How to Soothe Your Crying Baby?

The arrival of a baby is a great time in everyone’s life. Taking care of the baby becomes difficult sometimes especially for the first time parents. Babies can not communicate with words or control their bodies so they cry which is distressing to hear for parents. But crying is perfectly normal as even a healthy baby is crying a lot. Crying is their way to tell that your baby needs you. To deal with a crying baby is among the hardest parts but the parents who know what the cries mean can satisfy those needs fast. Number of things can be done to soothe your crying baby. To know some of techniques and methods, read the following article.

How to Soothe Your Crying Baby?

There are many reasons of crying, such as they are hungry, wet, unhappy, gassy, cuddled or not feeling well. Parents should use their instincts, patience and common sense to stop baby from crying. Different types of cries are used by the babies to convey their needs such as a short and low-pitched cry means the baby is hungry; a high-pitched cry along with a long pause and then a flat cry means the baby is suffering from pain while a thin cry is generally dreaming. Healthy newborns cry for about 3 hrs a day.

Techniques and Methods to Soothe Crying Baby

1) Swaddling

Swaddling makes your baby to feel cramped, comfortable and secure as it makes a womb-like feeling. So to stop your baby from crying, wrap him/her tightly in a thin cotton cloth/ blanket during the first 3 or 4 months. Swaddling also helps your baby to sleep better and longer. To swaddle the child, take a blanket and fold one corner around 6 inches. Put the baby on the edge of the folded corner and place his or her arms across his chest. Now bring the left side of blanket towards the right side of the baby keeping his/her left arm down. After that, tuck the bottom of the blanket up and make sure that your baby’s legs move freely. Finally, bring the right side of blanket towards the left side. You can swaddle your baby with their hand outside or across their chests.

2) White Noise

You can create a soothing womb environment for baby with white noise. In womb, baby hear tummy gurgling, blood roaring through veins and voice as you talk. As womb is very noisy place, your baby will feel comfortable by hearing a rhythmic, continuous and uniform sound of vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, radio, clothes dryer, hair dryer, the whirring of a ceiling fan or slow and lilting music. To soothe crying baby, you can also purchase recordings of white noise. A calm feeling is stimulated in the baby by these white noise sounds.

3) Sucking to Soothe

Many babies have a powerful nonnutritive sucking urge means urge that is not linked with food desire but to calm their nerves. They stop crying by sucking on their fingers, thumb, fist, bottle or pacifier. You can give pacifier to your baby up to 6 months but don’t sweeten it with honey. As per studies, pacifiers also prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) along with soothing the baby. Always check the age on the box while buying a pacifier.

4) Provide Motion

Babies get into the habit of motion while in the womb so they stop crying when they are in repetitive and rhythmic motion. Comforting motions such as rocking chairs, baby swing, swaying, carriage rides, cradle, dancing, jiggling or a drive in the car may soothe baby to sleep. Don’t let the baby to make a habit to sleep in them as over the time he/she will become dependent on the motion to go to sleep. So transfer the baby in her crib as soon as she gets to the brink of sleep.

5) Baby Massage

Massage is an excellent way to soothe a crying baby. Babies love skin-to-skin contact as they feel safe, loved and secure. According to studies, babies cry less and sleep better when they get massaged. Put the baby on a blanket on the floor and massage his/her legs, back, arms, soles, face and chest in circular motion with lotion or special baby massage oils. Don’t apply much pressure while massaging.

6) Wearing Your Baby

Babies also get into the habit of continuous jostling and swaying of you walking around while in the womb. So carry the baby in sling, Maya Wrap or Baby Bjorn and go for a walk. This will make the baby calm, providing warmth and close physical proximity. As per study, parents who carry their baby in arms or in a carrier for minimum 3 hrs throughout the day, their babies cry less compared to other infants.

7) Warm bath

Warm bath may help your baby to calm down instantly. Fill up the tub with warm water and before putting baby in the tub be sure to check the water temperature as the skin of the babies are sensitive. Wrist skin is thin and sensitive so dip your wrist to check the water temperature. You can add some drops of soap that contain lavender or chamomile to the water. You may also take a bath with the baby so that he/she can get lots of skin-to-skin contact.

8) Colic Carry

You must try this position after using all other techniques. Place your baby on his tummy on your forearm with his/her face on your open hand and legs straddling your inner elbow. Hold his back and rub with your another hand. Keep the tummy of the baby lower than his head by lowering your arm so that air bubbles can escape.

9) Sing a Song

Mom’s voice is naturally comforting for the baby so singing softly, humming or murmuring can make your baby calm. In the womb, your baby spent lots of time listening to the sound of your voice so he/she will be calmed by your voice. Next time, when your baby cries, sing a tried-and-true lullaby, croon a classic cradlesong, a cheesy Eighties power ballad or any other song that comes to your mind.

10) Breastfeeding

Nursing a baby is best and powerful tool to calm down your baby before he/she get colic. For the baby, it is very special time as he feels the closest to his mother. As per study, compared to formula fed babies, breastfed babies are less likely to suffer from colic. Breastfeeding also builds a strong physical and emotional bond between the mother and baby.

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