How to use hydrogen peroxide in acne Scar

Acne can occur at many stages in lives of people due to some bacterial infection. It is an inflammatory skin disease and depending on the type and severity of the acne, it can leave unsightly scars. Mostly, acne can occur on the facial skin. Mostly, acne occurs during the teenage years with remarkably blemish free skin and propionibacterium acnes is one of the most common forms of bacteria that responsible for causing acne, pimples and blackheads. Sebum (an oily substance) released from the sebaceous glands into the pores of the skin acts as a growth medium for these bacteria.

How to use hydrogen peroxide in acne Scar

The skin flares up because of infection and eruption of red pimples take place. People of any age group can get acne but adolescents are more inclined to it. Nowadays, several treatments are available to cure the acne. One of the best treatments for acne is the use of hydrogen peroxide.

How Does Hydrogen Peroxide clears Acne?

When the skin pores are blocked by the sebum, acne is formed on the skin. The skin pores are blocked due to trapping of the dirt and grease carrying bacteria and so responsible for infection. Propionic acid is produced by the bacteria that cause acne. After the application of hydrogen peroxide to the infected skin, it reacts with the acidic substance and oxygen and water is produced in the process. The free oxygen that obtained during the process penetrates deep down into the pores of the skin and reaches the source of the acne. This resulting in the destruction of bacteria as they cannot live in presence of oxygen. Conversely, the water helps to open up the blocked pores.

How to use hydrogen peroxide in acne Scar

How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne?

Hydrogen peroxide has good antiseptic and disinfectant properties. Cleanse your face with a mild, non-abrasive cleansing soap and water before starting of the treatment. This will help to remove all traces of dirt, oil and makeup from the skin surface. Also, remember to rinse your hands thoroughly.

Pour a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide into a bowl and instantly reseal the bottle as hydrogen peroxide loses its effectiveness in the presence of light. Dilute the hydrogen peroxide with water if desired and dip a cotton swab or Q-Tip into it. Then, roll the soaked cotton swab or Q-Tip on each of the pimples and its surrounding areas. Let the mixture to remain on your face for just a few minutes as it will disinfect them and prevent the spreading of infection to other parts. But, do not apply it on acne free part of the skin.

You can saturate a cotton ball into hydrogen peroxide and gently rub the on the entire face if you have widespread acne areas all over the face. In this way, the existing acne will be cured and future acne outbreaks are also controlled at the same time.

Take care during the application of hydrogen peroxide for acne that it should not come in contact with the eyes and the skin. It can cause severe irritation while coming in contact with eye. Also, avoid touching of it with the hairline and the eyebrows as it can lighten the natural color of the hair. The acne gets dried out and the swelling and irritation get decreased after the treatment. Facial skin may also be dried as the hydrogen peroxide has drying effect. You should apply a good quality oil free moisturizer on your face to retain the healthy and hydrated look of the skin.

Hydrogen peroxide destroys the existing bacteria present on the surface of the skin and also prevents growth of new bacteria inside the pores, so completely eliminating the problem from the root, making it best part to use for the acne problem. On the other hand, it is one of the best acne treatments and also effective in acne prevention as well. To use hydrogen peroxide for acne scars removal may not be a good idea as it kills the new cells and affects the natural healing mechanism. If you start the treatment of acne with hydrogen peroxide at an early stage, you can easily prevent the formation of acne scars.

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