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Kitchen Tips: Easy and Quick ideas to Peel Garlic

Hate peeling garlic cloves? Check out these fast and easy techniques given here and start peeling those little cloves effortlessly in no time!

Garlic is a wonder herb that not only adds a wonderful zest and aroma to any dish, but also offers a range of health benefits. However there is one thing that people hate about it – peeling its skin. Some people hate this task so much that they have completely given up using garlic. No doubt peeling those flavor-packed cloves can be a bit tricky, but there exist several different ways to get the job done effortlessly and fast. From smashing the clove with the side of a knife to shaking it vigorously between two bowls, there are many interesting techniques out there that you can use to peel those little garlic cloves easily. A few such creative ideas and tricks are demonstrated here. Take a look and you’re guaranteed to peel garlic cloves in no time at all.

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Using a flat knife

If you just have a couple of cloves to peel, this particular technique works really well. All you need for this technique is a chopping board and a chef’s knife.

  • Take a bulb of garlic and using the palm of your hand press down firmly to separate the individual cloves.
  • Remove and discard the loose outer papery skin.
  • Take one clove and place it on a chopping board.
  • Next, take a chef’s knife and place the flat end of it over the garlic clove. Remember, the sharp cutting edge of knife should face outward. Plus, the clove should be placed near to the handle and not in the centre of the blade.
  • Then, give a quick, light hit on the middle of the blade using the heel of your hand.
  • Remove the knife and you’ll find the skin has been detached from the clove.
  • Now complete the peeling process with your hand. The skin will now come away easily.

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Nutritions & Health Benefits of Rambutan Fruit

Find out various health benefits of mouthwatering Rambutan Fruit like preventing cancer, anaemia, plus improving bone’s strength and blood counts naturally.

A new healthy lifestyle includes various vegetables and fruits in the diet to fulfill body’s vitamins and minerals need naturally. One another nutritive fruit that satisfies your taste buds with rich and fresh taste is Rambutan fruit. Rambutan’s outer layer is covered with bunch of outgrown hairs, so it got its name from “Rambut” word that means hair. It is native fruit of Indonesia and Malaysia. This fruit contains low calories and high amount of various nutrients like phosphorus, iron, protein, fat, vitamin C, carbohydrates etc. Rambut fruit is easily available in fruit market with reasonable price. Check out rambutan fruit’s nutrition advantages and health benefits of eating daily.

Beauty and health benefits of rambutan fruit

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Things not to put in a microwave

A microwave cooks things like potatoes in a fraction of the time, but here are certain things that you should never even think of putting inside the microwave as it can make things explode.

The microwave is a powerful appliance, most commonly used in the kitchen for cooking things at a very high temperature and very quickly, thus saving your lots of time compared to traditional cooking modes like cooking on gas fire. It’s the easiest way to heat up something with minimal fuss like make a sponge and fairy cake in minutes, bake sweet-potatoes in few minutes only, etc. The microwave is also easy to operate and quick to function, but be careful as not all food items and containers are suitable for microwave. Don’t want to take the risk of damaging your microwave or getting hurt? Just check out here the list of things which you should never put in the microwave that make it go completely berserk.

Random Things You Shouldn't Microwave

Plastic bags or containers

Keep this in mind – plastic doesn’t play nice in the microwave – unless it is labeled microwave safe on the plastic bag/container. IIf it isn’t, then it will most likely melt or warp, and not useful in the future. You should check the label on the plastic before putting it in the microwave and this includes Styrofoam containers as Styrofoam is a type of plastic. Read the rest of this entry »

Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts of Lemon Plums

Lemon Plums – Enjoy this rare fruit from Chile which looks like lemon but tastes extremely sweet and very juicy. They have a good level of nutrients and health benefits just like other citrus fruits!

Bored of eating usual fruits and want something new to taste? Say goodbye to bananas, cherries, etc. and try Lemon Plums. The lemon plum is a relatively new variety of plum; however their popularity is growing at a high rate. Lemon plums are also earned the nickname ‘Chameleon plums’ because of their changing color as the fruit matures. Eat plums regularly in your diet as they are a good way to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lemon Plums are named for their similarity to lemon in terms of color and shape (except one end is rounded and other end is nippled); but they are sweet and juicy with some sour and floral undertones. The juicy fruit and yummy taste make it a good inclusion to recipes and snacks. Check out health benefits and nutritional value of Lemon Plums.

