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Easy Ayurvedic Piles Home Remedies for Natural Treatment

Get relief from the irritating and chronic pain of piles or hemorrhoids with the help of effective home remedies and cure it naturally.

Hemorrhoids or piles are the most painful condition, in which veins around the anal canal get swollen. It makes difficult for person to stand, to sit, to excrete waste material from its body. Sometimes, the condition becomes worst and bleeding occurs from the anal passage. Piles inflammation can be internal or external, as per the position of swollen veins. Main cause of piles is long time indigestion and constipation, resulting in hard stools problems. When it becomes dry due to dehydration problem, it starts bleeding. When you suffer from the internal piles; bleeding due to the frequent burst of veins increase and also increase chronic unbearable pain.

eople suffering from hemorrhoid's irritating and pain

Causes of piles:

Causes of piles vary person by person; main causes of piles are pregnancy, sitting for long periods of time, sitting on the toilet for long stretches of time, obesity, medical conditions such as cirrhosis of the liver, severe diarrhea, low-fiber diet, poor diet high in fats and processed foods, dehydration, bowel disorders, stress, strenuous work or hard labor, general weakness of the body, hereditary, and anal intercourse.

Symptoms of piles:

If you see flecks of blood in the stool, then it is one of the sign that you are having piles. Other common problems are severe pain, irritation and itchiness around the anus, swelling and tender lumps in the anal region, presence of pain when passing stools, discharge of mucus, presence of bowels, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

What is Neural prolotherapy? Wiki of prolotherapy Treatment

One of the most important part of human nervous system that regulates the voluntary functions such as fight or flight, temperature regulation, heart rate, digestion – is the involuntary or autonomic nervous system. Autonomic nervous system (ANS) is a very low voltage electrical regulatory system that works on 40 and 80 nanovolts of electricity. When any disturbance occurs in the working of the autonomic nervous system, then it leads to different dieses and chronic pain states.

What is Neural prolotherapy? Wiki of prolotherapy Treatment

Due to any trauma, infection or surgery; normal functioning of autonomic nervous system get disturbed and may leads to long-lasting conflict in the electrochemical or electromagnetic functions of its tissues that shows incomplete healing of soft tissue injuries and chronic pain. One of the magical ways to cure the problems of acute and chronic pain cases is “Neural prolotherapy” Treatment. Read the rest of this entry »

Treatment of Boils on Head using Home remedies

Boils are really annoying and painful. A boil is a type of bacterial infection caused by bacterium Staphylococcus aureus; it starts in oil gland or hair follicle. Boil firstly appears nasty red just like a pimple, over the time it become larger, and pus gets collected on the skin. The boil becomes large and extremely painful. Boil on the head is awfully aching when you comb your hair. Although it is considered as a minor problem, it would be wise to treat the irritating boil as soon as possible.

Treatment of Boils on Head

Some useful home remedies which will help you to get ride of the boils are given below:


Add one teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of warm milk and drink it. Turmeric doesn’t work as blood purifier only, but also useful in treatment of boils. Drink it regularly for five to six days. Another way to treat boil with the help of turmeric is by adding turmeric equals to the amount of ginger in a ginger paste. Mix both effectively and apply the paste onto the boil. Cover boil with a clean cloth. Read the rest of this entry »

Hemp seed oil Benefits in Health & Cancer Treatment

There are surprising health benefits of hemp seed oil, which is obtained from literally pressing seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp seed oil has been named nature’s wonderful food because of its balanced concentrations of omega fatty acids and an exclusive ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) – 2:5:1, this ratio is alleged to be best in terms of improving skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It has a mild, nutty flavor, making it perfect for including to salad dressings, dips and other foods. It offers several medical, nutritional and cosmetic advantages, and it is becoming more and more famous as a health supplement and as an ingredient in skin-care products. Thus, find out here other benefits of Hemp seed oil in health and cancer treatment.

