Philosophy Skin Care – Acne Kit Reviews

Philosophy is a cosmetics, fitness and wellness company and it contains various product of skin care. It is familiar as a leader in the area of treatment for aging and acne prone skin. More details about Philosophy Acne Kit Reviews are given here.

Acne can be called as a hereditary condition that may remain in skin for the rest of your life if you do not go for any treatment. When the shedding process of dead cells in the hair follicle goes awry, simple acne occurs. In place of mixing with sebum in the sebaceous gland and being washed out through the pores, the follicle generates cells that stick jointly, combine with oil, and cause a bacterial reaction that take place as acne. Philosophy provides four-step kit for treating acne.

Acne Kit

The kit contains four products like oil-free foaming acne cleanser (6 oz.), oil-free all over acne treatment (1 oz.), oil-free acne spot treatment (0.5 oz.) and retinol clarifying lotion (0.75 oz.).

It helps to treat existing blemishes and prevent future breakouts; this system soothes and hydrates the skin, leaving it feel relaxed never over-dry. If it is used as complete acne system, then this improves the skin’s health and overall condition. It also helps to reduce the signs of aging and post-acne discoloration, and is calm sufficient for long-term daily use.

Steps of acne Kit

  1. Suppress oil production
  2. Shed the pore wall
  3. Help to protect the skin to defend against bacteria
  4. Close the skin pore to maintain the good treatments.

Directions to apply

  1. If you wear a makeup then eliminate with purity and make your skin simple.  Now you can apply a clear day blemish super wash for damp skin. For sixty seconds, massage it and after that wash out.
  2. Apply on a clear day blemish serum. Use spot treatment in particular areas to aid control oil and bacteria. You can also apply on back and chest as required to help combat breakout.
  3. Apply a light layer of on a clear day h2o2 all over the face and blend in until smooth.

Acne Kit reviews

Some people use the kit when their hormones flare up to maintain blemishes at bark then go back to their usual skin regiment and other use the kit exclusively. You get healthy skin as a result of it. The Philosophy Acne Kit doesn’t suit for severe acne but, for mild to moderate adult acne it does the trick.

If you’re suffering the occasional breakout, then you can use the cleanser and the blemish serum. Cleanser gives you fresh skin. The blemish serum is fantastic and works well if you just need to touch up a problem area. Hydrogen peroxide cream is supposed to disinfect your skin through breakouts. Cream is a moisturizer so it protects your skin from the elements.

This kit works well on oily skin without giving you much more dry skin. If you regularly use this kit then it controls oil of your skin and gives clean and clear skin.

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