Chilean Lemon Plums

History and availability:

Initially, the Lemon plum was bred in Israel and called “Lamoon,” which is Arabic for lemon. Then, varieties were taken to Chile, where they are now cultivated and some of the harvest is exported to America during winter months. This beautiful new variety is available in limited quantities in January to March (peaking in February), as they are the last to be harvested in the Chilean fruit season. You will see lemon plums hardly ever in a local grocery store or market, mainly because they have been recently started spreading to international markets. Read the rest of this entry »

Health Benefits of Drinking Tequila

Wondering if there are any health benefits of Tequila? Checkout some health benefits of Tequila if taken in moderation.

Any party seems to be truly incomplete without tequila. This hard alcoholic drink is also a famous beverage at bars, Mexican restaurants and social gatherings. No matter how you enjoy tequila as a shot, in tasty sweet and sour margaritas, with a little salt and lime or straight, it may do more than lighten your mood. Regardless of the type of tequila, it is good for health if consumed in moderation. This Mexican beverage benefit ranges from lowering cholesterol to weight loss. Here are given tequila health benefits that you may not know before.

Tequila shot with lemon

Tequila Unknown Health Benefits

1. Diabetes

People who drink tequila in moderation decrease their chances of developing diabetes by 30-40%. And in people suffering from type 2 diabetes, it lowers the blood glucose levels thanks to Agavin, natural sugar derived from the agave plant which is used to make tequila. Agavin acts as a dietary fiber, and thus does not raise blood sugar. Read the rest of this entry »

Easy Curd Raita Recipes for Summer

Eat different types of Curd raitas daily in hot summer days to keep body cool. Check out various easy to prepare Curd Raita Recipes at home and serve it as an accompaniment to the spicy main dishes.

When the heat rises up in summer days, mostly we all wish to eat such food item that helps to keep our body cool. Cold yogurt dishes are perfect in hot climate, and Raita is one of the yogurt based Indian dishes. Not quite a sauce and not quite a salad, a raita is a cooling and refreshing side dish that we can have with stuffed paratha, biryani, pulao, etc. It tastes delicious, and also helps in digestion thanks to its pro-biotic effect. You can easily and quickly make Raita by combining yogurt (curd) with all types of grated, pureed and chopped vegetables. Fruits, chutneys, or Boondi can be even used to make Raita. Except Curd, everything is optional in Raita! Go through the collection of Best Raita recipes here, select whichever you like the most and make it, then serve this cooling dish with practically anything in summer season!

Curd Raitas

Different types of curd raitas:

Shahi raita (Royal raita)


  • 2 cups curd
  • 3-5 walnut pieces (chopped)
  • ½ cup finely chopped apple
  • 1 finely chopped banana
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • ¼ tsp cumin seeds powder
  • ½ tsp red chilli powder
  • Salt as per taste, Coriander

Preparation method:

Take a big bowl, put curd and sugar and mix properly. Now add chopped apple, banana, and walnuts to curd mixture. Add cumin powder, salt, red chilli powder, and mix well. Garnish with coriander leaves. Chilled Shahi Raita will be yummier. Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy food choices in the workplace

Check out some healthy food and beverage options for healthy meetings, seminars, conferences, and catered events in the workplace.

In today’s commercial world, employees spend a large amount of time in meetings, conferences and other events. Attending these events usually involve sitting for long periods of time. However, this is not the only thing that affects the health of employees. Food and beverages that served during meetings are not particularly nutritious. Croissants, donuts, white bread sandwiches, potato chips, soda, are some of the food items that are typically served at workplace meetings and conferences. Regular consumption of these things can lead to diabetes, heart disease and other health problems in employees, and this in turn affects the productivity of the organization as a whole. Hence it is very important to make meetings more healthful by including nutritious food and beverage choices. Just follow the recommendations given below, and start providing yummy yet healthy snacks or meals at meetings to get healthier & happier workforce.

