Cracker Barrel Menu with Price & Nutrition Facts

Cracker Barrel is a chain restaurant, which was ranked as the top “family dining” chain for the 19th consecutive year, in 2009. It is a Southern themed chain which serves traditional Southern comfort food. The chain is known for “home cooking” style eatery with a country store. Cracker barrel country store includes food items, gifts, clothing, wooden rockers, etc. Traditionally, Cracker Barrel’s outlets had been located along interstate highways. It also permits travelers to hire books on tape at one outlet and return it at any other store. Currently, Cracker Barrel has more than 580 locations that spread over 41 states.

Cracker Barrel does not publish its recipes or provide nutritional information on their official website. However, it does offer suggestions for health-conscious patrons. At Cracker barrel, breakfast is served all day, though the breakfast menu is kept separate from the one for lunch and dinner. All menus include a low-carbohydrate section. They have specialties in chicken ‘n dumplings, chicken fried chicken, or biscuits ‘n gravy with bacon or sausage.

Cracker Barrel Specialties:

At Cracker Barrel, breakfast choices include a variety of meals and combinations. Buttermilk pancakes are served with small, 1.7 ounce bottles of pure maple syrup. Cornbread and buttermilk biscuits are served to the table in a basket. Taking meal at the Cracker Barrel feels like having a large home cooked breakfast or dinner.

At Cracker Barrel Restaurants, menu prices are affordable and less than one would imagine for the large portions of food served with each meal choice. ‘Old Timers Breakfast’ from the Cracker Barrel has the price only $5.99 and includes two eggs, grits, sawmill gravy, homemade buttermilk biscuits, and a breakfast meat.

People can select dinner from large dinner platters to salads and low carbohydrate dining options. They also offer variety of side dishes with each full dinner meal. Some of the side options at Cracker Barrel include fried okra, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, and hashbrown casserole.

Cracker Barrel Menu with Nutrition Facts:

Grilled Chicken Salad:

Serving: 1 meal; Total Calories: 620, Total Fat: 8 gm, Carbs: 10 gm, Protein: 40 gm

Corn Muffin:

Serving: 1 muffin; Total Calories: 270, Total Fat: 5 gm, Carbs: 50 gm, Protein: 6 gm

2% Cheddar Cheese Stick:

Serving: 1 stick, Total Calories: 90, Total Fat: 6 gm, Carbs: 1 gm, Protein: 7 gm

Grilled Chicken Tenderloin Dinner:

Serving: 1 dinner, Total Calories: 400, Total Fat: 18 gm, Carbs: 28 gm, Protein: 34 gm


Serving: 1 biscuit,Total Calories: 133, Total Fat: 5.5 gm, Carbs: 18.3 gm, Protein: 2.7 gm

Hashbrown Casserole:

Serving: 209g / 7.37oz, Total Calories: 155, Total Fat: 7 gm, Carbs: 17 gm, Protein: 5 gm

Grilled Chicken Tenderloins:

Serving: 4 Tenderloins (1 Serving), Total Calories: 160, Total Fat: 2 gm, Carbs: 4 gm, Protein: 14 gm

Chicken And Dumplings:

Serving: 14 oz.; Total Calories: 731, Total Fat: 34.4 gm, Carbs: 55 gm, Protein: 47.6 gm

Vegetable Plate:

Serving: 1; Total Calories: 380, Total Fat: 20 gm, Carbs: 37 gm, Protein: 14 gm

Fried Apples:

Serving: 1 serving; Total Calories: 184, Total Fat: 8.8 gm, Carbs: 28.4 gm, Protein: 0.4 gm

Sharp Cheddar Cheese:

Serving: 1 oz; Total Calories: 120, Total Fat: 10 gm, Carbs: 0 gm, Protein: 6 gm

Steak Salad W/ranch Dressing:

Serving: 1 Meal, Total Calories: 620, Total Fat: 24 gm, Carbs: 36 gm, Protein: 51 gm

Country Cheff Salad:

Serving: Serves 2, Total Calories: 407, Total Fat: 18.8 gm, Carbs: 22 gm, Protein: 38.3 gm


Serving: 1 pancake, Total Calories: 110, Total Fat: 3 gm, Carbs: 17 gm, Protein: 3 gm

Macaroni And Cheese:

Serving: 1 (154 g), Total Calories: 437, Total Fat: 26 gm, Carbs: 33.2 gm, Protein: 17.8 gm


Serving: 1, Total Calories: 43, Total Fat: 3.3 gm, Carbs: 5 gm, Protein: 0.0%

Grilled New Orleans-style Catfish:

Serving: 1, Total Calories: 270, Total Fat: 18 gm, Carbs: 0 gm, Protein: 4 gm


Serving: 1 order, Total Calories: 58, Total Fat: 5 gm, Carbs: 5 gm

Mashed Potatoes:

Serving: 1 order; Total Calories: 194, Total Fat: 10 gm, Carbs: 10 gm

  1. Alpha Says:

    i love cracker barrel’s foods bt m a diet conscious girl so i need to knw cracker barrel menu calories!! finally get it!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Tina Says:

    i wann to cracker barrel menu pdf so easily i can dowld! any1 is here for help me!

