Is Hookah pen healthy or bad for you?

Hookah smoking is a chic new trend among the youth all over the world. Hookah smoking is actually an age-old tradition started about 500 years ago, and since then it has been enjoyed by people of all ages. For those not familiar with the process of smoking hookah, a hookah is an instrument used for smoking a special type of flavored tobacco, popularly known as ‘shisha pen’. There are a variety of pleasing flavors, like strawberry, apple, mint, etc, which add enticing aroma to the hookah tobacco. In a hookah pipe, the tobacco (flavored) is heated either by charcoal or wood fuel and the resulting smoke is sent via a water chamber into a mouthpiece, through which the smoke is inhaled by the smoker. However, it is a fact that all those people who enjoy the leisure of smoking from a hookah are actually harming themselves. What’s even worse is that most of them are actually not aware of the several health risks associated to hookah.

hookah pens healthy?

There is a common misconception prevailing among people that smoking tobacco through a hookah pipe is safer than smoking through cigarette. People mistakenly believe that the water content present in the hookah pipe captures the toxin stuff and so the smoker is not exposed to them. Of course, the water does cool the smoke, making it feel less harsh. But cooler smoke does not mean that it is safer smoke. In fact, smoking tobacco from a hookah could be possibly more detrimental than smoking cigarettes.

Hookah smoking on regular basis can ultimately lead to tobacco addition. Hence, if you want to live a longer and healthier life, then it is very important to quit hookah smoking. Now, just go through the health effects of Hookah smoking that are mentioned below. These health facts will make you realize that if you are using hookah then indirectly you are putting your health at risk.

Health effects of Hookah

  • In a hookah pipe, charcoal is used to heat the tobacco and this charcoal increases the health risks by generating high levels of CO (carbon monoxide), tar, metals, and various cancer-causing chemicals.
  • Hookah holds approximately five times more cancer-causing agents compared to cigarettes. The tobacco and smoke coming from hookah contains a number of toxic materials that can even cause bladder, lung, and oral cancers.
  • Hookah smokers are also exposed to several toxic substances that can cause clogged arteries and heart diseases.
  • Sharing of hookah’s waterpipe among several smokers can significantly increase the risk of contracting some deadly infectious diseases like meningitis, tuberculosis, or meningitis.
  • One of the harmful effects of hookah is the problem of infertility.
  • Majority of the hookah smokers are found to suffer from the problem of breathing difficulties and wrinkling of skin.
  • It has been found that women who smoke hookah one or more times a day during pregnancy give birth to low-birth weight infants than women who are nonsmokers. Plus, babies born to smokers are at an increased risk for respiratory diseases.
  • Hookah smoke delivers nearly the same amount of nicotine as cigarette does, leading to nicotine addiction in the user.

Hookah smoking is NOT a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes

Is hookah safer than cigarettes? Many people wrongly believe that the practice of hookah smoking is less dangerous than smoking cigarettes. In fact, this misconception is the main reason behind the popularity of hookah. Read ahead and we will burst hookah health effect myths. The myth is based on the assumption that the water present in the hookah pipe filters out many harmful ingredients of tobacco. However, several recent studies have proven that hookah is as harmful or may be even more dangerous than cigarettes. The World Health Organization has cautioned that a one hour long shisha session delivers the same amount of smoke as 100-200 cigarettes. This is because a cigarette smoker normally takes in 8 – 12 puffs, which equals to 0.5 to 0.6 liters of smoke. On the other hand, a hookah smoker in a 1 hour session may possibly take up to 200 drags, inhaling 0.15 to 1 liter of smoke.

Moreover, as said earlier, the charcoal used to heat the tobacco contains high levels of CO, metals, and cancer-causing agents, which are very dangerous for human health. In short, hookah smoking carries almost all health risks associated with cigarettes, and so stop believing in myth that says hookah smoking is a safer alternative to cigarette smoking. Hence, if you really want to stay away from tobacco and stay healthy, then you must stay away from hookahs as well.

Hookah Pen – is it a safer and healthier alternative to hookah?

Thanks to new-gen disposable hookah pens (also known as e-hookah), now users can get pure hookah smoking pleasure without being exposed to toxic chemicals and effects of tobacco, smoke, and tar found in the traditional hookah water pipe. As expected, the e-hookah has a pen like design, making it extremely convenient and portable. It allows the users to get safer hookah experience almost anywhere – in hotels, casinos, nightclubs, and even airports where regular smoking is forbidden. And so, e-hookahs have become the hot favorite choice for one and all from celebrities and club goers to regular smokers.

The best part of e-hookah is that it is very colorful and is available in various attractive flavors like strawberry, blueberry, grape, apple, peach, sensual vanilla, etc. Hence, the users will get the same distinct aromas of traditional hookah in this healthier alternative too. As the name suggests, these portable hookah devices make use of electricity. It requires very little cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, it is ready-to-use equipment and requires no setup. Above all, this travel-friendly, disposable hookah can provide over 600 puffs and also supports an auto power shutoff feature. Another advantage of e-hookah over traditional hookah is that e-hookah does not discharge harmful tobacco smoke in the air. Hence, it is not only safe for your health but also for people around you. In short, e-hookah delivers the same amount of ecstasy that a traditional hookah provides, but without the negatives.

This article just represent general information. We are not responsible for any side effects of smoking hookah pipes. So, do your research and find out are hookah pens healthy?

  1. Jose Says:

    So are hookah pens dangerous.
    Are e-hookahs the same thing as a normal hookahs?

  2. Joe Says:

    The pen is Healthier then the regular hookah

  3. Brooklyn Says:

    Yes, the pen is healthier than the regular hookah, but smoking ANYTHING is bad for you. You could smoke spinach and it would still be bad for you.

    It’s better for you to breathe through your nose because your nose have hairs to filter the air before reaching your lungs, whereas your mouth doesn’t. So when you smoke anything, and when it goes in through your mouth it doesn’t get a chance to go through that filtration system in your nose.

    Those harmful elements in smoke go to your lungs and can cause harmful side effects. Your lungs distribute oxygen to your body, but it first stops at your heart. So those harmful elements can go to all over your body and cause harmful side effects no matter what you smoke.

    It’s like asking which kind of chocolate is healthier; white or dark? Either way, it’s chocolate that has sugar and can have negative side effects (gaining weight) when over used.

    TL;DR Smoking is bad.

  4. Jim M. Says:

    Joe, try answering the actual questiion….are hookah pens dangerous? Your answer of “the pen is Healthier” is a cop out to the real issue! INHALING anything other than natural atmosphere and oxygen is harmful to ones health. I look forward to a rebuttal. Jim

  5. mizzy Says:

    Isn’t it two different kind of hookah ? Vapor and nicotine? And if so if I smoke vapor would it hurt me?

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