Banana Peel Uses in Wart Removal

For Wart removal, the most gentle and very low-cost home remedy available is to use the banana peel. Refer the step-by-step process to remove warts using a banana peel.

Are you looking for the natural remedy for wart treatment? A small piece of banana peel is very effective for wart treatment. Refer this article for how to use banana peel in wart removal.

Warts are obstinate, embarrassing and sometimes even painful conditions of the skin that is produced by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts can be treated with many commercial treatments, ranging from home cryotherapy kits to salicylic acid. All these treatments are expensive and some treatments also make the appearance of wart ugly and more eye-catching than the untreated wart. For any type of skin infections, natural remedies are preferred more than surgery and pills.

Warts are of different types for example common warts, plantar warts, plane warts, and filiform warts. Warts can be caused by the different strains of the HPV and they appear on the skin. An individual who has damaged or wet skin and comes in contact with rough surfaces are at a higher risk of catching the infection. Most warts clear up own-self but it can take a long time depending on the person. Warts are also removed surgically but many people have had success with natural wart removal methods. The banana peel is the most gentle and inexpensive home remedy to get rid of warts.

How Banana Peel works?

The banana peel treatment is helpful in wart removal due to its good amount of potassium content. The potassium is considered to a caustic effect during contact with the skin. It is possible that banana peel burns away bad layers of skin, without affecting healthy skin.

How to Use a Banana Peel in Wart Removal?

  • First, rinse the wart and surrounding area with soap and water to clean the surface of the skin.
  • Then, take a fresh banana peel and cut a strip of peel to fit your wart. The section of peel should be as large as it entirely covers your wart.
  • Put the banana peel on top of the wart and cover the peel with a bandaid.  For more security, you may also want to place another bandaid over the wart that is perpendicular to the first bandaid as a cross of bandaids should secure the banana peel on top of the wart.
  • Whenever the bandage gets wet, replace it because the virus that causes warts thrives in moist environments.
  • Change the banana peel at least once a day. For maximum wart removal, you want to try to keep the peel fresh.
  • You should notice that the wart becoming softer and any pain accompanying the wart should be lessened after about one week of this therapy.
  • The wart will begin to shrivel after two weeks. By using banana as a natural wart remover, the wart should be completely removed in about 6 weeks.

You must wash the affected area before placing a new piece of banana peel. Daily eliminate the black and brown parts of the damaged wart with nail trimmers or pumice stone.

  1. Dominic Says:

    i hv a wart on d side of my finger nd on my palm . i’m thinking of trying d banana peel wart remedy. how long does it usually take for it to go away & wt do u do ? change it every night or wt ?

  2. Juli Says:

    yes,,,this does work…i hv 1 wart on mah chick nd i hate wart on my face…i used banana peel for wart treatment. it painless and no hassle…

  3. Jackie Says:

    I never heard of a “laser” treatment for warts. Wow…what will they think of next. Sounds kinda scary, but I guess doctors know what they are doing, eh?

    A healthy diet I heard really helps warts too!

    I guess that makes a lot of sense, since maybe its part of an immune system breakdown that some people get warts, while others avoid it, especially since they are caused by HPV virus, a virus is sometimes treated w/ a high immune system. So great point. Will look into diet to help.

    Salicylic acid is always a great go-to for warts. thanks for the reminder, and yup, very low cost!

    and great article!


  4. Teo Says:

    I am 27years but i have started growing gray hair what can i use to sport it?

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