Butea Monosperma (Palash) Powder: Health Benefits & Uses

Mother Nature has blessed us with lots of useful flora and fauna that are used as natural medicines to cure serious health problems. In ancient Ayurveda, you will find many herbal plants that can cure almost all type of health problems. Butea Monosperma or Palash is helpful to cure different health problems of eyes, skin etc. During the spring, Butea blooms at its peak and you can see orange-red colored flowers all over the tree. Due to its natural orange-red look; it has got its name as “Flame of the Forest”. Palash is native plant of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. From the ancient time, Palash stick and its wood is used in different Indian rituals.

Butea Monosperma (Palash) Powder: Health Benefits & Uses

In India, palash’s dried flowers are soaked into the water for whole night and saffron colored water is used in bathing of small children to provide them protection against different skin problem that occurred into the summer. Even saffron colored water is used during the “Holi” festival. Dried leaves of Flame of the Forest tree are useful to make disposable dishes and bowl in India. Wood of Butea is so strong and used to make houses by the forest people. Besides it’s different uses, it is one of the great medicinal plants with tremendous curing power. You can use its flowers, roots, gum and bark in different forms to cure major disease such as diabetes, liver problems, eye infections, skin infection, sexual problem, as an antidote etc.

Health Benefits of Butea Monosperma:

Detoxification: Prepare powder of Butea flowers and consume 1-2 grams of powder daily with water. It is bitter in taste but work as very sweet detoxifier to improve your overall health.

Infections of stomach: If you are suffering from any kind of stomach problems such as internal wounds, ulcers etc., then consume 2-3 grams of powdered palash flowers daily to cure all problems of stomach and intestine.

Treat impotency: Collect flowers of Palash, dry it and prepare its powder. Mix candy sugar into powder and consume nearly 3 grams of mixture in morning and night with glass of milk to resolve impotency.

Cure vaginal discharge: Mix candy sugar and powder of dried palash flowers and consume 1.5 grams mixture with milk or water to get relief from the Leucorrhea or vaginal discharge.

Or soak palash flowers into the water and leave it overnight. Drink one cup water daily till your Leucorrhea get cured totally.

Irregular Bleeding during Menses: If you are suffering from the irregular bleeding problem during the menstrual period, then consume 3 to 4 teaspoon of palash leaf extract in night time regularly for 2-3 months to resolve the problem.

Useful in diabetes: Prepare mixture of dried palash flower’s powder and candy sugar. Consume mixture daily about 1.5 to 2 gms to control your sugar level naturally.

Or Collect the flowers of Palash during the first half of lunar month and dry them. On first day, soak one flower into the one cup water overnight. In the morning, squeeze juice of flower in water and drink that water. Increase the number of flowers from 2nd day till 5th day. After 5th day, start decreasing number of flowers till it comes to 1. Follow this cycle and you will see drastic change in your sugar level in one and half month.

Remove Intestinal Worms: Collect seeds of Butea and make powder of it. Daily consume 1 gm of powder with water to get relief from the intestinal worms.

Treat kidney stones and other urinary complaints: Crush fresh seeds of Butea into the one glass of milk or add 1 spoon of Butea seed powder. Drink milk to resolve the problem of urinary tracks and to remove kidney stones naturally.

Or prepare soup of Butea flowers by adding water and sugar. Daily consume around 100 ml of soup 2 times in a day. Follow the treatment daily to cure burning sensation in urination and to melt kidney stones.

Heal Snake Bite: Take one tsp of palash root powder and mix it with water. Make it to drink the person who got the snake bite and now this mixture will work as natural antidote.

Cure Sore Throat: Take few leaves of Butea Monosperma and prepare its extract by crushing it. Now mix leaf extract into the glass of water and gargle with it to get relief from the sore throat instantly.

Treat swelling: Make palash flowers warm by placing them on hot water steam or on a wire rack. Once flowers get warm, tie them with piece of cotton cloth on swelled body part. This method is useful to treat swelling of arthritis, injury, sprains, etc.

Resolve fever: If your body temperature stays high all the time or you got fever usually, then crush flowers of palash with mik and sugar. Daily consume 3-4 spoons of mixture daily till month to get rid of excess body heat problems.

Treat Cracks in Feet: Take palash gum and apply it on cracked heels for overnight period to get baby soft feet.

Cure Cataracts in Eyes: If you are facing the problem of sudden watering in eyes, then you can use Butea as natural medicine. Take some of the Butea and crush them to extract its juice. Mix Indian seeds into the juice and let them soak for 2 days. Take out seeds from the juice after two days and make their paste with water. Spread the paste of seeds to eyes like you apply kajal. Problem of cataracts will resolve by itself naturally.

Cure diarrhea and dysentery: Consume 3 decigrams to 2 grams of palash gum to treat diarrhea and dysentery. Or you can also chew fresh leaves to treat diarrhea and dysentery.

Treat skin infections: Seeds of palash are really beneficial to treat different skin infections. If you are suffering from dhobi’s itch, boils, pimples, tumorous piles, ulcer or swellings, then apply paste of palash seeds daily till your skin problem will get resolve completely.

Increase memory power: Daily consume 2-3 leaves of Butea to sharpen your memory power.

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