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How to use Jojoba oil for skin care?

The use of Jojoba oil for skin care is nothing new and its skin care benefits are well known. Explore the wonders of Jojoba oil to get beautiful and flawless skin.

When it comes to skin care, people always prefer natural products over chemical ones. Natural oils are considered as the perfect skincare ingredients. Among all the natural oils, jojoba oil is the super food for skin. This natural beauty wonder is used in almost all the skin and hair care products such as lipsticks, shampoos, skin creams, body lotion, etc. It fulfills all your beauty needs from moisturizing skin and makeup remover to healing cuticles and repairing damaged hair. The oil is loaded with essential fatty acids, zinc, antioxidants, vitamin B, vitamin E, copper, chromium and sterols that provide wonderful and flawless skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, moisturizing, antiseptic and soothing properties. So instead of wasting your hard-earned money on commercial skin care products, use cheaper, natural and effective option: jojoba oil to enhance your beauty. Find out how to use jojoba oil in multiple ways for skin care.

 Jojoba oil for skin care like acne, anti-aging, oil balancing, chapped lips and make-up remover

Jojoba oil Benefits for Skin


Jojoba oil works as an excellent all-natural moisturizer for your skin, especially dry skin. It provides the adequate moisture to the skin without clogging the pores and adding a greasy effect. It is absorbed in the skin quickly and creates a powerful barrier against allergens and irritants such as dust and pollution. Just apply a small amount of oil directly on your face or full body after a bath in the morning for keeping the skin moisturized throughout the day. You can use the oil directly or mix it with your regular face moisturizer. It is very effective in treating those pesky dry patches, rosacea or eczema. Read the rest of this entry »

Home remedies for Vaginal Discharge: Get rid of Smelly White liquid Discharge

Cure irritation, itching, and foul smell of excess vaginal discharge problem with natural remedies that includes yogurt, white turmeric, rice water, garlic, etc.

Women’s body is more complex and delicate than men’s body. Women are blessed with special gift of nature as they can give birth to new life, but besides this blessing they have to take care of themselves also. Simple carelessness towards personal cleanliness, healthy diet, more stress and unwanted medication leads to several health related issues in female. Vaginal discharge is one of the normal problems seen in women. Whenever chemical balance of vaginal fluid gets disturbed by one or other reason; it results into the inflamed, swollen vagina. It is called Vaginitis that produces whitish thick vaginal fluid with foul smell.

Natural activities of human body leads to usual vaginal discharge that is not considered as any health issue. But when you suffer from excess vaginal discharge with itching and redness with abdominal pain, it is serious issue that you must not neglect. Main reason of excess vaginal discharge or vaginitis are bad diet, stress, STDs, pain in lower abdomen, unbearable pain and swelling in vaginal tract, etc. Reason may vary but it makes you fall unconscious any time, reduce your normal weight, and also disturb your regular menstrual cycle.

Vaginal discharge can be easily treated by medication. After some period of time, excess discharge production increases and again it affects your health. Here we provide you various home remedies that can help you cure vaginitis problem from its root. Read the rest of this entry »

14 Women’s Health Symptoms should not be Ignored

Women have to play many roles at a time as daughter, wife, mother, sister, plus she has to do office work that is one of the reasons that usually women do not take their illness seriously. It leads them to serious health issues for long period of time. Woman’s body structure is made in such a way that they can easily bare extreme pain without any complaints. But sometimes their mental and physical strength to bare extreme pain makes them to ignore some of the serious health issues and it leads them towards very serious health problems.

