to be clean and dry. Storing of nail polish in dry place will decrease the thickening process.

Some handy tips to decrease the rate of thickening your nail polish:

  • Do not store your nail polish in refrigerator, as it might imbalance the chemicals and make your nail polish solid.
  • When your nail polish have just started to become thick, shake it vigorously and turn it upside down to mix all chemicals again to thin your nail polish.
  • Always make sure that you tighten up your nail polish bottle after you complete painting your nails.

Image courtesy: Flickr, Natashia Judge

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