Kitchen Tips for Weight Loss

Many people are unaware that their own kitchen can make or even break their weight loss results. It is a fact that the way you organize your kitchen has a huge impact on your eating habits and waistline. For instance, if you have filled up your fridge and cupboards with lots of tempting treats, then you may find it very difficult to control your cravings. Ultimately, you will not succeed with your weight-loss goals. However you can easily make your kitchen a healthy one by making some subtle changes, and such a healthy kitchen can help you stay slim & fit. Now, if you really want to slim down and shed those extra pounds, then follow the tips given below. These simple tips can help you in getting a healthier and weight-loss-friendly kitchen.

Kitchen Tips for Weight Loss

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Keep healthy foods visible and Move ‘bad’ foods out of sight:

According to Cornell University researchers, people are three times more likely to eat the very first food item they see in the kitchen than the fifth food item. It means keeping healthy stuff more visible could help you achieve your weight loss goals. It has been found that simply seeing or smelling the food item can greatly stimulate the craving and increase one’s hunger, which together boost our motivation to consume that item. So, always try to make healthy food options more accessible compared to other stuff. For example, you can prepare a vegetable salad in advance or make a colorful fruit bowl and put them at the front of your refrigerator.

Now as you put the healthy stuff in a prominent position, it is equally important to keep all the tempting treats or unhealthy items in those places that are harder to see and reach. Though you know that junk foods are extremely dangerous for health, you want to stock such unhealthy stuff, just make sure that they are literally hidden away at the back of your cupboards to help prevent dangerous cravings and mindless snacking.

Opt for small, blue serving dishes:

Many of us believe that we should have standard portion sizes, in reality this is not always the case, especially if you are having your meals on an oversized plate. On using such jumbo plates for meals, you will probably end up consuming more calories than you would have otherwise. According to Wansink’s research, changing from 12-inch to 10-inch serving plates, you can reduce your calorie intakes by 22 percent. So, always try to use smaller bowls, plates, glasses, and cutlery items for having meals. This will help you control your portion sizes. Moreover, if you want to lose weight, try using a blue color scheme for your crockery. The blue color is believed to act as a superb appetite suppressant. On the other hand, colors like yellow, orange, and red can create the opposite effect by boosting appetite. So, next time when you go to the market for crockery shopping, go for a blue color scheme.

Make your fridge weight-loss friendly:

To help stay motivated on the weight-loss journey, you can use your refrigerator door as a record of your weight loss efforts. You can either put on a graph showing how much weight you have lost so far or you can paste a picture of yourself at a thinner weight on the door. This will act as a superb motivational factor urging you to stick to your weight-loss program every time you go to the fridge. In stead you can also put on a motivational quote or a handwritten note, listing a few good reasons you want to lose weight on the refrigerator door. It can really help you stay committed with your weight-loss goals even in times of temptation or fatigue. Try out these simple tings, very soon you will notice that your refrigerator has become one of the most diet-friendly tools.

Spice up your kitchen:

Everyone of us know that spices are great for adding flavor to foods, but only few people are aware of the fact that some of these spices can actually help to promote weight loss. Research has shown that people consume less food when they are spicy, as spices are known to suppress appetite. It can boost your metabolism by almost 50 percent, which means your body burns calories at a much faster speed. Considering this if you are on a diet, make sure to stock up your spice cabinet with different types of spices. Some of the main spices that can help you lose weight include Cayenne Pepper, Cumin, Cinnamon, Ginger, Tumeric, Cardamom, and Mustard.

Set aside an eating area:

No matter whether you have your meals in the kitchen or in a separate dining room, it is very much essential to reserve an area with a table where you can sit down and enjoy your meal. You should never eat while standing. It is being said that eating while standing can cause you eat more than you sit down and eat. This means, you will have greater tendency to overeat when you have your meals while standing. Consciously sitting down to eat and enjoying your meals not only reduces the tendency to eat mindlessly, but also increases your awareness of what and how much you are eating.

Keep your kitchen tidy:

If you’re really serious about your weight-loss goals, then the most important area you need to look at is obviously your kitchen. By making your kitchen environment well-organized and welcoming, you can literally enjoy being there and prepare healthy meals for your family. Moreover by having an organized and functional kitchen, you will be able to see clearly which ingredients are available there and which ones you need to buy. Plus, you would easily get all of the equipments required to prepare healthy meals, without feeling frustrated. On the other hand, if your kitchen looks cluttered and dirty all the time, then you are more likely to grab unhealthy ready-made food stuff or snacks instead of cooking some nutritious meals. So, in order to shed those extra kilos, it is very much essential to treat your kitchen as a place for preparing food, and not a rubbish dump, mailroom or storage space.

Set kitchen “closing hours”:

For several people it is really surprising to find out that a good portion of the total calories that they intake in the course of a day, is consumed in the evening hours after dinner. Many people have the bad habit of snacking after having their evening meals. To get rid of this habit, it is highly suggested to close down your kitchen after dinner. For this, as soon as you are done with your dinner, clean the dishes and nicely wipe the counter tops. Lastly, turn off the lights and declare your kitchen closed. This will greatly prevent you from having late night snacks. However, to follow these rules, you will have to rely on your own willpower.

Impose a TV ban:

A number of studies have pointed out that people who watch television while eating tend to eat more food than required. As we eat in front of a television, our brains get distracted and thus ignore the signal of fullness coming from the stomach, leading you to overeat and gain weight. In fact, various studies have shown that an individual consumes five to ten times more food while watching the television than he/she normally would. To cut down the amount of food that you are consuming, make sure to keep all the distracting items such as TV or Computer out of your dining area, and try to keep those two activities separate.

Kill your cravings with vanilla:

If you can’t resist sugar cravings, then the best way is to buy some vanilla scented products. It has been proved that the vanilla scent can indeed reduce the craving for sweet things like chocolate. You can either light a vanilla scented candle or use vanilla-scented air freshener or you can even wear a vanilla scented perfume to curb the cravings while on the go. Alternatively, you can also use a vanilla patch that sticks on your skin and stays with you throughout the day.

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