14 Women's Health Symptoms should not be Ignored

Our human body very intelligently alerts us for different changes that occur in our body, but most important thing is to pay attention towards the symptoms or signs and to take right steps to avoid any serious health problem in future. So, ladies, never ignore your body’s any sign that is naturally developed by your own body to alert you about some serious health problems. Check out below some of the health issues related to women’s health, which should never be ignored. Read the rest of this entry »

Pink Lips: Top 8 Ways

Pink, soft, juicy looking lips make one lose mind on the spot. It is believed that nice smile with rosy lips add exquisite charm to woman’s beauty. Really, there’s nothing sexier than it! Favorable lips play an important part in defining your attractiveness. However, there are many people with dark and pale lips, which can make a dark spot in their beauty. On the other hand, smile with cracked, dry and chapped lips is embarrassing as well as painful. Thus, lips give a very distinct appeal to the overall features of your face. So, you should take enough care of them. To get back your naturally looking pink lips, you need not to empty your bank account for costly beauty treatments or expensive products. Also, save yourself from confusing and lengthy Ayurvedic treatments. Here are given top 8 ways that help you get PINK…ROSY LIPS casually, making aware of some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” with normal Lip care. So, make your lips luscious once again, just by keeping in mind these simple but effective ways.

Pink Lips: Top 8 Ways

We all believe that prevention is always better than cure, so why not for getting pink lips. It is good to be aware of the reason for healing the problem from roots, so know them here: Read the rest of this entry »

Best shapewears to hide love handles?

Despite the cute term “love handles”, no one loves them. Actually, love handles or muffin top, whatever you call it, causes frustration and feeling of embarrassment. Love handles are unwelcome and undesirable layers of the fat on sides of your waistlines. They make you look heavier, wider and bloated. They are caused by number of factors like stress, ageing, insufficient sleep, sedentary lifestyle and consuming more calories. The best ways to eliminate them are exercise and proper diet but these two ways require time and dedication. If you can’t wait for the effects of diet and exercise, then shapewear is the best way to hide those love handles and to appear slimmer.

Best shapewears to hide love handles?

Shapewears are very comfortable to wear and they can be worn as easily as a slip under all types of clothing. They are available in various shapes, styles and sizes. You have to first identify your trouble spots and then select the shapewear accordingly. Shapewears can smooth out or conceal those uneven sections around your body and instantaneously make you look & feel better in just about everything you wear. Shapewear can be easily purchased online but it is better to visit a store so that you can try on various brands and styles. Read the rest of this entry »

Early Morning Beauty Tips to glow your skin

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art”. Beauty is the most precious gift of God, and we can preserve this valuable gift of God by putting some efforts to look beautiful forever. Who don’t want a charming face? Every woman desire to look beautiful and for that they spend a lot of their savings in purchasing very expensive cosmetics. The quality of branded products is mostly good, but it might not be affordable for everyone. Here your effort of looking beautiful starts from the moment when you step out of your bed, and even before it. Following are the early morning tips for the beautiful and gorgeous appearance.

Early Morning Beauty Tips to glow your skin


After whole night, oil gets deposited on your face so it is necessary to remove this layer of oil from the face. First of all wash your face gently with water, and after that you can use face cleaner smoothly with your fingers only. Clean your face with towel without rubbing it. Face cleaner should be according to your skin type. Read the rest of this entry »

Causes and Solutions of Excessive Sweating in Women

Many women sweat more compared to others. Sweating is considered normal when you are exercising, air temperature rises, or feeling anxious or under stress. But if you are sweating even in air conditioning, feeling no stress or while sitting and watching television, then you are suffering from embarrassing and miserable condition called excessive sweating/hyperhidrosis. It can lead to emotional distress, self-consciousness (due to dampness and odor) and social anxiety. You may feel scared to shake hands with other people, to go near to other people or to lift your arm for something. Men and women are equally affected by this condition regardless of age. This non life-threatening condition affects about 2% to 3% of the general population.

