14 Women’s Health Symptoms should not be Ignored

Women have to play many roles at a time as daughter, wife, mother, sister, plus she has to do office work that is one of the reasons that usually women do not take their illness seriously. It leads them to serious health issues for long period of time. Woman’s body structure is made in such a way that they can easily bare extreme pain without any complaints. But sometimes their mental and physical strength to bare extreme pain makes them to ignore some of the serious health issues and it leads them towards very serious health problems.

14 Women's Health Symptoms should not be Ignored

Our human body very intelligently alerts us for different changes that occur in our body, but most important thing is to pay attention towards the symptoms or signs and to take right steps to avoid any serious health problem in future. So, ladies, never ignore your body’s any sign that is naturally developed by your own body to alert you about some serious health problems. Check out below some of the health issues related to women’s health, which should never be ignored.

1, Unusual bleeding between periods / Unusual vaginal discharge:

One of the health problems that woman face one or more time in her life is – Vaginal bleeding between periods. It is known as intermenstrual bleeding, spotting, metrorrhagia, etc. Whenever you face the problem of vaginal bleeding, you should visit Gynaecologist to resolve this health issue. There are many reasons due to which you suffer from the unusual vaginal discharge like a miscarriage, vaginal dryness, a hormone imbalance, etc. So, do not ignore this most common health sign of your body. Immediately concern your doctor. When you concern to doctor for this health issue, they will ask you some of the questions about your period cycle, how long you are having problem, and more.

2, Heavy bleeding:

During your period time, you might face excessive bleeding. It is most common problem faced by many women in their period days. One of the usual causes of heavy bleeding during the period is thick uterus lining. If you have this problem for long period of time, then you should not ignore it. You should visit doctor and tell about your problem without any hesitation. Sometimes, heavy bleeding is not a part of your period cycle. It might occur due to internal health problems such as fibroid tumors, ectopic pregnancy and ovarian cysts.

With consulting your doctor for heavy bleeding problem, you should focus on diet like eat protein and iron rich foods during your periods to avoid any iron efficiency issues. Even, you should drink plenty of water to avoid chances of deficiency of water in your body.

3, Lump or pain in the chest:

One of the most dangerous symptoms that any women should not ignore is the formation of pain in breast or chest area. Any kind of mild or extreme pain in chest area may indicate signs of heart diseases and chances of heart attack. You should not take any kind of chest pain normally; you have to instantly consult your doctor.

4, Skin changes:

One of the normal habits of any women is to stick to daily supplement kind of tabs to make skin look beautiful. Put beautification of your skin a side and look for some of the serious symptoms that your body produces by changing natural skin complexion. If you find out changes in mole size and color, excess pigmentation, dry skin or even little bleeding from the skin, then you should take serious steps ahead to resolve the major health issues. If you get one or more skin related symptoms, then do not make wrong decision of ignoring it as it might be a sign of cancer. So, consult a doctor immediately once you find out any of the above changes in your skin complexion.

5, Blood in stool or urine:

One of the major causes of having blood in stool or urine is an indicative sign of cancer of rectum. It is the 3rd most commonly seen cancer in women. If you face the problem of blood in stool or urine, then do not take it lightly and immediately consult a doctor. Blood in urine also indicates health issue related to renal system of human body. It may indicate cancer in kidneys. Hemorrhoids are also one of the prime causes of rectal bleeding.

6, Extreme fatigue:

Women have quite busy schedule from the early morning till night, so it is quite often that they feel tired. But if your tiredness becomes recurrent, then don’t consider it as just effect of your tedious routine. If you feel recurrent fatigue, then you should consult your doctor to go through some of the medical tests and check up. Fatigue not only happen due to work load; but it is also sign of deficiency of iron, diabetes, thyroid conditions, poor diet, UTI, and even depression. So, if you have constant tiredness or weakness for two weeks or more, then don’t waste your time. Visit your doctor as early as possible to resolve the problem.

7, Breathlessness / Difficulty in breathing:

Have you ever faced any problem of breathing while working in your office or winding up the mess in your home? If yes, then you should take it seriously and consult your doctor. You may feel and think that it is minor issue, but in reality it is not that you should overlook. Sometimes you may have breathlessness coupled with fatigue, dizziness, which can be underlying reasons of some of the major health issues such as congestive heart failure, lung cancer or emphysema. If you suffer any of the above illnesses, then without wasting your time, visit your doctor for further treatment.

8, Bloating and stomach discomfort:

Stomach pain is normally caused due to indigestion problem. But if you come across constant stomach discomfort problem then it will be more than just indigestion problem. Bloating and stomach discomfort problem in women occurs due to Constipation, Crohn’s disease, Ectopic pregnancies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Acid reflux, Gallstones, Heart attack, Pancreatitis and even Cancer. So, do not ignore if you suffer from recurrent bloating and stomach discomfort as it may be a cause of some of the most serious health problems. Consult your doctor as early as possible.

9, Heart palpitations:

Heart palpitations or heart fluttering is mainly caused by the stress. It is quite normal that when watching any romantic movie or hearing a song, your heart flutters. But if your heart flutters several times a day then it will become a serious symptom that you have a health problem. Heart palpitations are caused in women mainly due to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, being a smoker, atrial fibrillation or an irregular heartbeat. So, not at all avoid taking further step to resolve this health issue.

10, Trouble sleeping:

Do not think that you have worked today so much and it is the reason that you do not get sleep due to more tiredness. It is a fact that high level of stress and old age reduces your sleep. Sleeping sickness is one of the signs in women due to pre-menopause, heart condition, or even asthma. So, if you suffer from long time sleeping problem, then be wise and visit your doctor to treat it.

11, Pain during sex:

Some women believe that they will always have pain while intercourse, but it is not truth. You should communicate with your partner without feeling embarrassed. Women’s health is very much important and if intercourse becomes very painful then they should talk to their partner or woman’s gynecologist to treat the pain. Pain during sex might welcome some of the not so good conditions such as hormonal changes, vaginal infections, and other gynecological problems. So, it is better you take care of your own health to avoid any serious conditions.

12, Frequent headaches:

Due to long working hours in your office or running to arrange everything on your loved ones birthday party, can make you feel pain in head due to lots of stress. Some usual causes of headache are exertion and hectic lifestyles. But in some cases if headache continues, it is the sign of tumor, infection or even a stroke. It is beneficial to consult your doctor if you suffer from constant headache.

13, Unexplained sudden weight loss:

It is good to do exercise and lose your extra weight, but if you see unexplained and sudden loss in your weight, then take it seriously. Sudden loss in weight is very serious symptom of an underlying endocrine disorder. Even if you have undetected diabetes then you might see unexplained amount of weight loss. It is also a signal of other health problems such as difficulty in concentration, sweating, increased appetite, gastrointestinal conditions, depression, etc.

14, Changes in the breast / Lump or pain in the breast:

Breasts are considered as most feminine part of women’s body. If you find lump, thickness in the skin around breast and nipple and even sore and painful breast, then you should immediately consult your doctor. Presence of pain and lumps in breast is foremost reason of having widely seen breast cancer in women. So, it is better to do check up and get relief from being afraid from symptoms of breast cancer. After the age of 40, every woman should do Mammography once in a year to avoid tension of breast cancer.

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