Things not to put in a microwave

A microwave cooks things like potatoes in a fraction of the time, but here are certain things that you should never even think of putting inside the microwave as it can make things explode.

The microwave is a powerful appliance, most commonly used in the kitchen for cooking things at a very high temperature and very quickly, thus saving your lots of time compared to traditional cooking modes like cooking on gas fire. It’s the easiest way to heat up something with minimal fuss like make a sponge and fairy cake in minutes, bake sweet-potatoes in few minutes only, etc. The microwave is also easy to operate and quick to function, but be careful as not all food items and containers are suitable for microwave. Don’t want to take the risk of damaging your microwave or getting hurt? Just check out here the list of things which you should never put in the microwave that make it go completely berserk.

Random Things You Shouldn't Microwave

Plastic bags or containers

Keep this in mind – plastic doesn’t play nice in the microwave – unless it is labeled microwave safe on the plastic bag/container. IIf it isn’t, then it will most likely melt or warp, and not useful in the future. You should check the label on the plastic before putting it in the microwave and this includes Styrofoam containers as Styrofoam is a type of plastic.

Chinese take-out containers

A little less known fact is that many China patterns, boxes and containers have metal in it, which is strictly no-no in micros. Metal is a fire starter, so don’t ever put metal utensils, cookware, or containers made from metal in the microwave. The paint on the China patterns are not generally designed for such high temperatures and will crack and distort, forever ruining the piece.

Metal and Aluminum Foil

Don’t put any metal product in a microwave as it could add some unhealthy elements to the food cooked inside. While aluminum foil heats up very speedily and melt down, making it difficult to clean the mess and it can even start a fire.

Stainless steel and Travel mugs

Travel mugs that are made up of stainless steel should not be put in a microwave as the stainless steel will block the heat from warming the liquid and can damage your microwave. If the travel mug is made up of plastic, then please check the bottom to know whether it is marked as microwave safe or not.

Eggs in their shell

Thought to make hard boiled eggs really fast in the microwave? Please have some patient as the insides get super-hot and the steam in the egg has no where to go except to explode out, thus ending up with a huge mess to clean up.

Grapes & Fruits

You may think you have a good idea – making your own raisins by heating grapes in the microwave. Amazing! No, not at all possible. Grapes in general have a habit of exploding, so your microwave can catch fire. Fruits in the microwave can be very dangerous, so don’t try to do that even if you are eager to get some fresh, home-made raisins.

Hot peppers

Hot peppers, particularly those of the dried variety, may catch fire if put in microwave. And also when you open the door of microwave after nuking hot peppers, it will give you highly uncomfortable experience – the chemical released from them can sting your eyes and burn your throat.


If you put a red sauce without a cover in the microwave, then it can cause a huge mess. If you want to microwave some old spaghetti sauce, then ensure you cover it with some wax paper as it will catch all the splatter so it doesn’t create a complete mess inside or out of your microwave.


You may have heard the old rumor that putting a dirty sponge in the microwave will give you a clean, dry and bacteria-free bath sponge. In reality though, it can leave your beloved microwave with a foul smell, and also your kitchen will end up smelling awful. As well, if the sponge is dry you will perhaps catch the sponge on fire that you would clearly not enjoy, and leave a nasty burn mark on the bottom of your microwave. Sponges are inexpensive; so just buy a new one.


It you don’t put anything in the microwave and turn it ON, then you’ll probably blow the whole thing as there is nothing to absorb the microwaves such as food – the thing that makes the microwave operate – ends up absorbing the microwaves and basically self destructs.

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