Causes and Solutions of Excessive Sweating in Women

Two types of hyperhidrosis are there – Primary / focal hyperhidrosis and Secondary / generalized hyperhidrosis. In primary hyperhidrosis, you just sweat excessively in specific body parts like the hands, underarms, face, head, groin or feet without any reason. Primary hyperhidrosis is not medically risky or a sign of any ailment/a drug interaction but it causes problems in the life. In secondary hyperhidrosis, you sweat throughout the body or in a one area. Secondary hyperhidrosis is led by health problem or medication and it is medically risky. Primary hyperhidrosis occurs in waking hours while secondary hyperhidrosis occurs at night while sleeping. Read the rest of this entry »

Drinking Coffee and its effects on your pregnancy

Save your developing child from the Fatal Shooooot of Coffee!!! Pregnancy period requires so much concern as you must have a knowledge about what can harm your baby and body, what to eat, drink and how to live lives. Pregnant women need to sacrifice many of their habits to have a healthy child because everything that related to mother directly affects her little one too. All those bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and mostly food or beverages that contain caffeine can greatly damage your little one. Some potential study says that Caffeine has been associated with a number of prenatal risks even linked with increased rates of miscarriage. Unfortunately, this fact would be covered under the Crazy Caffeine trend of people.

Drinking Coffee and its effects on your pregnancy

Here, we try a little to expose some of the reality for caffeine effects on the pregnancy. So, be with us and uncover your cup of home brewed drip coffee, an espresso cup or a cup of instant at your favorite coffee bar? Moreover, know the dangers of energetic tea, delicious chocolate and sip of refreshing drink!!!!

It would be always better to start from the root, so first of all know the reason behind people’s craziness for caffeine:

Majority of people consume caffeine on their daily basis as caffeine is mostly associated with coffee and tea. It is also found in many soft drinks, as well as a larger amount in energy drinks and to a smaller degree in cocoa or chocolate. Read the rest of this entry »

How to get glowing skin? Fast and Simple Tips

Consciousness for skin…….well, almost every people in this world is skin conscious because skin reflects the vitality of body. People often desire to have healthy, young and glowing skin with a bright complexion, and for that they do everything, just to protect the skin from the probable harms of the environment. Skin, the largest organ of our body, acts as a canvas for body and so general health of the body is highlighted by skin. It protects human body against the attack of foreign substances and it acts as the transfer point for the discharge of toxins from body, thus skin is precious. So, care and protection of skin is essential and if you have clear & glowing facial skin, then it will add 5 stars to your personality.

How to get glowing skin? Fast and Simple Tips

Your skin is going to be lifeless, dull and aged beyond its years, unless you accept a regular daily habit of fostering your skin; this is the fundamental fact!! People waste large amount of money in beauty parlors and cosmetic products to get glowing skin, instead they can use simple, easy and cost free ways at home to get that skin glow. So, if you want to achieve a bright complexion and a glowing skin easily, then check out some simple ideas provided here and incorporate healthy changes in your daily lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry »

How to have a less painful period?

Too terrible to handle those days of the month for you, Be relieve! not only you but almost all women feel some discomfort during their menstruation periods and many of them have to suffer from such unbearable pain also. Misery of period pains would be experienced by each and every women during their teens and 20s. Usually, this pain would be feel in abdomen, in back, or even down legs, it can be mild, moderate or severe in every individual’s case. Women, who have mild discomfort can cope with the pain just by taking painkillers, on the other hand, about 1 in 10 women suffer from severe period pain, find it too hard to perform normal household, job, or school-related activities for about few days during each menstrual cycle and it seriously disrupts their regular lives.

How to have a less painful period?

In general terms, period may be tend to become less painful as the woman gets older over time, however, there are many remedies available in this modern era to reduce the severity of these painful period. It would be easy to make periods more comfortable if we succeed to investigate and check or clear about the strong symptoms and causes regarding to this intolerable pain.

The period pain is medically known as the dysmenorrhoea, experienced during and sometimes just before a woman’s monthly period. This can be classified in two forms according to its severity, Primary and Secondary dysmenorrhoea. The most common type of painful periods is Primary dysmenorrhoea, not consisting with any underlying problem of the uterus (womb) or pelvis, Whereas, Secondary dysmenorrhoea is less common and more likely to occur in women in their 30s and 40s or tends to affect women later in their reproductive lives. It is caused by a problem of the uterus or pelvis. Read the rest of this entry »