10 Skin Whitening Vegetables for Summer

Everyone desires to have white skin whether men or women since it is the most important aspect of physical charisma. For this purpose, numerous people in the world search for skin-whitening products and strategies but it may have harmful effects on health in the long run so the best way is to consume fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Taking vegetables in diet has several benefits such as maintain good health, skin whitening as well as costs low compared to any other artificial skin products like expensive cream or paste. Check out 10 skin whitening vegetables that will help to lighten the skin tone and get a lighter complexion.

Men and Women go for various Skin Whitening treatments to achieve great skin but these 10 Vegetables for Skin Whitening are best to glow your skin naturally.

Whenever it comes to beauty, generally people first think to visit beauty salons. Your skin can be smooth, shiny and whiten just like its effect on the beauty salon by eating vegetables, as per research nutritionist. Especially in summer, skin becomes dark because of tanning, pigmentation and freckles and the reason behind is mainly over exposure to UV and UVB rays. At this time, diet plays a significant role similar to face packs and beauty treatments. Using vegetables is an ancient technique to combat summer effect on the skin. Follow the tips and methods provided here as it will surely help you to get desired result for whitening skin.

It is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables containing karetonoid by researchers from the University of Bristol. Karetonoid is one type of coloring substances in fruits and vegetables that hold high level of antioxidants. Karetonoid can brighten the skin quicker and even make the skin glow, according to the study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. In carrots, tomatoes, melons, spinach and avocados, Karetonoid can be found.

10 vegetables that make your skin whiter

1, Cucumber

Cucumber is an eminent summer vegetable which holds huge amount of vitamins like vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, as well as rich source of amino acids and tartaric acids. These acids abolish sunburns and freckles, can clean whiten skin, and alleviate skin allergy. Other nutrients included in cucumber are protein, carbohydrate, carotene, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. Cucumbers are excellent for beauty care and it is a type of vegetable always integrated in some shower gels.

10 Skin Whitening Vegetables

How to use cucumber for skin whitening:

  • Take cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal parts. Mix both and apply on your face. After 15, min rinse off. Do this daily for one month and repeat the same thing after one month, once or twice a week.
  • Make a facial mask of cucumber. Place some portion of a cucumber in a blender, the amount of cucumber depends on how much mask you want to prepare. Also note that the mask when refrigerated will only last about 2 days. Cucumber facial mask has gentle bleaching properties. You can put it on face every day for 20 min. and then wash it with water.

2, Tomato

Tomato is an outstanding natural skin lightener and has bleaching effects. It is very good for oily skin/blackheads and contains antioxidants as well as vitamins A and C which can be very effective in terms of improving the skin normally. The skin complexion can be enhanced by the presence of Vitamin C and it could also turn it brighter depending on the quantities taken. It is better to consume tomatoes raw instead of putting it in the cooked food.

10 Skin Whitening Vegetables

Different ways of using tomato:

  • Rub the tomato slice in circular motion on your skin for 15 minutes and leave it on for about 20 to 25 minutes. Afterwards wash it with cold water. It will brighten your skin and you will seem more beautiful and perhaps younger. It has best effects when the tomato is cold, and apply it daily for good result.
  • Take 2-3 table spoons of grated tomatoes and mix 5-6 drops of lemon juice. Then apply the mixture to your face for 15-20 minutes. Now rinse the skin with cold water. Do this for nearly one month to get visible effects. The lime juice could cause a stinging sensation on the skin but don’t worry as skin becomes habituated to it and the sensation decreases with regular use.

3, Carrots

Carrots are good for both the eyes and skin since it contains Vitamin A, big amount of Vitamin C and fiber. It includes an antioxidant, β-carotene that can whiten the skin. Carrot has plentiful Pectin substances that can help to eliminate the harmful substances in the human body. They are rich in Karetonoid, the colouring agent of vegetables. They are also called as the ‘herbal healer’ of skin diseases because they endorse the repair of skin tissue.

10 Skin Whitening Vegetables

How to use carrots for skin whitening:

  • Eat carrots or drink carrot juice 1 cup (8 ounces) every day for 30 days for healthy glowing skin. Carrot juice acts as an anti-inflammatory and it is helpful in upholding and enhancing a soft, smooth disease free skin.
  • Take carrots that are washed, peeled and grated, then insert 2 teaspoon honey, and egg yolk. Now transfer the mask into a paste and put it on face carefully (evade eyes and mouth). Let it be on face for 10-15 minutes and then wash the face with warm water.

4, Potato

Potatoes have a natural bleaching effect and are very reasonably priced. Potato holds enzymes and proteins that aid the skin to develop stronger and to have a great complexion. In addition, it has a big number of vitamins B, the high content of vitamin C and high-quality cellulose which keeps the skin healthy. Potato also includes trace elements, fat, high-quality starch and other nutrients. In the prevention of aging and diseases in women, all of these components play a key role. Use the peels or juices in a topical setting instead of eating raw potatoes as they are harmful when ingested.