Hemp seed oil Benefits in Health & Cancer Treatment

Hemp oil is a truly natural product as hemp is generally grown in an eco-friendly manner. Hemp seed oil provides our body many essential nutrients and it helps prevent a range of common diseases. Mostly, its attractive fatty acid composition, EFA provides nutritional benefits over other vegetable oils. Carefully produced and stored hemp oil tastes good so rather than simply being a food supplement, it may serve as a staple food in the modern kitchen. Some consider that it is tastier than canola oil and olive oil. Pure hemp oil is included in the ingredients of hair conditioners also in cosmetics and skincare products like lip balms, massage oils, moisturizers, for normal or dry skin. Read the rest of this entry »

Home remedies for Side Lip Canker Sore Treatment

Canker Sore is a small ulcer that occurs inside the mouth. It appears as white round or oval ulcers with a reddish border. It is a common recurring mouth problem and mostly found inside the lips. Canker Sore is not contagious but it can cause discomfort while eating since some food irritates the sore. Activities like drinking, brushing, or talking becomes painful during this time. These ulcers or sores are found mostly in the mucus membranes of the mouth. It is also known as Aphthous Ulcers. It can occur at any age and reoccur once it is healed. The Canker Sores are short lived as it disappears within few days without leaving a scar.

Home remedies for Side Lip Canker Sore Treatment

The exact causes of canker sore are not known yet. As per the researchers, over reaction of the Streptococcus bacteria can develop canker sore. It is also believed that psychological conditions like anxiety and stress can cause canker sore. It may be also caused due to the problems related to the immune system of the body. It often occurs during the time of menstrual period in some women. Other possible reasons or causes for canker sore might include hormonal disorders, aggressive tooth cleaning, defense system malfunction, trauma, biting the tongue or cheek, gastrointestinal tract related diseases, food allergies etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Thumb joint pain: Causes and Treatment for Relief

Thumb is a significant part of our hand and it’s really tough to do any work without it. Like other parts of our body, thumb also has joints that are responsible for trouble-free movements of body parts. The joint areas go through lots of wear and tear leading to joint pain. The joint pain can affect any joint for one or other reason. Joint pain is more common in adults and overweight people. Joint pain affects the active life of a person by restricting the movements. One of the most common joint pains is thumb joint pain. The thumb joint is the most flexible joint compared to other joints in the body. Pain in thumb joint can be caused by various reasons and person with this condition cannot perform daily activities properly like brushing, picking up things, writing, typing, twisting a doorknob, etc. Here is a simple guide that helps you to understand the causes and treatment methods of thumb joint pain.

Thumb joint pain: Causes and Treatment for Relief

According to the United States Bone and Joint Decade, 1 in 7 Americans are suffering from joint pain. Generally, thumb joint pain starts as a dull pain which you may feel while performing daily activities and get worse over the time. If the inflammation progresses, you may feel pain even at rest and burning sensation when you use the thumb for longer periods of time. Compared to men, women are more likely to develop thumb joint pain. The common symptoms of the condition are stiffness, decreased strength, swelling, tenderness and unbearable pain. Thumb joint pain can be treated with anti-inflammation drugs, self-care treatment and injection. Read the rest of this entry »

Know Dengue Symptoms & causes for Better Treatment

Everybody knows that “Health is Wealth” but many people ignore their health while increasing their wealth. Many health problems and serious diseases can be avoided by decreasing the risk factors and making some lifestyle changes. Dengue/break bone fever, the mosquito-borne disease is one of them. Dengue has been spread dramatically in the cities across the country. People living in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world are at the highest risk of developing dengue. If this disease is ignored at the initial stage, it can become fatal and cause death. So, it is very essential to know the symptoms and causes of the disease. To avoid dengue before it hits your health, just protect yourself from the mosquito bite and prevent the breeding of the mosquitoes. Below are the symptoms, causes and tips to prevent dengue.

Know Dengue Symptoms & causes for Better Treatment

Dengue is transmitted to humans by the bites of infected mosquitoes named Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Other mosquitoes that transmit dengue virus are A. polynesiensis, A. albopictus and A. Scutellaris. Sudden outbreaks of cases can take place in which 1000s of people (infants, young children and adults) can become affected in a short space of time. Dengue is non contagious disease which means it is not spread directly from person to person. Around 100 million people get affected by dengue every year throughout the world. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Cure late night party Hangover Fast and Naturally?

