5 Ways to Heal Internal Mouth Burn

Almost all people have felt a mouth burn at some point in their life with hot drinks and foods. Mouth burn can take place when something scorching hot, such as a scalding sip of coffee or pizza cheese, touches your inner cheek or upper palate. Underestimating the temperature of a hot cup of tea, coffee or slurp of soup may need you to disburse the painful consequences for some days or weeks. Once damage to the tissue takes place, you can expect blistering lesions, swelling, and moderate pain. Inside part of the mouth is particularly a delicate and sensitive area. The high internal temperatures of foods and drinks can burn your palate easily, even if you have taken small bites or sips. The lowest possible abnormality may feel huge. Find out ways to heal internal mouth burn.

5 Ways to Heal Internal Mouth Burn

Pain, dryness, redness and minor swelling are some symptoms of a first-degree or mildest form burn. In case of mildest burn, the uppermost layer of affected tissue may peel in 1 or 2 days, and your mouth will heal on its own in approximately 3 to 6 days. Meanwhile, use of anesthetic mouthwash on the affected area may assist your mouth to be insensitive as well as it decreases the infection risk in the burned areas. One simple solution to this problem is to prevent burns in the mouth by letting your food to cool previous to eating.

Ways to Heal Mouth Burn

Generally, hot burns are quite superficial and inclined to heal themselves quite effectively. For such burns, saliva is the best antiseptic and will mostly look out the problem. In case of severity mouth burn or a boil that has come up due to the burn, you can use some simple remedies which will help you to heal faster.

1, Gargle with Cold Water

It will help you to cool and soothe the burn. This will also help you to carry down the temperature of the skin. You should keep drinking cold water or sucking on ice cubes as they will help to numb the pain and cool your mouth. As well, try consuming cold foods such as popsicles or ice cream.

2, Dietary Adjustments

The adjustments to your diet may minimize your symptoms. Avoid eating spicy foods, hot foods and drinks, and salt. Also avoid foods that are very acidic, such as tomatoes and tomato-based sauces, carbonated soft drinks and citrus fruits as they can make your symptoms intensify and further irritate your burn area. In its place, opt for cold foods and drinks. Foods that are “sharp” in texture like chips or nut brittle should be also avoided as they can intensify a lesion. When you feel soreness in your mouth, stick to the bland diet. Drinking milk (regular or soy milk) offers a protective coating over the burn.

3, Use Mouth Wash to Prevent Infection

Make use of peroxide mouth wash or mixture that previously diluted with water. Swish around your mouth as it helps to prevent the infection. If you do not a peroxide mouthwash, you can swish buttermilk in mouth which will reduce the temperature of the skin in mouth and thereby help the burn to cure a little faster. Many other products are also available for internal mouth burn, which you can use by applying directly to the burn area.

4, Turmeric and Butter Paste

Prepare a paste of turmeric and clarified butter and then apply it to your burn area of mouth. It will help you to heal quickly and effectively. This paste has a little bitter taste so you might desire to take care that you don’t gulp it.

5, Pain Relievers

If you have lots of pain in your mouth, then take pain relievers like acetaminophen. You can also utilize pain relievers that are prepared specifically for mouth burns; for example an over-the-counter pectin ointment or topical mouth analgesic having benzocaine as an ingredient. Apply these medications directly to the burn to heal as well as protect.

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