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Diabetes : Prevention is best

Diabetes is a largely preventable condition. Consider these simple and easy-to-follow tips to help reduce your risk of getting diabetes!

Millions of people worldwide are living with diabetes and pre-diabetes (a condition in which glucose levels are higher than normal, but not too high to meet the criteria for diabetes). No doubt, diabetes is a common disease, but it is very dangerous too. Over the years, it can lead to a number of serious health problems like heart attack, stroke, blindness, and kidney failure. Now, the good news is that you can prevent or delay the onset of diabetes by making a few lifestyle changes. Once it sets in, diabetes is a lifelong (chronic) disease. So, it is highly recommended to take the right steps in advance and keep the condition at bay. Just follow the tips mentioned below and reduce your risk of getting diabetes significantly. Don’t worry – all these tips are simple, easy-to-follow and practical.

simple tips for diabetes, reduce the risk of diabetes

Practical tips to prevent Diabetes:

Change your lifestyle

Making a few small changes in lifestyle can indeed make a huge difference. For instance, giving up sedentary lifestyle will help reduce the risk of diabetes. Doctors recommend about 30-45 minutes of brisk walking or jogging for activating blood cells and for lowering blood sugar levels. Read the rest of this entry »

Special Yoga for Diabetes: Cure Diabetes with Yoga Poses

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is affecting more and more people in the world. Daily about 275 adults are detected with this fast increasing chronic disease. All of us are aware of the fact that there is no cure for diabetes, but lifestyle changes such as diet control, proper exercise and hygienic measures can keep the symptoms under control. Many studies have found that yoga also helps the diabetic patients to keep the symptoms under control and even cure it. Type II diabetes can be cured easily with yoga than Type I. As per a study by the Yoga Biomedical Trust, performing yoga for 30 minutes daily for one month decreased the blood glucose levels in people suffering from diabetes. Yoga is better than different medications as it is a natural therapy and has no side effects. There are number of asanas in yoga that helps to decrease the blood glucose level and here you can find some of them.

Diabetes Yoga: Cure Diabetes with Yoga Poses

The glucagons increase in the body because of extreme stress, which boosts the blood glucose levels. Yoga decreases the blood glucose levels as muscular exercise is engaged in the asanas. Yoga reduces weight, which helps to lower the blood sugar level. It relaxes the muscles of the body, which is necessary for maintaining the blood supply to various muscles and thus glucose uptake by muscles increases. As a result of it, the blood sugar level decreases. Performing yoga regularly decreases the risk of blood pressure that plays an important role in development of diabetes. Many yoga postures stretches pancreas and excites the function of it. Read the rest of this entry »

Easy Natural Diabetes Care Tips

Once Diabetes is diagnosed, it remains for lifetime. The number for diabetes patients is increasing at a fast rate nowadays due to unhealthy eating, obesity, stress, etc. It is very essential to make diabetes prevention a priority if you’re at higher risk of diabetes, for instance – if you have family history of the disease or you are overweight. You may know that diabetes is a severe and panic disease however natural care, good treatment plan and proper diet can decrease its gravity. Making a few lifestyle changes could be a huge step towards diabetes prevention – and it’s not too late to begin. Follow the healthy diet as it helps you avoid the stern health complications of diabetes down the road like kidney, nerve and heart damage. You can save yourself from different side effects and complications of diabetes with a careful control on your blood sugar. In order to control your diabetes, you should check your intake of sugar products and fatty items. The list of some of the best foods is mentioned here can help you keep away from having diabetes in future, and if you have diabetes then it will be helpful to control it. Consider these easy and simple to follow natural diabetes care tips.

Easy Natural Diabetes Care Tips

1, Java plum – Jambul

As a part of diet for diabetics, Java plum is one of the fruits that diabetic can consume without wavering. Jambul fruit is known in Ayurveda as a particular herb against Diabetes, due to its effect on pancreas. Not only the fruit, but seeds and fruit juice are also helpful in treating diabetes. This Ayurvedic herb lessens the level of sugar in the blood and urine and over a period of some weeks, it can reduce the thirst linked with diabetes and reduce the quantity of urine output. As well, in some cases it can lower requirement for medical insulin. The seeds of fruit comprise a glucoside “Jambosin” (alkaloid), which is alleged to have the power to check the pathological conversion of starch into sugar in cases of extreme production of Glucose. Read the rest of this entry »

Kati Chakrasana Yoga Pose to get Benefits in Diabetes

Yoga is considered as a powerful tool to treat any type of disease and disorder. There are various yoga poses and each of them is performed in a different way and has its own benefits. Kati Chakrasana is one of the yoga poses that help to control the deadly disease called diabetes. Diabetes is a kind of disease in which patient has to take tablets or drugs throughout the life. The rates of diabetes patients are increasing at an alarming speed because of sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy habits, stress, high blood pressure, over weight and unhealthy eating habits. Kati Chakrasana yoga pose works like a magic potion for diabetes. This yoga pose is helpful for both types of diabetes: type I and type II. Compared to type I diabetes, type II is easy to treat with Yoga.