In today’s modern society, late night parties are the latest fashion among the youth. This lifestyle is particularly followed by the college students and young couples. Late night parties are often accompanied by lots of drinking and eating. Parties, beer and vodka sound good at the time but you have to pay heavy price of an unbearable hangover, in the next morning. Hangovers symptoms include splitting headache, dehydration, dizziness, nausea, intestinal upset, fatigue, thirst, sensitivity to light and sound, frustration & short temper as well as aches in the muscles and joints. The only thing that can prevent hangover is to avoid alcohol or drink in moderation, however there are remedies to relieve symptoms of hangover after last night’s huge party. Instead of using different hangover medicines, you should try natural ways to cure it. Here are some easy and effective natural ways to cure late night party hangover.

How to Cure late night party Hangover Fast Naturally?

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Natural Hangover Cures

1. Bananas

You should consume bananas before going out for a night party and after wake up in the morning. Bananas contain potassium, magnesium, fructose and carbohydrates in high amount. Bananas quickly replace the lost potassium and fructose due to heavy drinking. Potassium also helps you to get relief from muscle cramps and muscle discomfort. Magnesium calms the pounding blood vessels that cause hangover headache. Bananas are also great source of Vitamin B6 which helps to decrease hangover symptoms. You can also drink a banana milkshake with honey. Honey helps to increase the exhausted blood sugar levels and milk eases the stomach as well as rehydrates the body. Read the rest of this entry »

Special Yoga for Diabetes: Cure Diabetes with Yoga Poses

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is affecting more and more people in the world. Daily about 275 adults are detected with this fast increasing chronic disease. All of us are aware of the fact that there is no cure for diabetes, but lifestyle changes such as diet control, proper exercise and hygienic measures can keep the symptoms under control. Many studies have found that yoga also helps the diabetic patients to keep the symptoms under control and even cure it. Type II diabetes can be cured easily with yoga than Type I. As per a study by the Yoga Biomedical Trust, performing yoga for 30 minutes daily for one month decreased the blood glucose levels in people suffering from diabetes. Yoga is better than different medications as it is a natural therapy and has no side effects. There are number of asanas in yoga that helps to decrease the blood glucose level and here you can find some of them.

Diabetes Yoga: Cure Diabetes with Yoga Poses

The glucagons increase in the body because of extreme stress, which boosts the blood glucose levels. Yoga decreases the blood glucose levels as muscular exercise is engaged in the asanas. Yoga reduces weight, which helps to lower the blood sugar level. It relaxes the muscles of the body, which is necessary for maintaining the blood supply to various muscles and thus glucose uptake by muscles increases. As a result of it, the blood sugar level decreases. Performing yoga regularly decreases the risk of blood pressure that plays an important role in development of diabetes. Many yoga postures stretches pancreas and excites the function of it. Read the rest of this entry »

Ayurveda & Diet Tips to heal wounds quickly and Naturally

We come across to the various types of wounds frequently. When it is a serious one, we rush to the nearest clinic as quickly as possible. Even after returning from there, the wound is given due care and attention too. But many times, the problem arises with smaller and the ignored ones. These wounds or abrasions are often caused while playing, repairing a vehicle or cutting vegetables. Generally, we apply some cream, lotion or ointment on the wound. But is this enough? Sometimes the smaller looking wounds may cause a really big trouble for you and there is also a chance of developing tetanus or some other type of infection. Many times the medicines do not work quickly or they may even cause some side effects. Then what should you do? Do not worry; just go for the ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda is the traditional Indian way of healing. However, it is no longer confined to India since it has become a global phenomenon. People across the world are getting benefit from this ancient art. The following Ayurveda and Diet Tips may help to heal your wounds in a natural yet fast way.

Ayurveda & Diet Tips to heal wounds quickly and Naturally

1. Cow urine and turmeric

Cow Urine is a natural antibacterial. In Ayurveda, it is known as ‘Sanjivani’. It is an extremely strong medication and most effective in healing all kinds of infections. It is composed of over 20 chemicals including Manganese, Carbolic Acid and Creatinin. These chemicals are Germicidals that stop growth of germs, protects decay due to the wound. Use fresh cow urine to clean the wound and apply turmeric on it. Read the rest of this entry »