Healthy food choices in the workplace

Whole Grain Mini Bagels with Peanut Butter vs Doughnuts:

Doughnuts are exceptionally high in sugar, sodium, and trans fats; which aren’t good for health. So, go for the whole grain option. A whole grain mini bale with peanut butter is indeed a healthier choice than most doughnuts. Read the rest of this entry »

Amazing uses of cucumbers you may not be knowing

Cucumber is more than just a salad ingredient. Check out some unusual uses of cucumbers that will really surprise you!

Who doesn’t love the crispy and refreshing taste of cucumber! In addition to being delicious and extremely hydrating (95% water), cucumber is highly nutritious. It contains several essential nutrients needed for optimal health. In fact, cucumbers possess nearly all vitamins you need in a day. However, this crunchy fruit aren’t good just for eating. It has a variety of uses that you may have never even imagined! From cleaning the kitchen sink to preventing hangovers, cucumber can do lot of things. A few such surprising uses of cucumbers are given below.

Cucumber Slices

Amazing Uses for Cucumbers:

Energy Booster: Feeling tired and exhausted in the afternoon? Then, avoid caffeinated soda & energy drinks and instead, opt for some fresh slices of cucumber. The vitamin B and carbohydrates present in cucumber will keep you energized for several hours! Read the rest of this entry »

Fasting Recipes: Farali Special Recipes for Fast

With usual farali ingredients such as sabudana, moriya, and rajigra make delicious farali dishes like dosa, dahiwada, frankie, papadi chat etc.

India is religious country where people do fasting to show their respect and honor towards God, during the festival time. It is people’s devotion and way to express their joy in religious way. While fasting, you are allowed to eat some of the food items like dishes made up with water chestnut flour, rajigra flour, sabudana, potatoes, etc. With limitation that you have to use for making any dish, you feel bored due to limited dishes that you can eat while fasting. If you do not like to eat your usual fast food items and want to try different farali recipes that satisfy your taste buds with easy continuing of fast, then we are sharing here some of the delicious farali dishes to make your fast more tasty!

Fasting Recipes

(1) Farali Frankie:


For rotis: 1 cup water chestnut flour (shinghada flour), 1 cup rajigra flour, Salt to taste – sindhav, 1 tea spoon oil

For petty: 3 boiled potatoes, 1/2 cup fresh crumbled paneer, 1 table spoon finely chopped green chillies, 1/4 tea spoon crushed ginger, Salt, 1 table spoon coriander leaves, 1 tea spoon red chilli powder, Juice of 1 lemon, 1 table spoon sugar, 1 table spoon roasted sesame seeds, Ara-root or Paniphal flour, 1 table spoon chaat masala, Butter, Oil for frying. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Hot Foods Neutralizers

Too much of the spicy stuff can set your mouth on fire. Check out various ways to neutralize the burning sensation in mouth caused by spicy foods.

Many people enjoy eating hot and spicy foods. However, it’s very true that each individual’s tolerance level to spicy foods is different. Some people can eat red hot chili peppers without pain whereas for some, even little extra black pepper is too hot. Eating something that is too spicy for your tolerance causes an intense burning sensation in your mouth and tongue. You may gulp some water to get relief from this heat but actually water will give only momentary relief and the burning pain will return with equal vigor. Fortunately, there are certain foods that can counteract the burning sensation in the mouth caused by spicy foods. Such hot food neutralizers are given below. Have a look.

Ways to neutralize spicy food in mouth

The unpleasant & intense heat that you experience in your mouth after having spicy foods is actually caused by capsaicin oil found in hot peppers. The seeds and white membrane of peppers is said to have the greatest concentration of capsaicin. Although it does not produce any physical or tissue damage, it can cause an extreme burning sensation which can last for minutes or even hours. Moreover, capsaicin is an alkaloid, which means it cannot be neutralized in water. In fact, water will simply spread the heat-inducing substance around your mouth, and make the burning sensation even worse. So, next time if you unknowingly take a bite of super spicy food and feel like someone has set fire to your tongue, then don’t start gulping down glasses of water. Instead, try out these natural neutralizers: Read the rest of this entry »