Health Risks of Using Aluminium Foil

Aluminum foil is one of the most useful kitchen products which have many advantages but it also has some health risks. Refer this article to know the health risks of using aluminum foil.

Health Risks of Using Aluminium Foil
Aluminum foil
is a paper thin sheet of rolled aluminum which is made from an aluminum alloy that contains between 92 and 99 percent aluminum. Aluminum foil has a thickness less than 0.2 millimetres that tears easily. It is bendable and can be wrapped around objects. A very thin layer foils around 0.0065 mm are laminated to other materials like plastics or paper to make them more useful. In Europe and in the USA yearly production of aluminum foil was about 800,000 tonnes and 600,000 tonnes respectively, in 2003.

Aluminium foil is also recognized as aluminum foil and Reynolds wrap in North America. Around 75% of aluminum foil is utilized for packaging of foods, cosmetics and chemical products, and 25% of aluminum foil is utilized for industrial applications such as thermal insulation, cables and electronics. Aluminum foils which are thicker than 0.025 mm are impervious to oxygen and water. Foils which are thinner than 0.025 mm become slightly impervious because of minute pinholes caused by the production process.

Health Risks of Using Aluminum Foil:

Aluminum Foil does not have any side effects if it is properly used and for the right purpose. It can make the food taste metallic if the acidic food is wrapped as acidic food cause reaction with the foil and this is also bad for the health. Avoid the use of aluminum foil in the microwave oven. Studies have also shown that the quantity of aluminum that seeps from aluminum foil into food is usually negligible.

  1. Kurt Says:

    before i read dis i heard tht d exess of alumuinium can be bad for health. i always cook with foil as well. i dont wan to take any risk abt mah n my family’s health so now i will try to stay away from it!

  2. Carry Says:

    yes,, aluminum foil has health risks but very few….but there r also benefits of aluminum foil involved…

  3. Azim Fakir Says:

    Yes, I too agree that aluminium foil dosen’t have any side effects if it is properly used and for the right purpose…

  4. Angel xox Says:

    dis writing is kinda suprisin
    commentin bwt aluminium foil is quite odd 🙂

  5. WTH? Says:

    Of course there is very little to no side effects if used properly… as would the case with most things we use on a daily basis. What is bugging the hell out of me is, why there are no info or almost impossible to find any info in regards to what happen if you do get too much aluminum. Is there a ‘Aluminum’ conspiracy here that the Companies don’t want people to know?!? Can I get some freaking knowledge here or do I need to indest a few sheets to find out… duh?!?

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