10 Skin Whitening Vegetables

Tips of using potatoes:

  • Rub the slices of potatoes or apply the potato juice with some cotton wool on to the face and leave it on for around 15 minutes. Then with the help of warm water rinse it off. Follow this method twice a day for some weeks, or until you get your desired results. Potatoes not only whiten the skin, but also remove the blemishes of skin and any dark scars.

5, White radish

Radish is one of the finest vegetables to lighten skin tone though not a very favorite food as its taste is somewhat spicy. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, a sort of Antioxidant that can stifle the melanin formation and prevent the pigmentation and provide you a clean and smooth skin. It also endorses digestion, which straightforwardly improve skin health. According to Chinese medicine, white radish might “benefit the five internal organs, it is pale and muscle.”

10 Skin Whitening Vegetables

Method of using White radish:

  • Apply grated white radish or its juice on face as it makes an outstanding astringent and bleaching agent that will give you fairer complexion and remove blackheads & freckles.

6, Peas

The small little bean, Pea is a solution for numerous health related problems and one of them is getting rid of skin dullness. Pea can eradicate the darkness of the skin as per the “Compendium of Materia Medica”. They have high content of Vitamin A precursor that can be altered into Vitamin A to moisturize skin.

10 Skin Whitening Vegetables

Way to use peas:

Consumption of peas on regular basis is very much helpful for the skin lightening. So take it in your diet and place it in any recipe like pullav, etc.

7, Mushroom

Mushroom is packed with rich nutrition, protein and vitamin while with less fat and without any cholesterol. Eating mushrooms in moderation makes skin beautiful by promoting estrogen hormone production that could resist senescence. Crude fiber, semi-crude fiber and lignin are included in mushroom which maintains the water balance in the intestines as well as can absorb the unnecessary cholesterol and sugar, and abolish them out of the body. Consuming mushroom is very much helpful to prevent diseases like colon cancer, constipation, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and more. Mushrooms contain Vitamin D, selenium and antioxidants which are proven to aid protect your skin against wrinkles caused by sun exposure.

10 Skin Whitening Vegetables

Ways to use mushroom:

  • In sesame oil, soak the mushrooms and use the gelled oil on the skin for whitening purposes.
  • Mushrooms possess health promoting properties so take mushrooms by adding it in soups, salads, and sandwiches, or use them as an appetizer.

8, Asparagus

Asparagus is packed with selenium that can resist skin aging and make skin whiter as well as delicate. It has been proven that asparagus can cure different kinds of cancer such as bladder cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, etc. It is costly than other vegetables because of a lengthy maturation period, short growing season, and require for hand harvesting. It has a unique flavor and can be served in abundant ways however the key to good taste is to eat as fast as possible after buying.

10 Skin Whitening Vegetables

How to use asparagus for skin whitening:

You can refrigerate asparagus in two ways.

  1. Put stalks in a big glass, fill partly with water, and wrap with plastic wrap.
  2. Cover base of stalks with a wet paper towel and put in plastic bag.

Different methods to consume asparagus are to be roasted, baked, stir-fried, micro waved, and grilled. Cut and insert to a quiche or strata.

9, Bean sprout

Mung beans, soya or dikecambahkan are usually known as bean sprouts. Bean sprout holds lot of vitamin A, which is excellent for the skin and the eyes. Also bean sprout has the function to prevent the production of freckle, dark blemish and whiten skins. Bean sprouts are rich in vitamin C and fibre that assist to advance insulin levels in body. Women must consume bean sprouts as it aids to prevent breast cancer, disruption before menstruation, menopause, and disorders because of menopause.

10 Skin Whitening Vegetables

Way to use Bean sprout:

  • Take it regularly in diet since it can help prevent many age-related skin changes, as well as elasticity and moisture loss. Always it’s superior to have sprout salads in its pure form.
  • Take a little water enough to cook the sprout to prepare a dish. You can prepare the sprout in gravy variety or as a dry dish with coconut scrapings, spices and salt.

10, Wax gourd

Wax gourd is green in color and do not form wax and includes many trace elements like Zinc and Magnesium. Zinc can endorse human growth while magnesium can make people full of spirit, ruddy and healthy. The wax gourd has been used as a food and medicine and known with different names such as Winter Gourd, Winter Melon, Chinese Squash, Chinese Watermelon, Tunka, Zit-Kawa, etc. Wax gourd is very big fruit like pumpkin that can be eaten as a vegetable when mature and usually used in Asia.

10 Skin Whitening Vegetables

Methods of using Wax gourd:

  • The unripe fruit of Wax gourd can be cooked as a vegetable. Mainly The ripe fruit is used for creating sweetmeat. Also, the young leaves and buds are cooked.
  • Take 50 g wax gourd seeds, 40 g peach flower, and 20 g poplar bark (tangerine peel as substitute). Mix all together and form powder that must be taken 5 g after meal, 3 times a day.

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