Kati Chakrasana is a Sanskrit word, which means rotation of the waist. In Kati Chakrasana, Kati refers to “waist/lower back” and chakra refers to “circle/rotation,” so it is known as Waist Rotating Pose in English. It is very simple and easy to perform but has multiple benefits. It helps to eliminate the extra fat from the stomach and waist as well as makes the waist more flexible and supple. There are two ways to perform this asana. Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy Foods for People with Diabetes

What is the key step for controlling and prevention of Diabetes? Can anyone guess? Of course, it’s right eating. The influence of diabetes is different on different people, depending on their extent of diabetic obstacles. However, the types of foodstuff to consume and to avoid are identical for all. Luckily, you can manage pre-existing diabetic complications and you can also try to reduce the risk of diabetes, just by healthy & appropriate eating. But don’t worry; the nutritional needs for diabetic patients are not much complicated. There are many foodstuffs which can be beneficial for the patients, if they involve them in their daily life. Take a look on some beneficial foods given below and try to include them in your routine life.

Healthy Food for Diabetic patients

Bitter gourds

Bitter gourds are considered as the best for the diabetic patients from ancient times. Consumption of bitter gourds can decrease the sugar level of blood. Patient will get surprising benefits, if he/she will take the juice of bitter gourds at every morning.

Healthy Food for People with Diabetes


Patients of diabetes feel thirst more frequently. If they drink the lemon water every time when they get thirsted, then they can calm the thirst. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Reverse Diabetes Without Drugs?

A deadly disease, diabetes is a major issue in the society nowadays as one of every two has this disease which makes the people fat, sick and sometimes even kills them. However, 90% of people don’t know that they have diabetes. Diabetes, the continuity of abnormal biology that varies from mild insulin resistance to full-blown diabetes, is now approaching to epidemic proportions as more and more people are diagnosed with it every day. In diabetes, body becomes unable to use blood sugar for energy. Do you know there is a way to reverse the diabetes naturally? The move to reverse the diabetes has been spread due to the fact that many medications of diabetes have harmful effects on the body.

How to Reverse Diabetes Without Drugs?

Do you or your beloved one have Type 2 Diabetes? Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes are the main types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is known as juvenile diabetes and generally it is diagnosed in children. In this, the body is entirely unable to produce insulin. This is rarely found; only 5 to 10 percent of diabetics suffer from it. In type 2 diabetes, the body is not able to produce enough insulin or the cells can’t absorb and use insulin, a hormone that is required to convert food into energy. Millions of Americans are living with type 2 diabetes and it is lifetime struggling to maintain glucose level using proper diet and medication. Read the rest of this entry »

Laughter Yoga Benefits for Health

For everybody who is seeking a little more laughter in life there is an easy solution. The solution is yoga practice which is focused on cracking up. Laughter Yoga is a unique type of exercise which let the people to laugh heartily without any reason. Unconditional laughter with pranayama (yogic breathing) is united in it. On the basis of scientific fact that body can’t distinguish between fake and real laughter, “Laughter Yoga” concept is based. So the people get same physiological and psychological benefits. Read on the article to know the health benefits of Laughter Yoga.

Laughter Yoga Benefits for Health
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News of the Week – Asthma Rates, Happiness, Bottle Feeding, Diabetes Drug

This week, big health news includes about asthma rates, happiness, bottle feeding, and diabetes drug. To know all the news in detail refer the following article.

News of the Week – Asthma Rates, Happiness, Bottle Feeding, Diabetes DrugImage Source:

Asthma Rates Raise in America

On 3rd May, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) unveiled a report which showed the rise in the asthma cases in the US in spite of less smoking and reduced air pollution. As per new statistics, between 2001 and 2009 the cases of asthma in the US rose by 4.3 million which means 1 out of 12 Americans now has asthma. Medical care cost of asthma has been increased from $53 billion (2002) to $56 billion (2007) which is around 6%. Read the rest of this entry »

Healthiest Non-veg from All Options

The human-being can live healthy by eating both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. For people who live in the U.S. and other Western countries, vegetarian diet is one lifestyle option. According to many health professionals and nutritionists, vegetarian diet is the healthiest option as it helps to prevent obesity, decrease the risk of heart disease and increase longevity. However, some nutritionists also recommend non-vegetarian diet as it gives numerous important health benefits. Some non-vegs are high in omega-3s like fish or some are high in vitamin B12 like eggs, seafood, and meats. Read on to know about some healthiest non-vegs from all options. We have arranged them from highest to lowest healthy order.


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Fats that are Actually Healthy

Fats are good source of energy but all fats are not healthy ones. In the body, fat comes from the food stuffs that we consumed in. Different types of fat are present in different foods; among them some are very good for health than others. If you pick the right type of fat, then consuming fat can be heart-healthy. Many people completely cut fat from their eating and substitute it with refined carbs so they can not take benefits of healthy fats. Actually, some fats help us to promote good health therefore we should not completely remove all fat from our diet. To ensure good health, it is essential to maintain a balanced intake of fat. Read on to know about the types of fats good for health and will surely help you to ensure that you are getting the right type of fats.

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