Fast food statistics in United states of america

Fast foods are the foods which can be prepared and served very rapidly. Characteristically, fast food is referred as food that sold in a restaurant or store with preheated or precooked ingredients, and served to the consumer in a form of package for take-out/take-away. Nowadays, fast food consumption has increased dramatically. Daily unhealthy eating and inactivity are responsible for more deaths than other all combined factors including alcohol, illicit use of drugs, sexual behavior, and firearms. Fast food statistics suggest that fast food is not good for your health while eating more than once a week.

Fast food creates a double whammy on health when you lead a deskbound lifestyle. Ton of calories are present in fast food and so eating this can cause needless weight gain, obesity, and overall poor health especially by greasy burgers and fries. In the US, Fifty million people are dependent on fast food that means lot of people eats a poor diet. America is not the only country having fast food chains. However, the statistics of fast food on overweight Americans will cause you to consider they are the leaders in fast food industry. McDonalds, Subway and Burger King are the fast food restaurants which are situated in most of all the major cities of the world.

How many people eat fast food in United States of America?

In U.S, more than 50,000,000 people depend on fast food. Over 110 billion dollars are spent by Americans alone for different types of fast food.

Fast food companies as per revenue of 2006

McDonalds (Oak Brook, Illinois) … US$21.6 billion in 2006 revenues
Yum! Brands including KFC (Louisville, Kentucky) … $9.6 billion
Starbucks (Seattle, Washington) … $7.8 billion
Darden Restaurants (Orlando, Florida) … $5.6 billion
Brinker International (Dallas, Texas) … $4.2 billion
Wendy’s (Dublin, Ohio) … $2.5 billion
Burger King (Miami, Florida) … $2.1 billion
Domino’s Pizza (Ann Arbor, Michigan) … $1.6 billion
Applebee’s International (Overland Park, Kansas) … $1.3 billion

Fast Food Statistics on Nutrition Facts:

Fast food diet on a regular basis is harmful to your health nutritionally. Now, major fast food chains exhibit nutritional content including fat and cholesterol of each food item of their food in public. To avoid harmful effects of fast foods, FDA encourages customers to ask for nutrition information from fast-food restaurants. To include information about calories, fat and other nutritional values for food items in supermarkets, the government of different countries is also suggested. Fast food is addicting due to the presence of sugar and fat in this food. A McDonalds Quarter Pounder with Cheese has 510 calories and from these calories 230 calories are only from fat. This burger also contains 90 mgs cholesterol and 9 grams of sugar. A Subway 6-inch Turkey Breast Sandwich has 280 calories and only 3.5 of those calories are obtained from fat. By seeing the nutritional data of fast food, everyone can determine that which fast food chain is best for their health.

Danger of Fast Food:

The risks of high blood pressure can be raised by the fast food which contain high amount of sodium. Cholesterol in meat recipes is very hazardous for the health and obesity may be leaded by eating this type of fast food along with a deskbound lifestyle. Malnutrition, corpulence, increased risks of heart attack, hypertension are the unhealthy conditions which may be leaded due to the stable and habitual use of fast food. Food poisoning is also one of the dangers of fast food. New generation approximately stays alive on French fries and burgers totally.

Fast Food and Obesity:

Fast food is one of the main reasons for the rapid increase in the rate of obesity. Fast food contains high amounts of highly sophisticated carbohydrates, saturated fats, sugars and sodium and also they are devoid of all the vital nutrients which play significant roles in the metabolism. The sugar level in the blood is increased by high levels of carbohydrates and this result in more production of insulin. The amounts of fat depositions are raised by high levels of insulin and leads to obesity. Fast food obesity is a major risk factor for very serious diseases and health problems including Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Sleep Apnea, Arthritis, Blount’s Disease, Respiratory Problems, Liver Damage and Stroke.

Fast Food Statistics and The Healthiest Fast Food:

Fast foods like greasy fries, fatty burgers, and sugary soft drinks leads to major health ailments such as digestive issues, and even colon cancer. Search for fast food restaurants that cater to the healthy lifestyle if you actually feel the need to eat healthiest fast food. Panera Bread Company is one of the healthiest fast food restaurants in America according to the study. If you eat only certain things of the menu like the turkey or vegetarian sandwich from Subway then it can be healthy. Keep in mind that unhealthy foods are addicting and so if you eat more unhealthy foods, then your desire for that type of food is increased. The fast food junk crave will be decreased when your body becomes adapted to eating more nutritious and nourishing foods.

Fast Food Statistics on the Most Popular Fast Food Joints:

Fast food chains where most of the fifty million Americans go and eat regularly are very popular. The fast food chains that sell the most nutritious foods are paradoxically not on the list of the most popular fast food joints. The five most popular fast food chains of America are Wendy’s leading the pack with Taco Bell coming in second, then McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC coming in last.

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