  3. sharon Says:

    I’m disappointed that the amout of fiber isn’t shown on the nutrition facts and with the new Weight Watchers that # is very important.

  4. Jii Says:

    Disappointed that the amount of fiber is NOT listed on tne nutrition facts.

  5. Isla Says:

    I think it’s proof-positive that Cracker Barrel’s foods can’t be very healthy, calorie-wise, since they won’t publish that info. I thought food labeling was required by federal law.

  6. Sherry Roland Says:

    How many calories in apple bran muffin and low fat yogurt parfait at cracker barrel. I can’t find it anywhere.

  7. Betty Tucker Says:

    Am also a WW and need to know fiber #.

  8. Debbie Says:

    No wonder those cornbread muffins are so good!!! YIKES! I’m also in WW & would like to have all the nutritional facts.

  9. Jodie Says:

    Another WW member here – I think the excuse restaurants use that ‘because their food is prepared locally, they can’t give accurate nutrition information’ is a cop-out. All nutrition information at restaurants is estimated. That’s all we need – just an estimate so we can chose wisely. I too love Cracker Barrel, but need to know what I am eating. Please come up with some kind of nutritional information for those of us who are trying to eat more healthy foods.
    Thank you.

  10. richnique Says:

    I am on WW and I thought nutritional information was required by law and as long as they been around they should have all the information. Why are they allowed not to publish it???? Plus I really like them.

  11. Renee Says:

    I love Cracker Barrel!! But, alas, I too am WW plus and find it difficult to choose anything other than the predictable, salad and grilled chicken tenderloins. I would like to”spluge” into my extra points at times but am too afraid!! Please share nutrition facts with us!!!

  12. Susan Sharp Says:

    I am highly allergic to MSG and everytime I go to Cracker Barrell I am given a different story on what has MSG in it. I NEED TO KNOW! We were at Ruby Tuesday’s last night and they provided me with a list of foods that were safe for people allergic to MSG. They also had this for other allergies, it was wonderful. I think this should be a requirement of all resturants. When we eat out we are strongly considering how much assistance we receive in finding out what I can eat.

  13. Stacie Says:

    I am NOT on WW but do count my daily calories and eat around 1,200 calories a day. THANK YOU for the foods & their calorie count. I plan to have “breakfast” at Cracker Barrel tonight…1 pancake w/no butter, sugar free maple syrup, 2 egg beaters, tomatoes and I might even have turkey sausage or a biscuit. I will count my calories high because I am not sure if the food is cooked in butter or oil or weighed correctly. Can’t wait!!

  14. Judy Brackney Says:

    I agree, your nutritional info doesnt have all the meals on the menu. I am a diabetic and I need to know what I am eating and the values on the foods, especially Calories, fats, carbs and proteins.

    Yes, I agree with that one lady (Isla) that it was the law now to put this info on all your foods and I mean ALL. If you look on your nutritional facts you will see nothing but cheese, muffins,cakes and a few (and I mean very few) on the meats. Nothing on breakfast foods combos.

    So please get your site on nutrition facts updated or I wont be eating at Cracker Barrel any more. Thanks Judy Brackney

  15. Renee Says:

    Trying to find the nutrition value of the breakfast parfait. Keep searching and keeps taking me to the same place. I know the calorie count just want the fat,carbs, and protein count for my food diary(fitness pal). Love the food.

  16. Gini Says:

    I need the salt content in the foods at Cracker Barrel. Anybody know where to get this nutritional fact

  17. jim Says:

    really need the sodium content for my Kidney situation

  18. Rick Says:

    I ate at CB tonight.
    Asked for a nutrition guide.
    They dug one out of the bottom of the “podium.”
    It was a darn catalogue! Figuratively.
    Hardly useful.
    I had the grilled trout. Good but meager size.
    I made other health based choices by guess, but really would like some numbers!
    How does CB get by with this?

  19. Mark Kelso Says:

    It is clear that Cracker Barrel has no desire to take care of their customers when they will not provide the Nutritional Information. I am on an Atkins Diet like WW, fiber is an important factor when deciding what to eat. This small portion of their menu is insufficient. It is my favorite place to eat, but when you find web site claiming 0 Carbs in their Grits, you feel it not a safe place to eat for the large percentage for overweight Americans; who are trying to get their diet under control. Bacon Carbs can vary greatly between Maple Cured Bacon, and Bacon that is not. So since I can not obtain the needed information Cracker Barrel is off my Restaurant list, at least until May of 2018 when they will be required by law to provide the information!

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