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lemonadeLemon Flavored drink Gives special sensation to the tongue due to sweet and sour taste combination. It is well-known as lemonade and used as summer refresher. American style lemonade is homemade drink but didn’t get much commercialization. Carbonated lemonade is widely sold as traditional lemonade.

Original Lemonade word is refers to lemon flavored carbonated soda without sugar. Lemonade may be different combination and colors throughout the world, but one thing is very much sure is every loves it.

In Europe Lemonade is “Clear” , just a carbonated water with lemon juice. In USA, India, Canada and some other countries it is cloudy (With sugar added). Salt also added for the taste in some countries. This preparation is popular as basic energy drinks for dehydration. It provides glucose, Sodium, Vitamin C and other minerals.

The artificial flavored water is also widely sold under the name of Lemonade. If you find red or pink lemonade in some part of the world, It is artificial colored or fruit juice such as cherry, strawberry or grape juice added.

Here are the recipes of Homemade Lemonade

Recipe 1
Prepare fresh ripen and big lemon. Squeeze juice and collect some zest. In large bowl boil some water and add sugar, lemon juice and zest. Stir until sugar dissolves. Store it in refrigerator to make it cool. You can use this syrup with water in 50-50% proportion. You can add ice and mint to make it more refreshing.
Recipe 2
Dissolve white sugar 1 cup sugar in 10 cup water. Add juice of 3-4 fresh lemon. Add salt, rock salt, and powder of black pepper according to taste. Simply add ice or make it carbonated. It is very good preparation for indigestion, gas and acidity. This is also known as “nimbu pani” in india and Pakistan.

Recipe 3
Squeeze juice from four lemons, one big orange and one fresh lime. Use honey as sweetener according to taste. Make it chill in refrigerator.

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